Space NutsIt’s Retro Review time again and for this month I have chosen to do the 2003 classic, Space Nuts by Wicked and director Jonathan Morgan. Seeing that it is December the most logical choice would be a Christmas movie but those are few and far between in porn so I had to look elsewhere for inspiration. For those that don’t know, I am a huge Star Wars fan and since the new movie comes out tomorrow nationwide, I figured this movie, which pulls inspiration in large part from movie like Star Wars, that this would make perfect sense.

For this review I am going to do something a little different. I am going to outline the plot at the start and then just break down the scenes without explaining too much of the plot and what leads into those scenes.

Plot: The story revolves around the heir of the Clitoran System, Princess Hubba Hubba (Stormy Daniels). The Clitoran System is one of the last in the galaxy to not fall under the control of the Evil Overlord and the Evil Witch (Mike Horner and Devinn Lane respectively). Unfortunately for the Princess, the Evil Overlord finds out that whoever marries the Princess becomes the new heir to the system.

While on the run. The Princess and her trusty manservant droid Jeeves (Randy Spears) fall in with a group of eco-warriors who are trying to save the galaxy. One of the members of said group is Buzz Starfokker (Evan Stone), a scoundrel in his own right, who must save the Princess once she and Jeeves are discovered.

Scene 1: Stormy Daniels and Trevor Zen

Right out of the gate we have Stormy hanging out in her room as she was Ensign Benson (Trevor Zen) sent to her. She says she wants to award him for his work and he acts nervously as she touches him and haves him sit down. After some more flirting and a quick scene with Randy in another room we find Stormy and Trevor in the middle of making out and engaging in some foreplay. Trevor gets down on his knees and starts eating her out for a bit before Stormy climbs on top for reverse cowgirl. From there she gets on her back for some missionary and then she gives Trevor a nice BJ until he drops his load on her face. This is a nice scene to kick things off with and it is a nice starting point for Stormy to showcase her skills.

Scene 2: Kim Chambers and Scott Styles

This scene starts with Devinn torturing a soldier for information. Once she gets some information she turns on a hologram to reward him. Devinn leaves and as she does Kim and Scott start kissing. It doesn’t take long and Kim is on her knees and sucking him off. Kim stands up so that Scott can enter her while she does a standing split. Scott then sits down in a chair so Kim can ride him in reverse cowgirl for a little bit before they go to doggie to finish. Scott then ends up pulling out as Kim takes his load in her mouth. Seeing that there are 10 sex scenes in this movie, there will be what I would call filler sex scenes and this is one of those. It’s still done well and it is pretty hot though.

Scene 3: Kaylani Lei and Randy Spears

Randy, at this point, is forced to be a sex robot on a space station. His first client is played by Kaylani and after a few humorous adjustments to him she can finally have sex with him. Kaylani then pushing him onto the bed as they start to make out. She then starts to slide her mouth up and down his cock before straddling him in cowgirl. From there they go into doggie and I must say that Kaylani responds to that very well, as she also does with reverse cowgirl. Kaylani then hops off as Randy cums on her tongue. Randy was used in a lot of Wicked features throughout the years and this scene is a good indication as to why. The guy was just so consistent. Kaylani as well shows why Wicked made her a contract performer and why she is still doing so well years later.

Scene 4: jessica drake and Evan Stone

For this scene jessica, who I believe had recently signed or was about to sign a contract with Wicked, plays a blue skinned alien who has a thing for our hero Evan. Things start off quickly as jessica immediately starts off by licking his shaft up and down after a little foreplay. For their first position they go into standing doggie. She then rolls onto her back for missionary. The couple finished up in reverse cowgirl, which is over when Evan pulls out and cums on jessica’s face. On top of the scene being pretty hot, you have to admire the makeup job done on jessica for this scene. You don’t see stuff like that too often.

Scene 5: Katie Morgan and Steve Hatcher

These two love birds decide to have some fun on the holodeck and once inside they start kissing and going into foreplay. This is quickly dropped though as Katie gives Steve a vigorous BJ while he leans against a rock. Katie then gets on the rock for an equally vigorous go in missionary. From there they go into a nice reverse cowgirl as well. The scene then finishes with Steve spraying his load on Katie’s face. This scene has a nice kick up in energy, which is what you would expect from Katie. This scene also a breakout scene for Katie, who was pretty new at the time, as it was featured in the HBO documentary Pornucopia.

Scene 6: Stormy Daniels and Julian

Here we see Stormy and Mike as they are getting married in order for him not to destroy everything. Unfortunately for Stormy, Mike is completely unattractive as the Evil Overlord so they use the holodeck’s technology to eventually turn him into Julian. Stormy approves and they start kissing and then move to a more private area. After some more kissing, things begin to heat up as Stormy starts sucking him off. Once the BJ is finished they move onto reverse cowgirl as they both unrobe a bit. From there they move onto standing doggie. They move into spoons next in order to complete the scene which ends with Stormy taking his cum shot on her face. As it turns out, this scene is just a dream scene as we see Stormy waking up in a fright. This scene is quite sensual compared to the others as Stormy and Julian seem to have some good chemistry.

Scene 7: Amber Rain, Casey Pink and Kyle Stone

Kyle Stone plays a general, who basically gets crapped on the whole movie, and decides it’s time for him to have some fun. He pulls out some “Insta Date” and adds some water to two of them and Amber and Casey materialize instantly. Things start off quickly with both ladies taking turns working on his shaft. Amber gets the first sex position as she lies on her back in missionary. Amber stays where she is as Casey starts to eat her out while Kyle comes in from behind in doggie. The ladies then lie side by side as Kyle comes on both of their faces. This is another one of those scenes that I could live without in the long run. The action is pretty good but it does feel a bit tacked on.

Scene 8: Devinn Lane and Evan Stone

Evan and his crew get captured while trying to escape and Devinn decides to have some fun with Evan before they are all put to death. Evan starts things but licking Devinn’s nipples for a bit before she starts stroking and licking his shaft. He licks her pussy a bit too before she hops on for reverse cowgirl. Missionary is up next as Devinn seems to really get into it before Evan pulls out and drops his load on her chest. Devinn is and will always be one of my favorite performers of all time. This is one of my favorite boy/girl scenes of hers as well. I however am a bit disappointed that this is her only scene here but she does make the most of it.

Scene 9: Hollie Stevens and Randy Spears

For his reward for helping to save the day, Randy is given the newest model sex droid (Hollie Stevens). They go to his recharging station and Hollie starts things off with a sensual BJ. Cowgirl is then the first sex position up as things heat up some more when they go to doggie. Hollie and Randy really seem to get into it in this position which finishes up with Randy popping on her face. As I stated earlier, Randy is a legend for a reason this scene is further proof. He is much more sure of himself in this scene and it goes along with the character being much more sure of himself as well. A lot of male performers couldn’t pull that off.

Scene 10: Stormy Daniels and Evan Stone

This is the scene that the movie has been building to, the hero having sex with the princess. After some light kissing and foreplay the action starts with Evan eating out Stormy while she lies down. From there Stormy slides down and rides him in reverse cowgirl. Next up is a modified missionary with Stormy hanging off a chair. The scene finishes with Stormy taking his jizz on her face. While not my favorite scene here, I still think it is one of the best ones and a great way to finish off this epic movie.


I decided to download this off of instead of watching my copy on DVD so I don’t have a full breakdown of the extras. I do remember though that there is an extensive BTS and a trivia game which I believe led to a bonus scene.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Even for it’s time this movie was quite ambitious and only a handful of studios could have made it and luckily for all of us the studio that did was Wicked. While not directly a parody or homage to Star Wars or Star Trek, you can definitely see the influences of both, as well as other, classic film properties. My one gripe I have with this movie though is the lack of scene diversity. There are 10 scenes and all but one are straight boy/girl. It would have been nice for them to throw in a boy/boy/girl or girl/girl scene in there to shake things up a bit but the movie is still great because the story keeps you interested and laughing throughout. This is just a movie that everyone should have in their collection and I give it a 5 out of 5.