Debbie Goes to WarWelcome to the first in our new series called Retro Reviews. As I stated in the introduction piece, for the first year I am going to try and match up the titles with the month or period of the year that the movie is being reviewed in. Since Memorial Day is Monday, a military themed movie seemed appropriate so I landed on Debbie Goes to War.

One more thing before we get into the review. In my other reviews I try my hardest to identify each performer in every scene. This isn’t usually a problem because I have a list of who is in the movie and I recognize most performers, male and female, on sight. The issue here, and I suspect in the future as well, as that because this movie came out in 2003, I simply couldn’t identify everyone. Unfortunately because female performers have always been more documented than male talent, the male talent were the ones I had trouble identifying here. So please excuse that oversight. I did try to match every one up but I could only positively ID one guy, Trent Tesoro, and the others I wasn’t 100% on so I omitted them.

Scene 1: Cindy Crawford

The movie opens with our heroine having sex with her boyfriend. They are interrupted by a phone call ordering Debbie to report in. She is then told she is going on a mission that involves meeting up with another soldier in the field. Since she is in the “pleasure corp,” her job is to pleasure the other soldiers and that is just what she does when she meets up with him in the field. They start making out soon afterward and next thing we know they are on a cot as he starts going at her pert breasts. He works his way down and then starts eating her out. Cindy then gets her turn as he lays back for some energetic dick sucking. The first position up is cowgirl. Unfortunately the creaking cot is a little distracting here. Cindy then bends over for doggie before rolling over into missionary. He then finishes the scene by popping in Cindy’s waiting mouth. This is a pretty good opening scene. I almost always like outdoor scenes so that was a plus for me. My biggest problem was all the noise the cot was making. I realize there was probably nothing they could do about it but it was distracting.

Scene 2: Gen Padova and Trent Tesoro

A look back to 3 months prior is shown next as Cindy remembers back to when she decided to join the army while she is hanging out with her friends, played by Gen and Trent. The sequence shows her time in basic and I’ll give Cindy credit for doing a bunch of push-ups and other exercises here. Things are rough for her so she calls Gen who suggests that she just quit and ask her dad for the money for school. Gen is having sex in doggie at the time though so she ends up hanging up to continue her fun. From doggie, Trent rolls onto his back and Gen continues in reverse cowgirl. They move into anal spoons after this and even go into a quasi-doggie as well before he has to pull out when Gen orgasms hard. The final position is reverse cowgirl again but this time it’s anal. Gen finishes off by sucking him off a bit before he drops his load in her mouth. Well this scene was certainly exciting and energetic. Gen has a few noticeable orgasms throughout but the thing I thought was interesting was that, other than leading up to the pop, there wasn’t any oral in the scene. It’s always nice when they diverge from the formula.

Scene 3: Jackie Moore

As it turns out, the pleasure corp needs new recruits and the drill sergeant, Jackie Moore, thinks that Cindy would be perfect for that role. The commander asks to see her and she demonstrates her skills, out of view, and next thing you know she is in the pleasure corp. She is sent to a training and there she meets another recruit played by Crystal Ray. They are given new uniforms and after a brief tease are taken by Jackie to show them how things are gun. Jackie is then seen talking to a soldier. After a quick chat they start making out and then Jackie is down licking and sucking on his shaft. He turns it around though and fingers and licks Jackie’s pussy some before missionary. After missionary they move right into anal spoons but then they are right back to missionary anal. Doggie anal is the final position and is followed by him cumming on her face and chest. First off, Jackie does a good job here but the problem is the male talent. I don’t know what it was but he just wasn’t working for me here. I think it came down to him having to hold his cock in order for it to stay inside her, especially while they were in spoons.

Scene 4: Crystal Ray

Now it’s Crystal’s turn for some action as we see her chatting it up with another soldier. He talks about really needing to get laid and she obliges but quickly taking his cock in her mouth. He then returns the favor by giving her pussy a nice lashing before going into missionary. Next we have another bit of anal as Crystal gets on all fours for doggie. They then go back to vaginal missionary to finish up the scene which ends with Crystal’s face getting covered in cum. I liked the energy in this scene from both performers but was disappointed in the lack of positions. I don’t need a ton per scene but only having two is kind of lame.

Scene 5: Cindy Crawford and Holly Stevens

Next we see a montage of Cindy going through her training. In a voice over she mentions that Jackie mentioned that they won’t always be going out to see men, sometimes it’ll be a woman. That’s what we get to see next as she comes up on a soldier and we see her surprise when she finds out that he is actually a she. After a quick chat the ladies get right down to business as Cindy undresses and bends over so Holly can eat her out. Holly then gets undressed and now it’s Cindy;s turn to munch and probe. Now it is time for some outside help as Cindy pulls out a double ended dildo to use on Holly and Holly responds by pulling out a strap on which she uses in missionary. The ladies finish with a round of 69. The oral and fingering sections here are pretty good but I was disappointed when the toys came out. I’m indifferent to the use of toys in girl/girl scenes but I do feel that if you are going to use them that some time and care should be involved. They simply didn’t use the toys enough to really make it worth for me but otherwise it was a solid girl/girl scene.


I reviewed this via a download from AdultDVDEmpire. The DVD, if you can find it probably doesn’t have any extras beyond trailers for other Coast to Coast movies. Perhaps a bonus sex scene as well.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I wasn’t sure what to expect here but I must say I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the second scene. Also, in case you are wondering, I am not sure if this is supposed to be a part of the Debbie Does Dallas universe, which has a bit of a resurgence at that time with multiple Debbie Does… movies coming out. My one major issue here though was the scenes seemed rushed in many places and the lack of diversity as far as positions though lead to a bit of boredom but the movie is enjoyable overall. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.