ndmjWell it’s Retro Review time and seeing as it is also Halloween time what better road to go down than a deal with the Devil. Most of you I am sure are familiar with the story that involves a recently deceased Miss Jones (Savanna Samson) who makes a deal with the Devil (Jenna Jameson) for a little more time in order to fulfill her fantasies. She ends up going on a trippy journey before she gets there though in this retelling.

Scene 1: Vicky Vette, Alec Metro, Damian Childs, Jeremy Steele and Kris Slater

We start off with Savanna starting her day, looking a bit depressed as she heads off for the day. She makes it to work and we see a quick fantasy sequence of Savanna masturbating and talking dirty. She is then seen walking down this white hallway where she is greeted by a maid (Georgina Spelvin, the star of the original movie) and is shown a woman apparently dead in the bathtub. She then wakes up again as we see her going through the same routine as before. After some weird instances throughout her day she comes across Vicky Vette as she is being serviced by two men. This quickly turns into a gangbang where everyone, including Savanna, is watching the action naked. Lots of action here and it is hard to keep track of but there is anal as well for those that are interested. Savanna also walks around admiring all the guys. The scene finishes with all the guys popping on Vicky.while the onlookers start grabbing at Savanna. Quite a fast start out of the gate but it works as Savanna starts her journey in the story. I like the added effect of this taking place in a dirty alley too.

Scene 2: Brooke Alexander and Tony Tedeschi

Savanna is then seen driving in her car and going into her job, like earlier in the movie. She gets talked down to because she is late and in trouble. She’s bumbling around in the office and is confronted by a co-worker. Later she sees two other co-workers (Brooke Alexander and Tony Tedeschi) talking outside a window and suddenly they are making out. Tony quickly gets to business as he starts eating her out. Savanna starts touching herself as she watches as well. Unfortunately the action doesn’t go any further than this as Brooke looks over and sees Savanna watches and the scene ends for the moment as Savanna runs off. After a chat with the creepy janitor (Dick Smothers Jr.) we come back and find Brooke giving Tony a BJ. She then climbs on top for some cowgirl and then over a railing in standing doggie. The scene finishes with Tony popping on Brooke’s chest. I’m not that familiar with Brooke but I am going to have to try and find titles she was in now. The scene is rather short too as it gets inter cut with Savanna in the restroom.

Scene 3: Savanna Samson and Nick Manning

Once Savanna is set she is visited by Nick Manning who gives her a nice dress to wear before she meets Ms Devlin (Jenna Jameson), She drops off what she is supposed to and is told to sit. She sits uncomfortably as Jenna asks what she can do for her. This scene is intense as Jenna aggressiveness plays off Savanna’s insecurities. Savanna eventually runs away and is confronted by Nick. They chat a but and then end up by a pool. He jumps in naked and she strips down to her panties as they start to kiss. Nick proceeds to lick her while she sits on the edge of the pool and afterward she hops in the pool and sucks him off while sitting the pool’s edge. Doggie is the first position as they move to the grass with Jenna looking on. Savanna gets on a lawn chair next for missionary anal and back to the grass for piledriver. Nick then pulls out and drops his load on her face and chest. I like how Savanna starts off all timid and eventually opens up and gets a bit more wild.

Scene 4: Jenna Jameson and Rachel Rotten

They are then confronted by Jenna and Savanna goes back to being timid but is told everything is OK. Back in the building now as Jenna pushes her into a shower and then goes off to meet Rachel Rotten as they start to kiss. Savanna masturbates as she showers and while we hear her moaning we see Jenna eating out Rachel. After some more contortionist like positions from Rachel the action switches to Jenna using a strap on in doggie. After she finishes she gets to have some fun herself as Rachel uses a dildo on her pussy while Jenna uses a glass dildo in her own ass. Savanna is looking on at this point through the door as Dick gets busted jerking off while watching as Jenna goes back to licking Rachel. I really like the aggressiveness from Jenna here, showing that she is a no nonsense type and Rachel is a good choice for her to get a bit rough with.

Scene 5: Angelica Sin, Roxanne Hall and Dick Smothers Jr

Angelica and Roxanne, along with Savanna take Dick away and tie him up. They ask Savanna what they should do to him but she ends up leaving because she doesn’t know what to do. After Savanna talks to another co-worker we go back to the girls and Dick and find Angelica licking his shaft while Roxanne directs the action. While still chained Dick is forced to watch Roxanne play with Angelica, including using a glass dildo in her. Roxanne even pulls out another glass toy to DP Angelica before she bends over and has Angelica use a dildo on her.. The scene finishes with Angelica having Roxanne lick the dildo clean. At the time this movie was made you couldn’t really find more “dirty” and rough girls than Roxanne and Angelica and this scene shows why they had that reputation. Side note for anyone who might be interested. Dick Smothers Jr is the son of Dickie Smothers of the Smothers Brothers.

Scene 6: Savanna Samson and Jenna Jameson

After some more weird instances at work we find Savanna alone with Jenna. Jenna tells her they don’t have much time left. Jenna shows her a video of her actions during the day and asks her what se wants again. She then finds herself outside with Jenna as they start to kiss. They engage in some foreplay as they both undress a bit leading to Jenna rolling her back and burying her tongue inside. It’s then Savanna’s turn to eat out Jenna which she does energetically. They move over to this figure 8 statue as Jenna goes back to licking fingering Savanna in missionary and doggie. Jenna rolls on her back next though as Savanna gets another turn to eat her out and even has Jenna ride her face. Very intense scene and incredibly hot. I also really appreciate that no toys were used here as well. We had that earlier in the other g/g and I think it would have been overkill here.

Scene 7: Savanna Samson, Anthony Hardwood and Mario Rossi

We now find Savanna breaking down crying as it is revealed that she is dead from an accident and that Jenna is there to help her transition. She runs away, not wanting to believe it. She finally accepts it after confronted with everything admits that what she wanted was one day engulfed by lust. Jenna then guides her to a room where a lot of people are being flogged and having sex and other erotic things. They show some other groups and couples engaging in sex but it is hard to keep track of so I am going to concentrate on Savanna. They all start off in bed as Savanna is being eaten by Mario and sucking off Anthony. She then starts riding Mario in reverse cowgirl.Anthony gets his turn in doggie while she works Mario’s knob. The guys then look on as she masturbates with a glass dildo, this eventually leads to a DP and they finish up with cumshots to her face. I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety when it came to the one on one sex positions here but other than that a solid scene.

I won’t ruin the true ending for those who haven’t seen the original or this version but I will say that the last scene also includes a Rachel and Rob Rotten as well as Cameron Cain and Jessica Jaymes.


I reviewed the three disc collectors edition of this movie which includes the original The Devil in Miss Jones. As for the extras for this specific movie which includes trailers a BTS feature and five bonus sex scenes starring Jenna or Savanna.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

In Hollywood you take a big risk remaking a classic but in the world of porn it isn’t seen as such a bad thing and the success of this release proves that, as long as it is done correctly. The choice to cast Savanna as the innocent and somewhat naive Miss Jones and Jenna as the Devil worked out perfectly. Paul Thomas as director was a perfect choice as well because few directors in adult can actually constuct a story as complex and cerebral as this one. Chances are you have already seen this but if you haven’t go an get your hands on a masterpiece in the modern age of adult. I give The New Devil in Miss Jones a 5 out of 5.