Sex Secrets of a MistressSeeing that the Ashley Madison hack has been such big news I felt that at a movie about a spouse cheating seemed appropriate. So for this month’s retro review I took a look at a Christy Canyon movie from the 1996 called Sex Secrets of a Mistress. Christy plays the mistress to unhappily married Mark Davis, whose wife is played by another industry legend, Jill Kelly. The movie follows as the unhappy man ends up falling hopelessly in lust with a work acquaintance and how it affects his relationship with his wife. On a side note this is also a movie that was directed in part by Brad Armstrong, who would later move on to become one of Wicked’s contract directors.

Scene 1: Channone and Vince Vouyer

The movie opens up with some soft jazz music playing over Christy Canyon in a bubble bath, We then meet the main couple in our story played by Mark Davis and Jill Kelly. Vince acts as the narrator and we see that their lives have become monotonous and boring. We then switch to the office where Mark meets Christy as he fantasizes about her in the bath. It’s the next day and he can’t stop thinking about her and Mark goes out to lunch where he spots another couple played by Vince and Channone. He watches them for a bit and they start undressing and making out. They start on the table and then they both stand up as the foreplay continues. This eventually leads to Vince licking her pussy for a bit before she starts to suck on his shaft. Channone climbs on top of the table next for missionary. She flips over for doggie next. They switch to anal here as well, as well as switch to a modified doggie/missionary. Vince finishes the scene up when he pulls out and cums on her ass. First off, I have to hand it to the two performers here for performing in high heels and boots, respectively, I know that couldn’t have been the easiest. I will also say that I was not familiar with Channone before this scene but I think I will try and find more of her scenes because I liked what I saw here.

Scene 2: Christy Canyon and Mark Davis

Mark is then snapped out of his daydream by the waiter bringing the check. Christy then joins him at his table and admits to thinking about him all week. They chat a little bit and then head straight to his office where they start kissing in the elevator on the way up. It doesn’t stop there though as Christy decides to give him an energetic BJ as well. They reach the floor his office is on and head in to finish what they started. Christy continues the blowjob, even wrapping her tits around his cock.. This is an oral only scene but it is quite entertaining when you add the fact that Jill calls the office to say hi to Mark while Christy is sucking him off. When Mark does pop he does so on Christy’s chest.

Scene 3: Christy Canyon and Jill Kelly

Sometime down the road Jill comes into the office and suggest that she and Mark go out to lunch. Their chat gets interrupted by a call from Christy. She suspects something might be going on between them and Mark’s secretary, played by Lana Sands, pretty much admits to it. Jill then leaves and we go back to Christy on the phone as she talks about playing with Jill to Mark. She desribes what she would do to her and we are transported to a dream scene which starts with Christy and Kill naked as Christy licks Jill. First in missionary and then in doggie as Christy’s fingers explore as well. The two ladies then kiss for a bit before Christy brings out a double ended dildo and starts sliding one end in and out of Jill. After using it in a few positions on Jill, the two of them start sucking on one end. At this point it is Christy’s turn for some fun as Jill slides dildo into her as she grinds on it. The scene finishes with the two of them kissing some more. I really liked this scene but I would have loved to have scene Christy on the receiving end some more. However it does make sense story wise since Christy is telling Mark what she would do to Kelly.

Scene 4: Christy Canyon and Mark Davis

By this time Kelly has already left. Things are shaky at this point with Mark and Kelly but we are then treated to another rendezvous between he and Christy. I’m assuming this is her place but the two are seen making out and then Christy lays back and spreads her legs wide so that Mark can eat her out. Christy moans and thrashes a bit as she holds the sheets hard. He rolls her over next for a little more pussy play and then she sucks him off some more before she gets on his shoulders to be eaten out more. Missionary is then the first sex position and is followed by cowgirl. The final position used here is doggie before Mark pulls out and drops his load on Christy’s chest. When it comes to sex scenes I have two extremes, romantic and raw. This scene would definitely be on the raw end of the spectrum, meaning that it is all animilistic in nature. Hands down the best scene in the movie so far.

Scene 5: Lana Sands and Magnum D.

Christy then drops the bomb that they are having a party at his house and that she will see him Sunday, Things then heat up quickly as Lana is off the side and starts to make out with her date, Magnum D. They make out and slowly get undressed while also doing some foreplay, eventually leading to Magnum licking Lana’s pussy. This of course leads to Lana taking Magnum thick cock in her mouth for a bit as well before leaning back in missionary. They then go to doggie for a little bit but it doesn’t last too long as Magnum pulls out and cums on Lana’s face. I was disappointed in this scene. Something felt just a little off when the actual started, though the oral parts were quite good.

Scene 6: Jill Kelly and Mark Davis

While Christy and Mark continue to talk, Mark says that he spots the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen out of the corner of his eye. As it turns out it’s Jill and when he realizes it he follows her. She asks him to make love to her right there on the staircase and he agrees, of course. They kiss a little bit and they slowly undress as they continue with foreplay. This is then followed up with a passionate BJ from Jill. After this Mark pulls her up as they kiss some more before he eats her out while she bends over the railing. Mark then moves in behind for some hot doggie action. He picks her up next and while staying inside her he sits her down into reverse cowgirl where she continues to ride him. The couple then goes back to doggie. Eventually Mark pulls out and finishes by popping on Jill’s belly. While the earlier scene with Christy was what I called “raw” this one falls into more of the romantic side of the spectrum. Still very hot mind you, but instead of it being animilistic, this scene was more sensual.


I was able to review this movie thanks to a burned disc courtesy of Vivid, therefore I am not sure what extras there are on this disc.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This movie was made during Christy’s comeback in the 90’s and you can certainly see why both stints in porn were so successful. I appreciated the diversity in the types of scenes that were shot for this movie as well. There is something for everyone. We have boy/girl, girl/girl, anal and oral only. Unfortunately I don’t think you can buy this on DVD anymore, at least nor brand new, but it is available on streaming sites. Overall this is a solid title and I will give it a 4 out of 5.