FlashpointWell it’s time for another Retro Review and for this month I decided to go with 1997’s Flashpoint. I actually had a hard time trying to figure out what to do with this month because August is the only month of the year without any big holidays or anything like that. However, it is pretty hot for most of the country in August and with the firefighters fighting those devastating forest fires in the Western US I figured this was a good as time as any to visit this classic that I knew I would review at some point. The story revolves around a group of firefighters and their lives as they deal with the death of one of their own and the possibility of one of them being an arsonist as well. It was directed for Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve by Brad Armstrong, who also plays a small part, and stars Jenna Jameson in perhaps her most famous role.

Scene 1: Jenna Jameson and Mickey G

The movie opens with the members of the firehouse heading off to an emergency call. While there things go horribly wrong and they lost one of their own. Jenna is shaken up pretty bad and after the funeral she is confronted by her ex played by Brad. They almost get into a fight when Mickey shows up and takes Jenna away.

They head back to the firehouse and talk about their fallen comrade and that leads to them hugging and then kissing. They makeout more as they undress and as they engage in some foreplay before Mickey starts eating her out. Jenna returns the favor with a hot BJ before she rolls on her back for missionary and then into doggie. The scene finishes with Mickey pulling out and dropping his load on Jenna’s chest. Just like most of the scenes here this one is really solid and a fun watch. One draw back is that Jenna seemed much more into missionary than doggie.

Scene 2: Jill Kelly, Johnni Black and Steve Drake

After Jenna and Mickey sneak back to the bunks we see Steve get up and finds Jill and Johnni talking on the coach. They are talking about what happened and that eventually leads to them making out. Steve does some foreplay on both ladies as they strip. Johnni starts sucking him off during this but once Jill gets undressed she takes over and Johnni eventually makes her way up to Steve’s mouth. Jill gets the first ride next as she hops on in reverse cowgirl while Johnni plays with her pussy as well. They then head back to the coach so Johnni can eat out Jill while she gets anal in missionary. Steve then finishes up by cumming on Johnni’s ass and pussy. I like these first two scenes being back to back having pretty much the same setup, that being the participants all start talking about the same event and then going into the sex part of the scene. I was a little surprised to see Johnni get two positions when Jill only got one but I assume they needed to trim time.

Scene 3: Jill Kelly, Johnni Black, Sindee Coxx, Steve Drake, Mickey G, Mike Horner and Brad Armstrong

It’s either the next day or soon after and they get another call. It turns out to be a woman, Sydnee Steele, who almost drawn and isn’t breathing. She is brought back. We also find out that Mickey’s character is hooked on pain killers. Jenna also ends up losing it at the call because she froze. Later that night we see Mickey sleeping in his bunk and having a dream. The dream is an orgy on the fire truck. Now, as usual, I’m not going to break this down because I find it hard to do so because of all the pieces in place. The ladies do all get a turn, in one way or another, with each guy though. The scene is also shot in a different way from the other scenes to set it apart as a dream sequence.

Scene 4: Sydnee Steele, Asia Carrera, Jonathan Morgan and Eric Price

They have another call and in this one Jenna gets to be a hero when she talks down a jumper. Her world then gets rattled again though when she gets back and finds out that her name tag was found at a fire that she wasn’t fighting. Later that same night Eric and Jonathan show up at the house where Sydnee almost died. She and her friend Asia wanted to thank them for what they did, so they invited them over. Asia and Jonathan stay outside where they take a dip in the hot tub while Sydnee and Eric go inside. Both couples start making out soon after they settle in, with the ladies sucking off the guys soon after. Asia and Jonathan then come inside and all four start playing together. Asia and Sydnee lick Eric together while Jonathan enters Sydnee from behind. Asia then gets her turn for some fun when she hops on Eric in cowgirl while Sydnee strokes and sucks off Jonathan before she gets on all fours for doggie. At some point Asia turns around so that she is in reverse cowgirl while Sydnee eats her out. Both ladies go to in missionary next with their original partners before they switch again and Jonathan takes Sydnee in missionary anal while Eric has Asia in doggie. The scene finishes with Jonathan popping on Sydnee’s pussy, followed by Eric dropping his load on both their faces. You just have to love Sydnee’s intensity in this scene and how it works well with Asia’s sweetness. I would have liked to have seen a little more interaction between the original couples but the scene works really well as is.

Scene 5: Jenna Jameson and T.T. Boy

After Jenna talks to someone on the phone about her predicament she runs into T.T. Boy in the bunks. What we see next is another dream/fantasy sequence. Jenna is topless and decked out in red leather with flames all around and her hair up and braided. T.T. Boy comes out in a leather getup and after a little foreplay Jenna starts sucking his cock. T.T. Then licks her pussy for a bit before she leans over an oil drum for doggie. From here they go into reverse cowgirl but this doesn’t last too long as T.T. Boy pulls out and pops on Jenna’s chest. While I usually like more raw and animilistic scenes like this, for whatever reason this scene has never been a favorite of mine. I think it has more to do with how the scene was shot and edited over anything else.

Scene 6: Missy and Jonathan Morgan

The crew gets called for another emergency but it turns out to be not as important because it involves a woman, Brittany Andrews with her toe stuck in the bathtub faucet. Later that same day a woman, Missy, shows up. I guess we could call her a groupie of sorts and Jonathan is there to fulfill her desires so to speak. After he shows her the truck for a little bit she turns on her charms and next thing you know she is running her tongue up and down his shaft. For their first position they go with reverse cowgirl. From there they go to doggie. After doggie, Missy grabs a camcorder that’s nearby because she wants to record them having sex. They climb up to the top of the truck and Jonathan enters her ass in missionary while she records it. They finish up as Jonathan pulls out and cums on her pussy lips. I don’t know why but this scene really works for me. It’s probably because of how they use the truck in a way to enhance the scene. I mean there are a lot of scenes out there where they have a great prop but don’t use it but that isn’t the case here. Missy, as a side note, is the third performer in this movie who was a Wicked contract star. I believe she was actually under contract when she shot this but I may be wrong on that.

Scene 7: Jenna Jameson and Brittany Andrews

The next scene we see is Jenna and Brittany at a restaurant having dinner. Brittany gets handsy under the table and Jenna quickly asks someone where the bathroom is and they quickly head off to it. Once inside they quickly start to make out, even with another woman in the bathroom with them. Things heat up quickly though as they bump and grind before Jenna drops down and starts to tongue Brittany’s slit. Brittany returns the favor as the action moves into the stall as Jenna bends over the toilet. Jenna sits on the toiler a bit so that Brittany can grind on her and then stays there so that Brittany can eat her out more. This is and has always been my favorite scenes in this movie one of my favorite girl/girl scenes as well. The chemistry is just so hot between these two and the added feature of it being in a bathroom just makes it that much hotter.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but some stuff is revealed that you probably would have figured out anyway but still comes off as a bit shocking.


This was a download off of Wicked.com so I didn’t view any extras for this review. I do remember there being an extensive BTS on the DVD version and the Flashpoint X edition, which was released on the 10th anniversary, had even more bonuses so I would suggest picking up that version if possible.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This movie will always have a special place in my heart. This was the very first porn movie I ever watched and it has always been one of my favorites for that reason. It is also arguably one of the biggest reasons for porn second surge in popularity and lead to its wider acceptance in popular culture. There are a couple of interesting things about this movie beyond the hot scenes as well. First, it was a joint production with Adam & Eve. Collaborations between studios, while rare, used to happen and the results have always been excellent. As far as I know there hasn’t really been one since Pirates (Digital Playground and Adam & Eve) until Wanted, which comes out next month (September 2015) from Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve. The other interesting thing is that, as everyone knows, Wicked Pictures is now a condoms only company but at the time of this production they were not. With that said, every scene in this movie is condom free except for the very first one with Jenna and Mickey G. Anyone who is reading this review has probably already seen this movie but for those who haven’t or for those that don’t have a copy I say go and get it and I give this a 5 out of 5.