Day Off Cover30 years ago two things happened. The first is that I was born and the second is that the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out in theaters. So with that in mind this month’s Retro Review is Sky’s Day Off. Now this movie isn’t like the iconic Ferris Bueller other than the similar names but it is unique in that it was shot in the early says of “reality porn.” So let’s see what it is like to spend a day off with Sky.

Scene 1: Sky and male friend

We start off with a little fun as Sky and a male performer are acting out a scene that turns into a sex toy lightsaber fight. Next we follow Sky as she is traveling and settling into her hotel. After a night of fun and drinks she goes back to her hotel with a male friend. She quickly gets his pants off and once he covers his face with a pillow she starts to suck him off. This is an oral only scene and finishes with Sky jerking him off until he cums. Like the rest of this movie this scene is shot with a regular camcorder with a spotlight. While all the guys are credited on the box. I am not sure who this guy is and am not sure, like some of the others, if he is even a pro.

Scene 2: Samantha Stylle and Toni Ribas

Here we have Samantha hanging out while she is talking to Sky on the phone. Toni is behind her and playing with her boobs through her shirt. She hangs up the phone and they start making out and engaging in some foreplay. After this they go into a short 69 before Samantha starts her BJ, She even stops to give a footjob as well before climbing on top for cowgirl. Missionary is then the next position as you hear Samantha moaning in pleasure. They go into spoons for a bit and then into a pile driver . From there they go to doggie before going to reverse cowgirl. Then it is onto anal which they start out in doggie and then spoons. A nice go around in cowgirl follows as they finish in doggie until Toni pulls out and pops in her mouth, All I can say is that the action here is pretty hot but I found the camera angles a bit substandard in certain spots but I think it works well with the style of the movie. I would also add that I really liked the variety of sex positions used here as well.

Scene 3: Kamy and Paul

Back to Sky now as we see her shopping and having fun and looking for some participants for a scene later on in the movie. Next we go back to some action as we meet Kamy and her boyfriend Paul who are fans of Sky’s and that they decided to make a video for her. Things start off quickly as Paul eats her out after they kiss for a little bit. Kamy return the favor with a nice blowjob and then they go right into reverse cowgirl. Doggie is the next position and is shortly followed by missionary until Paul cums on her belly. This scene is a bit of a step down compared to the last one but then again these two are amateurs so you can’t really expect them perform at the same level.

Scene 4: Sky and two male friends

It’s night time and the two guys that Sky recruited earlier are now with her in the back seat of a car. This is a rather quick scene as they all three engage in some foreplay while they finger her and she strokes them off until they cum on her.

Scene 5: Sky and male friend

Next we see Sky in this green screen room where she and a friend make a video of a magic carpet ride. Just like the first scene though they go back to her hotel room where she sucks him off until he pops. This guy keeps his face exposed though. He also spends some time fingering her while she continues to stroke him.

Scene 6: Sky and Nacho Vidal

Sky is back home now and we immediately see her making out with Nacho. After a little more foreplay and fun Nacho lies on his back and Sky starts with a blowjob. He returns the favor by going down on her. For their first sex position they go with missionary and for those who care they do use a condom. Missionary is short lived though as Sky saddles up for cowgirl. They go back to missionary next as Sky sucks on his fingers and then right into doggie. Spoons is used next and is followed by reverse cowgirl. They then go back to missionary to finish things up before he drops his load on her belly. Again we have two pros going at it and you can tell the difference. The action here is pretty tame for a typical Nacho scene for those familiar with him. Sky of course puts in a great performance though.

Scene 7: Christina and male friend

At Sky’s place we see her friend Christina and a male friend hanging out and about to have sex. Sky tells them to put down a towel though because she doesn’t want any cum on her new comforter. She leaves and they get down to it as he starts licking her body while sliding her pants off. She then hops up to blow him before she lies back for missionary. Doggie is the next position and then she straddles him in cowgirl. Christina then finishes the scene by dropping on the floor and taking his cumshot on her face. On thought the action here was pretty good but was disappointed with the camera which seemed to be fixed on penetration shots, especially during cowgirl.

Scene 8: Sky and male friend

Next we have Sky practicing some shooting at the range with a female friend. Next we see her on a patio with a male friend and they are kissing. Soon after she is on her knees and giving him a blowjob. She even has him turn around for a rusty trombone (look it up). They then head inside and he starts eating her out. Action then gets underway with some hot missionary action, again with a condom. From there they go to doggie where they finish with him painting her ass with cum.


There isn’t much in the way of extras here but there is a cool BTS that includes how they shot and practiced the lightsaber fight at the beginning. There are also so trailers and cast bios.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

When this movie came out, the idea of going out and filming in real locations and showing real people and actually doing things with them was kind of a new idea and Shane’s World was at the forefront of this new style. The only drawback though was the handheld cameras at that time weren’t that great and because they couldn’t use pro lighting setups it would make the scenes hard to watch at times. Sky, the prototypical California Girl Next Door, makes this movie work though. I would have loved to have seen a girl/girl scene here but otherwise it’s really enjoyable and I give Sky’s Day Off a 4 out of 5.