Last Girl StandingFor this month’s Retro Review we look at 2004’s Last Girl Standing by Paul Thomas for Vivid. In this film we see seven of the top performers in adult coming for an audition for a mainstream movie. The girls immediately go into competition move as each looks for any edge they can. Things get catty though when possessions start going missing and they all suspect one of them as the culprit. Time to find out who has what it takes to be the Last Girl Standing.

Scene 1: Tawny Roberts and Ben English

At a beautiful cliff side house Jenna shows up for the competition. She is followed by Mercedez and we are then shown a bunch of short clips of Jenna handing out bottles of her perfume to the other Vivid Girls and them being somewhat catty towards each other. After they are all settled it is explained to them the director, Evan Stone, what the project they are all their to audition for is all about. It is a mainstream movie featuring hardcore sex and that they all need to be able to have sex, dance and speak with a British accent because they will be playing twins, one of whom lives in the UK. We then see them practicing their accents. One of them is Tawny as she works on it in a hot tub when the gardener, Ben English, walks by and helps her with the accent. She entices him to help her more and that leads to them kissing. He then joins her in the hot tub as she starts sucking him off. The action then switches to Tawny being eaten out hard before he slides into her hard in missionary. Cowgirl is the next position as Tawny bounces and grinds. Standing doggie is the final position as Ben pulls out and pops on her chest. I knew a little of Tawny when she was still performing and this is a nice example of why she became a Vivid Girl in the first place.

Scene 2: Kira Kener and Anthony Hollywood

After we see some more rehearsing a cattiness we meet up with Kira who is with Anthony on some rocks by the beach. They engage is some foreplay and then some oral, first Kira gives a nice BJ and then Anthony licks her before going into doggie. They go into doggie anal next before Anthony cums on her chest. A nice quick scene here but worth the watch. I would have liked a different position here but for those anal lovers out there I am sure they will enjoy watching both in doggie.

Scene 3: Savanna Samson and Kurt Lockwood

Next up we have Savanna and her partner is Kurt Lockwood. She starts off in a Little Bo Peep type costume and is soon in the nude on a swing. She is joined by Kurt as they head inside while kissing and engaging in foreplay. This leads to Savanna sitting down and getting licked and fingered before giving a standing bj. It’s Kurt’s turn to sit next as Savanna climbs on top for cowgirl. From there they go to standing doggie and then to missionary anal. They show some reverse cowgirl anal as well but finish with the pop in missionary on her belly. Savanna has always been one of faves and scenes like this are reasons why. She shows a nice range with different positions and her high energy is persistent throughout.

Scene 4: Sunrise Adams and Chris Cannon

Next we have Sunrise in a cheerleader outfit as she freaks out because someone took her pom poms. She confronts Chris about Jenna getting dialect lessons and after a quick conversation they start kissing. After some foreplay Chris gets down on his knees to eat her out. She returns the favor by blowing him for a bit before hopping on in reverse cowgirl. Next Sunrise bends over the staircase railing for some standing doggie. The pair finishes off in missionary and then nice facial for Sunrise, This is the highest energy scene so far in the movie and that makes sense since Sunrise is the youngest member of the cast. The facial at the end was a nice touch as well because it broke up the monotony of the guys cumming on the ladies’ chests.

Scene 5: Briana Banks and Evan Stone

Briana is out on a walk after finding out her collar is missing and she confronts Mercedez about it. While out she catches Tawny being tutored in how to speak with an accent from Ben. She decides she needs to tell someone and decides on Evan. She sneaks into his room and after trying to figure out how to tell him she just decide to crawl into bed with him and after she introduces herself they start to 69. She even gives him a rimjob as well before going into missionary. From there they go into doggie and then reverse piledriver. Reverse cowgirl is next and then doggie anal to finish before dropping his load on her face. As energetic as the last scene was this one goes beyond it. Briana shows off her moves and just how dirty she can be, in a good way, here and shows why she became so popular then and now.

Scene 6: Briana Banks, Kira Kener, Mercedez, Savanna Samson, Sunrise Adams and Tawny Roberts

All the girls, minus Jenna, are all hanging out and all of a sudden things get heated and they start wrestling and that leads to a huge orgy on the floor. I won’t get into detail here but the action starts out with just fingers and tongues and then toys, including strapons are brought in. Overall a great all-girl orgy scene.

Scene 7: Mercedez and Mario Rossi

Mercedez finds out she is missing her shoes and confronts Jenna about it who says she didn’t do it and says she has dropped out of the competition. This leads to Mercedez audition with Mario as she starts licking his shaft after a bit of foreplay. He returns the favor with some nice pussy licking of his own before they start in missionary. Doggie is up next and is followed by reverse cowgirl. A nice facial is used to finis off the scene. Mercedez was an exceptional talent back in the day and one of the biggest Latina stars of the time and she shows why in scenes like this, especially during reverse cowgirl.

Scene 8: Jenna Jameson and Tawny Roberts

We are treated to Savanna, Kira and Mercedez doing teases in their respective outfits. Tawny is then the last to audition as she shows off her dance moves. She is joined by Jenna as she gives her a few spanks and some other foreplay before fingering her in doggie. The two then both take dildos and use them on themselves for a bit before Tawny uses Jenna’s on her and then Jenna takes Tawny’s and uses it on her. Jenna then goes back to fingering and licking Tawny. At this point a strapon comes out as Tawny bends over in doggie for anal and then reverse cowgirl anal as well. Piledriver anal is then the final position. This is kind of a confusing scene but it is pretty hot so we can look past that. The one draw back was that the editing was too quick in many places making difficult to get a flow to the scene.

I won’t spoil the ending but we are treated to seeing some of the girls practicing their English accents before it is revealed who got the part and who stole all of the item throughout the movie.


This was reviewed via a download from AdultDVDEmpire. I will post about any extras when I get a physical copy.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

In 2004 the contract star system was still doing well and the title of Vivid Girl was a big deal. Beyond having these girls contracted to your studio it was pretty much impossible to get them all together for a single movie like this. So having all of these big names and great performers in one movie is a huge plus but there are some issues. The editing is pretty heavy handed in places. On many occasions the positions change in an instant and it would be jarring at times. Overall though this is an enjoyable movie and a must get for fans of Vivid Girls. I give Last Girl Standing a 3.75 out of 5.