falling-from-graceFrom Wicked Pictures and Brad Armstrong we get a story of betrayal and the search of redemption. Brad, who also directed, plays Jared. Life is going fine for Jared until he comes home and catches his girlfriend Grace (Wicked Girl Sydnee Steele) cheating on him with another guy. Years pass by and Jared, who is now a priest, is confronted by Grace as she wants his forgiveness and to get back together. This is obviously an issue and Jared must figure out what he really wants. So lets figure out what it is like Falling from Grace.

Scene 1: Sydnee Steele and Dillon Day

The movie starts with Brad as he goes out on a run. We then switch to seeing Sydnee and Dillon together as she is sucking him off. Sydnee then rides his face for a little bit before straddling him in reverse cowgirl. From there they go to some rather athletic doggie. Missionary finishes off the scene as Dillon pulls out and cums on her her chest. This opening scene is pretty high energy and it is definitely fun to watch. Sydnee shows why she was so popular back in her day and Dillon’s performance is great as well.

Scene 2: Kitten and Joey Ray

Sydnee is Brad’s girlfriend and he ends up walking in on the aftermath and is of course shocked. We skip ahead five years as Sydnee drops by to visit him as she begs him to let her talk. It is during this conversation that it is revealed that he is now a priest. It is also revealed that she wants her back but he is committed to his new life. After they leave we find Kitten giving Joey a BJ in his car. This an oral only scene and lasts a good amount of time for that kind of scene. I’m not into oral only scenes though but I do like how it fits into the flow.

Scene 3: Felecia and Stephanie Swift

This all goes down where Brad walks to his church and in view of jessica drake and Nicole Sheridan who are playing fellow prostitutes who like to tease him a bit. Sydnee and Brad have another talk after he gives a sermon and then we move to the confessional where we find Stephanie. She confesses to a couple things but the main one is that she has had sex with her new roommate. We flashback to find Felecia on her knees and engaging in some foreplay before sliding off each others clothes. Felecia starts off the action by fingering Stephanie and then Stephanie does the same to her, making sure to kiss her body on the way down. Stephanie pulls out a black dildo to use on Felecia in doggie position next. Felecia, not to be outdone, pulls out a metallic dildo to use on Stephanie while she leans on the couch before they finish with Felecia over Stephanie as they use toys on themselves anally. I would have liked to have seen Felecia go a bit longer in her fingering and oral section but other than that this is a hot girl/girl scene. You just have to see it to understand.

Scene 4: Stormy Daniels and Randy Spears

Brad is then seen talking to a fellow priest (Mike Horner) and praying before calling a old friend (Randy Spears) about going for a run to clear his head and seeing if he wants to go too. He’s in bed with his girlfriend (Stormy Daniels, credited as Stormy). They talk for a bit and then start to make out. Randy then slides down and starts eating out Stormy before she returns the favor by licking and stroking him. Stormy then saddles up in reverse cowgirl as she grinds on Randy. From there they go into spoons after which Randy drops his load on Stormy’s ass after a short burst of doggie. Randy worked for Wicked quite a bit in his career and that is because he always puts in a good performance and here is no exception. Stormy is great as well with her strawberry blonde hair.

Scene 5: jessica drake, Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo

After a few conversations with Randy and Sydnee, Brad turns to alcohol to cope with the struggles he’s dealing with. We then switch to the alley from earlier as jessica and Nicole are giving Voodoo a double BJ. Nicole gets the first position, doggie, as she bends over the hood of a car. Reverse cowgirl is next for jessica and at this point Brad walks by and watches for a while. Te action stays with jessica as they switch to missionary. They switch back to Nicole for some standing anal and finishes with a shared pop on jessica and Nicole. I think this was made before jessica signed on as a Wicked Girl and if that’s true then you can see why she ended up getting signed, the same goes for Stormy in the previous scene. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the ladies but otherwise a solid scene.

The rest of the movie involves trying to figure out what to do but I won’t spoil the ending.


This was reviewed via a download from Wicked.com so I am not sure what extras there are on the disc.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As I stated above I reviewed this via a download from Wicked and for whatever reason they cut out the two scenes with Sydnee and Brad, one a BJ scene and the other a full sex scene. So I unfortunately cannot talk about those scenes and would recommend to anyone interested in the movie to try and find the DVD to get the full experience. That being said the movie, as presented, is still amazing and you can tell why it was so controversial, even for porn. Most people don’t want their religion and sex combined so that is understandable. The performances are all spot on as well and the story and how it unfolds is very interesting to watch. Definitely a must a see for any fan of Wicked or of features in general and I give Falling From Grace a 4.5 out of 5.