maneaterF Janine made her living in the industry performing in girl/girl and solo scenes. She took a break after a hall of fame career and came back gun blazing and ready to do guys. Vivid and Paul Thomas were lucky enough to land the honor of capturing this comeback and ManEater is the result. So be prepared to see some things you have never seen before from Janine.

Scene 1: Janine and Nick Manning

We start the movie with a montage of Janine clips from her earlier career and an interview with her now as well as pictures and behind the scenes moments from this project. This goes on for several minutes and then we move onto Janine’s first boy/girl scene with Nick Manning. It takes place in a bathroom as the pair starts out by kissing and engaging in some foreplay. They both strip down during this time and it leads to Nick eating her out. Janine returns the favor with an energetic blowjob and then they go into a bit of standing missionary and doggie before moving to a bedroom set. Once they move to the bed they go back to missionary Doggie is again the next position as Nick pounds her pretty hard while pulling her hair in parts. After some more oral from Janine the pair goes into standing doggie for a bit and then into cowgirl to finish with Nick spraying her chest. This is a pretty hot opening scene all around and a pretty awesome for her first boy/girl.

Scene 2: Domino and Dale Dabone

We return the interview as Janine talks about her initial reservations about doing b/g when she started her career. For the next scene we have Domino stripping down in bed while Dale is out in a hot tub. She then goes out to join him and immediately starts to suck him off. They then move to the bed as she lies back in missionary. Cowgirl is up next and is followed by doggie. The scene then finishes with a popshot on her face. The action here was a bit of a let down compared to the last scene but still pretty solid. I would have liked for there to have been some different positions though.

Scene 3: Olivia O’Lovely, Mia Beck and Jack Lawrence

In her interview Janine is talking about doing solo scenes. After she is done chatting we switch to barn set where we see Janine doing some photos whole Olivia is in the foreground masturbating. She is soon joined by Jack and soon after Janine leaves while he is eating out Olivia. Mia Beck then shows up before Olivia starts her BJ and watches the couple while rubbing herself. Missionary is the first position as Mia sets herself up on a bucket to rub herself more. Doggie is then the final position with Jack finishing off while jerking off on Olivia’s chest. I’m not exactly sure what the point of Mia is in this scene. It’s pretty hot to see her masturbating off to the side but kind of weird to not see her at least kiss Olivia or tease her a bit. Overall though this is another solid scene.

Scene 4: Janine, Angelica Sin and Dale Dabone

After some more of the interview we see Janine for another new kind of a scene, a boy/girl/girl. This one is set outside and things start out quickly with Dale rubbing and kissing Janine while Angelica looks on. Angelica plays with Janine for a little bit next but then Janine heads back to Dale for some more foreplay. The trio then heads inside where Angelica starts eating out Janine while she kisses Dale. Janine takes a quick taste of Angelica and then moves onto slurping on Dale’s cock while he slowly rubs Angelica’s pussy. Angelica then comes around to help out for a bit before Janine goes into doggie while licking Angelica. Janine turns over for missionary as Angelica looks on before hopping back up in order to be licked more. Angelica then gets her turn on Dale in cowgirl while Janine gets eaten and the two ladies make out. The action moves to the kitchen as Janine does some more oral while Angelica uses a toy on herself before Janine and Dale go at it while she is in a chair. Standing doggie with Angelica is the final position before Janine finishes with a BJ and cumshot on her face. As far as the boy/girl scenes this is definitely the best one. The energy is high throughout and more importantly you can tell everyone is having a good time.

Scene 5: Janine and Sunrise Adams

For the final scene Janine goes back to what she was known for best, at the time anyway, girl/girl. There is a but of a twist though and that is that this scene involves a bit of bondage. The scene starts with Sunrise shackled to a frame with a ball gag while Janine whips her ass. She then takes some time to eat out her slave properly before the tables are turned and Janine is the one being punished by Sunrise. Up to this point the scene has been a behind the scenes looks while they take pictures. Sunrise then gets her turn to lick Janine. After this the a strap on is broken out as Janine uses it on Sunrise. They go at it in doggie first and then Sunrise sucks it off and does some titty fucking as well. From there they go to cowgirl and back to missionary. From there they go off to a shower where Janine continues rubbing and licking her. The movie finishes with some more comment from Janine. Janine always brings it when it comes to girl/girl scenes and this is no exception. My only drawback here is that it was more or less a behind the scenes look the entire time instead of how the other scenes were done.


All I can say is I wish more DVDs that came out now had bonus features like this. First there are six bonus sex scenes featuring Janine including the one she mentions in her interview during the movie that features Julian. There is also a nice BTS, trailers and pictures.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

There are only a handful, maybe not even that many, performers in the history of porn who stuck to performing only girl/girl and yet still made a huge impact on the industry. Janine was one of those and then when she started doing guys too she made another strong impact. What is kind of unique in this title is that it could be considered the precursor to showcases. I mean this is technically a showcase, it is all about Janine after all, but since 2 of the 5 scenes don’t feature her it falls just short in my opinion. Obviously if you are a fan of Janine you should pick this up, assuming you haven’t already, but considering the variety within the movie and the bonus sex scenes, I’d say there is something for everybody. I give ManEater a 4.75 out 5.