Weekend WarriorsFor this months Retro Review I decided to go with a war movie, being that Veteran’s Day was earlier in this month, but decided to go with a lighter take with this movie about paintball. This movie is from the year 2000 and made by Vivid, directed by Dyanna Lauren. The plot is quite simple, a group of friends are all hanging out when the guys bet the girls that they can’t beat them on a paintball outing. The ladies are quite ingenious bunch as they decide to use more than just their guns in order to win. Find out what sexiness happens out in the field in Weekend Warriors.

Scene 1: Raylene and Chris Cannon

The whole cast starts off the movie inside a house hanging out until paintball is brought up. A wager is then made between the women and the men that the winner of an outing gets from the losers whatever they want. Later we see the ladies head off to their camp and on their way out Raylene’s boyfriend, Chris Cannon, shows up. They decide to have a little fun before the battle starts and they start making out. It doesn’t take long before she is down on her knees and sucking him off. Chris returns the favor with some oral of his own while she lays back on a rock. Missionary is then the first position up as they stare at each other. Up next is doggie as Raylene and Chris both undress fully. Raylene gets quite energetic here as well and they scene finishes in doggie with Chris pulling out and spraying his load on her ass. I liked the energy in this scene. It really puts on display why Raylene is considered a legend in the business.

Scene 2: India, Peris Bleau and Steve Taylor

After they are done, Alana Evans comes up and they capture Chris. Next we see India and Peris who both end up in some mud. They are soon spied on by Steve as they splash around. He captures them but they end up stripping off some muddy clothes and then get him to do the same. Things escalate quickly as both ladies start blowing him, India makes out with him a bit too before Peris lays back in missionary while licking India. India then returns the favor on Peris by devouring her pussy while Steve takes her in doggie. India then rides his face while Peris rides his cock in reverse cowgirl. The scene then finishes with Steve dropping his load on their chests. I was a little surprised by the third position and I will say that the rest of the scene was pretty hot. I will also say that Peris is someone I had never seen before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Scene 3: Alana Evans, Jon Dough and Dave Hardman

Steve ends up getting shot after they are done and is taken back to girls’ camp. Next we find Jon Dough and Dave Hardman as they come up on Alana Evans as she sits down after apparently hurting her ankle. They plan on taking her back to their camp but she suggests they stay and “torture” her. The action then switched to Alana leaning against Jon, both on the ground, as Dave eats her out. After he is done she gets on her hands and knees to give Jon a BJ while Dave comes in from behind in doggie. This switches to doggie anal at some point as well with Jon being in control while she sucks off Dave. Jon then switches her to vaginal cowgirl while Dave comes in for the DP. The scene then wraps up with Alana jerking them off onto face and mouth, Once sign of a quality movie in general is that the scenes get better or more intense as the movie goes along and that is the case here. At the time this was shot you couldn’t get much more hardcore than a DP either, at least among the more mainstream studios.

Scene 4: Katie Gold, Raylene and Tony Tedeschi

As with the other scenes, the guys get captured after the fact. That leaves only one guy left and that is Tony Tedeschi. Tony ends up getting caught while going to the bathroom by Raylene and Katie Gold. Katie, in order to have some fun, orders him to eat out Raylene while she makes out with her. Katie then bends over this log as Raylene and Tony both lick her pussy and ass. Eventually Tony drops out and holds Katie while Raylene works her tongue before both ladies start sucking him off. First up for sex is Katie as she lays back in missionary while she licks Raylene more. Raylene gets her turn in doggie and then missionary as she leans against Katie. Eventually Tony has to pull out and cums on Raylene’s belly. Since Raylene is the cover girl for this DVD you know she had to have at least two scenes and I think I liked this one better than her first if for no other reason than it features Katie as well.

Scene 5: India, Peris Bleau and Raylene

Tony ends up getting away after shooting Katie, so Raylene runs back to camp and tells India and Peris that it’s time for plan B. Next thing we see is Raylene and Peris in a sort of 69 while India eats out Raylene. Things switch up as India lays back as Raylene licks her while Peris stays behind and uses on Raylene. Raylene really works it hard here before they pull out a double dong for India and Peris to share. India then leaves and Raylene and Peris go back to a 69 to end the scene. This is a solid scene and I think it might have been a little better if Alana was involved here, simply because she hadn’t been shot and would have made sense that she was at camp too.


Like previous Retro Reviews, I couldn’t get an actual copy of the DVD so I was sent a burned copy from Vivid.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off I want to say that I didn’t know that Dyanna Lauren had directed movies back in 2000 so that little factoid was cool to learn. That and the fact that she didn’t feel the need to be in the movie as well. That being said this is a fun film. The plot is really simple and they get to the action pretty quickly. This makes it a nice pickup for fans of features and all-sex films. There are a few issues here and there but nothing major and therefore I give this a 4 out of 5.