Babewatch1993 and 1994 were probably the height or near the height of Baywatch’s popularity so legendary performer Buck Adams decided to create a porn version entitled Babewatch. Just like the show. These movies are about the lives of lifeguards on a California beach. There is of course a lot of sex and drama as well as a few rescues and fun. Now because the first two films in the series are connecting, I decided to review both. So lets find out what is in store for the lifeguards of Babewatch 1 and 2.

Scene 1: Holly Body and T.T. Boy

After a quick scene with Rebecca and Jon having a fight. We then switch to Holly and T.T. in bed and talking. It doesn’t take long though and they start kissing and then Holly gets on her knees for some dick sucking. Holly then crawls up and straddles him for some energetic cowgirl. Next up is missionary as T.T. works it in and out hard. The scene finishes up with a nice pop on Holly’s pussy. This is a pretty hot and energetic scene. Now it has been a while since I watched a movie from the 90s so I don’t recall if two positions was the norm or not but I was a bit surprised by that. Also there was no oral on Holly which again is a disappointment.

Scene 2: Brittany O’Connell and Brooke Waters

For the next scene we switch to the beach where we find Brittany and Brooke laying out behind some rocks. Brooke starts off the action by slowly caressing Brittany and then slowly undressing her before she starts eating her out in doggie. They switch things after a bit and Brittany does some face sitting in cowgirl, which she and Brooke seem to really get into. Brooke then gets her turn as she lays back on the blanket as Brittany fingers and licks her pussy. Some quick kissing then finishes up the scene. I really liked that there wasn’t any toy play in this scene. It obviously wouldn’t make sense in context. Overall though this was a fun girl/girl scene.

Scene 3: Asia Carrera and Jon Dough

After we see some of the other lifeguards perform a rescue the next scene starts and it’s between Jon and newbie lifeguard Asia. The scene starts out fast with the two kissing and quickly evolves to Jon eating out Asia. Asia returns the favor with a nice BJ, first while on her knees and then laying down before moving into missionary. From there they go into spoons with Job dropping his load on her pussy. As you may know I am not a fan of music overpowering a scene. I enjoy hearing the sex sounds but unfortunately this scene has overpowering music. That being said, it was really cool to see an Asia scene again. It has been a while and I forgot how good of a performer she was.

Scene 4: Bianca Trump, Kylie Ireland and Tony Tedeschi

For the next scene we go poolside where Bianca and Kylie are sunning when Tony comes up and they decide to have some fun. After Tony massages their asses a bit they both turn over and drop their tops and Tony starts licking and rubbing their breasts and nipples. Tony then starts on some oral for the girls, Kylie first, Bianca after that and then both together. The ladies then share his cock as they both lick and suck it for a while before Kylie hops on in reverse cowgirl. Bianca even does some face sitting on Tony during this before getting on her knees for doggie. Bianca also eats out Kylie during this position as well. Tony then pulls out and cums on Bianca’s ass. OK, after seeing this scene it’s clear now that the standard back then was only two positions per scene. It works out well though because it gives everyone more time to enjoy each position. One more thing, Kylie looks great in this scene but then again she still looks great.

Scene 5: Rebecca Wild and Buck Adams

This scene starts off with this pair chatting over a couple glasses of wine where Rebecca says she’s happy that she finally got to meet Buck, who is a legend as a lifeguard. The small talk ends quickly though and next thing we know they are making out. Rebecca gets undressed and lays on the couch after this as Buck gives a clinic of sorts on cunnilingus. Rebecca then does an equally good job sucking him off before straddling him in cowgirl. An energetic doggie is next and is followed by reverse cowgirl. The scene finishes up with another energetic position, this time missionary which concludes with Buck popping in her mouth. Of course right after I conclude that movies back then typically have only two positions, this one comes along with four. Plus there was pop on the face. Then again Buck was the director so I guess that has perks. Anyway, this scene alone is worth the cost of this movie. It’s very energetic and just a lot of fun.

Babewatch 2Part 2:

Scene 1: Justine and T.T. Boy

Jumping right into here as we see TT laying on the table with Justine sucking him off. She gets her clam licked for a bit ass well before spreading her legs for missionary. This then leads to doggie while she stays bent over the table. They finish up when Justine drops down and takes his load on her face. Here we have another energetic scene and I am digging it. One side note that I wanted to point out that I really loved is that the camera doesn’t focus a ton on closeups of the insertion. I know a lot of people like that but it has always been a turn off for me.

Scene 2: Bianca Trump, Kylie Ireland and Jon Dough

Just like the last scene things start off quick here as we have Jon eating out Kylie while being sucked off by Bianca. Bianca then grinds on his face next as Kylie takes her turn giving the BJ. Kylie is then seen on all fours in doggie while she licks Bianca’s pussy. The scene just ends in the middle of this though without a popshot. I guess this was done for the sake of time but it is quite unusual to have a scene not have a popshot.

Scene 3: Brittany O’Connell and Tony Tedeschi

In part one Tony and TT were shown spying on Brittany when she has her sex scene with Brooke Waters. Now we have a one on one situation and Tony is seen eating her out to start thins off. Brooke then reciprocates and then she gives him a ride in cowgirl. She spins around for reverse cowgirl as well and then onto her back for missionary. Tony finishes up with a nice facial as well. I know I keep saying energetic but that really is the best word to describe these scenes. I will say though that this scene felt a little weird just because there really wasn’t any context or dialogue leading up to it, other than Tony spying on her in the previous installment.

Scene 4: Bianca Trump, Kylie Ireland and Jon Dough

This is a strange one simply because it is a continuation of the second scene. Anyway, where we pick back up we have Bianca in doggie while she eats out Kylie. However this is relatively short lived as Jon ends up cumming on Bianca’s ass. As I said this is a strange way to show a scene. I’m guessing that they were trying to show that the third scene was happening at the same time but I don’t know for sure. You kind of those the flow of the scene though by splitting it like that but it was nice to see the payoff.

Scene 5: Justine and Buck Adams

After a bit of kissing and foreplay they move right into action with Buck licking and eating out Justine. Justine then shows her appreciation with a nice BJ before some standing missionary. This position is short lived though as they quickly move to doggie. First vaginally and then anally. Buck then drops his load on her waiting ass. This scene was only so-so to me. It is certainly not as good as Buck’s scene in part one and I was a little put off by the fact that Justine is wearing the same clothes as earlier and then she kept her top on for both scenes.

Scene 6. Rebecca Wild and Asia Carrera

Seeing as both ladies have been jilted in this movie they decide to hook up. After getting inside they immediately go to the couch, disrobe and make out. Soon after Asia rolls her legs back and spreads them so Rebecca can eat her out. After a very energetic go they switch sides and Asia goes to town on Rebecca’s waiting snatch. Asia does some face grinding to finish the scene off before they lay down and cuddle. The scene is also interspersed with their earlier scenes with Jon and Buck respectively. This is a great scene to finish off the film though I think it would have worked better with out the little flashback moments.


These were downloads off of AdultDVDEmpire so I no info on any DVD features/

Final Thoughts and Rating:

You can’t really go wrong with hot men and women as lifeguards hanging out at the beach and having sex with one another. That is why this series went for quite a few more titles after these two. Capitalizing on Baywatch was obviously a really smart move and considering that Rebecca has a similar body and look as Pamela Anderson it really only makes sense to make her the star. Overall these movies are just a lot of fun. I would say the first one is a little better than the second, in only because of some of the odd choices as far as editing goes in part two, but they are both pretty solid and I give part one 1 4.25 out of 5 and part two a 4 out of 5.