American Dreams coverBefore we get started I am posting this on July 4th so Happy Birthday America. With that being said it only makes sense for my retro review for July be one that focuses on America. In this case I chose the Wicked vignette movie American Dreams. The movie explores such things as the American desert and backward cookouts. So now it’s time to look back to 2005 and check out Wicked’s American Dreams.

Scene 1: Alexis Duval and Kurt Lockwood – Highway

The scene starts with Alexis walking along the road until she finds Kurt whose truck is broken down. They start chatting while the music plays and eventually the start to kiss and make out, making their way to the flatbed of the truck. After getting undressed a bit Alexis hops up on the tailgate and Kurt proceeds to eat her out. Alexis returns the favor with a nice looking blowjob before bending over the tailgate in standing doggie. Alexis then rolls over for missionary. Kurt joins Alexis in the flatbed next as she rides him in cowgirl. Kurt also fingers her ass a bit here too before they both get on the ground so Kurt can shoot his load on her face. This was a good scene with plenty of energy from Alexis and Kurt. I really liked during cowgirl that Alexis put her hat back on, it just felt right.

Scene 2: Julia Ann and Trevor Zen – Sunset Ride

For this scene we have box cover girl and, at the time, Wicked contract star riding through the desert on horseback. She makes her way back home and goes inside as she and Trevor start kissing and undressing. After some ample foreplay, Julia takes control and starts to suck off Trevor. She, in return, gets for snatch licked and fingered for a bit and then she gets on all fours for doggie. Missionary is then the next position before the finish off with Trevor mounting Julia’s chest for some titty fucking and unloading on her chest. I personally really liked this scene but I have a feeling many others might not. Like most of the scenes here it is stylized but this one has some extra slow motions during doggie that could be a turn off for some. Then again though, you can really never go wrong with Julia.

Scene 3: Katsumi and some guy

This is a quick scene that starts off with a tease of Katsumi naked and draped in an American flag. She then immediately moves into a salacious BK before some doggie anal action. The scene finishes with a little more oral from Katsumi before her guy paints her face. They never show the guy’s face so I can’t say for certain who he is. This is a nice little scene though and I nice treat for anal lovers as well. One more side note. Katsumi is not listed in the opening credits so it was a nice surprise for me as well because I forgot she was in this movie.

Scene 4: Katja Kassin, Melissa Lauren, Steven St. Croix and Randy Spears – Home Movies

Here we have a very stylized scene. Here we have two couples, Katja with Randy and Melissa with Steven, chatting at a cookout. It is shot and looks like an old home made movie. As for the action, things start quickly as Randy eats out Katja while Melissa sucks off Steven. Katja then starts sucking off Randy before he starts missionary with her while Steven and Melissa go with doggie. After this they swap partners and Randy goes with Melissa in anal missionary while Steven and Katja go with reverse cowgirl. The guys then finish off by cumming on their respective ladies faces. Again this is something that many people probably won’t like but I thought this was pretty clever in the way it was shot.

Scene 5: Dani Woodward and Kris Slater – The Mechanic

Kris pulls up in his car and Dani steps outside the garage. They don’t even speak and immediately start making out and before you know it Dani is squatting and licking Kris’s shaft. She then hops up and bends over for some energetic doggie. In doggie she was bent over on a counter, which she then hops up on for missionary. Dani finishes the scene by dropping down again and sucking Kris off until he cums on her face. Thus far this has been the most raw scene in the movie. Others were quick to get to the action but this one was pretty straight forward and “dirty.”

Scene 6: Julia Ann and Stormy Daniels – Burn Baby Burn

For this scene we have female firefighters, Julia and Stormy, in a burning building. Apparently though there lust for each other is too much and Julia undress Stormy and proceeds to eat her out. Now it’s Stormy’s turn as Julia lays on the ground while Stormy licks her nipples and pulls her pants off in order to lick her pussy. The ladies switch up again as Julia works on Stormy’s pussy some more. After Stormy cums Julia crawls up and they make out some more before the scene cuts to black. Never mind what I said about the last scene being the most raw because this one just took it’s place. Very hot scene, pun intended.

Scene 7: Austin Kincaid and Lexie Marie

This scene has Austin and Lexie making out in what looks like a junkyard. There is quite a bit of rubbing and light kisses before Lexie starts the real action by fingering and licking Austin. Austin then does the same for Lexie. I must say that I am pretty disappointed with this scene after the high of the last couple. This is another short scene, like the one with Katsumi earlier. Kind of a mistake to end with this scene but it is still decent. I will also add that this scene is a surprise for the final scene because just like the previous scene it is a girl/girl scene. That’s a rarity to have two girl/girl scenes back to back in Wicked movies.


This was download courtesy of I do remember that the DVD had a bonus sex scene from another Julia Ann movie, Pin-ups, though I can’t remember who was in the scene. I would guess Julia considering she is the star of this DVD.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Vignette movies aren’t done that often anymore and I have always enjoyed Wicked’s entries in this genre. There is just something about taking a theme and developing scenes that fit around it that has always intrigued me. Other than their choice for the final scene I think this is a solid vignette movie which builds on the intensity and sexual energy from scene to scene. The downside here is that because of some of the visual choices they went with the appeal isn’t going to be as wide as other vignette movies and that is really a shame. As I said this is really solid and I give it a 4.5 out of 5.