Forbidden Tales coverI was actually going to write a different review for this month’s Retro Review but I waited too late and the movie I originally had in mind is over 3 hours with 12 sex scenes and I felt I couldn’t get the review done in time. So I thought why not review a Tera Patrick movie, which I haven’t done in a while, and just by accident, today is also her birthday. So I went back toward the beginning of her career and found Forbidden Tales, from writer/director Joone and Digital Playground. Tera plays a woman who is telling stories to a dying, a character done in CGI by the way, sort of s take on Scheherazade (look it up kids).

Scene 1: Tera Patrick and Gunter Kellik

The movie starts with Tera talking to this old man who is basically being kept alive via machines. She tells him stories in order to make him feel better and to pass the time. This story involves a king fighting for his lady love and him returning after months of battle. The two lovers meet and after a few moments they begin to kiss. Tera then gets undressed as Gunter begins playing with her breasts, eventually making it down to her pussy. She starts out standing and eventually makes her way to the floor as she lies back. Tera then returns the favor with a nice BJ before hopping on him in cowgirl. From there they go to missionary and then doggie to finish the scene/ Gunter tops it off with a nice cumshot on Tera’s ass. I’m a big sucker for fairy tales and stories set in medieval times so this is right up my alley. The cumshot at the end was pretty impressive and of course Tera is always a joy to watch
Scene 2: Aria Debreaux and Villem Ojas

I don’t want to ruin the story so I want break that down any further and instead just talk about the sex scenes. Here we have Villem in kingly robes as he and Aria engage in foreplay. Oral play from both follows as the go into standing missionary to start the sex off. Aria then bends over in front of a window for standing doggie, first vaginally and then anally. The scene then finishes with a pop shot on Aria’s ass. I felt the chemistry here as pretty good but would have liked another position during the sex portion.

Scene 3: Tera Patrick and Bentan Arnegas

Next we have Tera again as she is on display in a cell when Bentan comes to let her out. She’s shaken up and he comforts her by holding and kissing her. A lot of kissing follows, as well as some foreplay, and then right to Bentan going down on Tera. Tera gives a nice blowjob next and then she get on all fours for doggie. Missionary is next and finishes with yet another strong cumshot, this one clearing her body. This is my favorite scene so far. The action is hot from the beginning and Tera does a good job of acting her part without any dialogue.

Scene 4: Tera Patrick and Vlad Benoulli

Later she is in the stocks as another soldier comes up and starts to rub on her body and then starts to eat her out. From behind. He lets her out of the stocks soon after this and continues to lick her pussy, after she gets undressed. She then turns the table as she licks his pole for a bit. Standing doggie is the first sex position as Vlad even does some hair pulling. The scene then ends with Vlad painting her ass with his cum. I liked the concept for this scene but I think it might have worked a little better if Tera was in the stocks a little longer. Would have been great too if they threw in another position.

Scene 5: Pilar Versac, Bentan Arnegas

Next we come across some commoners, the guard from earlier and his wife, as they start to kiss in front of their stove. Some foreplay ensues as Pilar gets undressed leading to Bentan fingering and licking her. Pilar returns the favor with a nice blowjob and then hops on for cowgirl. From there they go into doggie and then into missionary. Bentan then pulls out and drops his load on Pilar’s belly. This is common in many features but this scene felt unnecessary to me. It is still a fun watch and Pilar and Bentan’s chemistry is pretty good.

Scene 6: Tera Patrick and Evan Jantz

For the final story we see Tera again, this time playing someone else, as she starts making out with the man she loves. Things quickly escalate as she undresses and they continue to make out. This leads to Evan eating her out while she leans against a wall that he ends up leaning against too when she sucks him off. Tera bends over next for doggie. Missionary is next and it finishes with Evan cumming on her belly. This is the scene with the best energy in the whole movie so it is fitting that it is last. Normally I’m not a fan of closeups but I think this scene needed it if only to confirm if they were having sex vaginally or anally.


This was reviewed via a download from AdultDVDEmpire, so extras are unknown

Final Thoughts and Rating:

It is rare for me to watch a movie, even one for a Retro Review, where I only recognize one person in the film. In this case, unless they all ended up using different names, all the performers except for Tera have only been in one or two titles. All that aside, Joone took a pretty big risk making a movie with mostly unknowns and making one of the characters completely CGI. You don’t see a lot of risk taking like that any more. Overall I enjoyed this movie, though I do wish they had tried a little harder on the positions. I would definitely say check it out if you can and I give it a 4.25 out 5.