SpellboundSeeing that Halloween is about a week away I figured a movie about witches would be appropriate. In this 2000 movie from Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong we find three down on their luck book store owners, Sylvia, Diane and Julie (played by Wicked contract stars Devinn Lane, Temptress and Alexa Rae) who come across an old book of spells from a box of books that they bought from an old man. They quickly embrace their new found powers but will it be enough to change their fates. Find out in my review of Spellbound.

Scene 1: Alexa Rae and Devin Wolf

After a somewhat creepy opening we find an old man walking into the bookstore with a box of books. He only wants $10 and Devinn reluctantly helps him out. After that she gets a visit from her landlord (Herschel Savage) and is in trouble pf being evicted. Later that night, Alexa comes home, which she shares with Devinn and Temptress, and takes the guy she is with, played by Devin Wolf, to her bedroom. They immediately start making out and soon after Alexa is on her back as Devin eats her out. They are so loud that they are disturbing Devinn in the next bedroom but they continue with Alexa sucking and jerking him off. After that it’s time for sex and the first position is doggie. Next up is missionary. The scene finishes with Devin spraying his load on her waiting face. Alexa has been a favorite of mine for a long time and this scene shows why. The scene is energetic and fun and shows off her talents nicely.

Scene 2: Temptress and Chris Cannon

It’s the next morning and Temptress comes and reveals that one of the books they bought the day before is a spell book. Devinn doesn’t believe that it works and Temptress shows her it does by casting a spell on Alexa to clean the apartment. Later that same day Temptress uses the book to cast a spell on this musician (Chris Cannon) that she has a crush on to make him play better. He continues to play as they head inside the store. After a quick conversation they then start to make out. Chris takes his time licking and sucking on her nipples after this and is rewarded with a nice BJ from Temptress. Next u we have Temptress in standing doggie and then on her back for missionary. Temptress then gets on her knees to take is popshot on her lips. While not as energetic as the last scene, the more subdued approach works with Temptress. I particularly liked the standing doggie portion as well.

Scene 3: Alexa Rae, Devinn Lane and Temptress

Next we see all three ladies at the store as they are sitting in a pentagram talking and reading the book. They even pull off a levitation spell and afterwards they start to kiss. They continue to kiss and fondle each other until they start in on Temptress by first fingering her and then using a clear toy on her. Devinn rides her face a bit while Alexa uses the toy. Things then switch up and Alexa gets eaten out by Temptress while she uses a golden vibrator on Devinn. It’s then Alexa’s turn with a toy as they use the golden one on her. They finish off by cleaning the vibrator with their tongues. The ladies all have some great chemistry and I think it’s a shame that they didn’t all work together that often. Making this a top notch scene with three Wicked Girls.

Scene 4: Temptress and Randy Spears

Later on we see Temptress and Devinn leaving their place as they run into their bitchy neighbor (jessica drake) as well as a hot male neighbor (Randy Spears). Devinn and Temptress are then at work and Devinn sends her on her break and Temptress takes the book to see if there is anything that can help them out with the store. She passes by Randy’s door on the way home and then uses the book to make herself look gorgeous in order to seduce him. She knocks on his door and when he answers she almost immediately pushes him back into the apartment where they start making out. They start to undress as well and this leads to Temptress licking his shaft. Temptress then hops on for a very sexy reverse cowgirl. Missionary is next and is finished off with a little piledriver before Randy pulls out and cums on her chest. I’ve seen this movie many times and this is always one of my favorite scenes. The raw passion from Temptress is just awesome and her clothes and makeup top everything off nicely.

Scene 5: Devinn Lane and jessica drake

Devinn gets some news from a friend who might have a solution for their problem but then things get complicated when Alexa nearly burns their place down when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating her. Devinn admits that she needs a stress relief and she conjures up a spell to make Randy fall in lust with her but jessica steps out and ends up getting hit by the spell. She then immediately comes over and starts kissing Devinn as they go to her room. Devinn gets pushed onto the bed as they continue to make out. This leads to jessica licking her nipples and fingering and then licking her too. Devinn then takes over and uses more magic to transform into a leather clad dominatrix with a riding crop. After jessica strip down, Devinn proceeds to eat her out while pinching her nipples as well. Devinn then has a strap on on and uses on jessica in doggie. They wrap things up with a some double dong action with the dong being controlled by Devinn. The last scene is one of my favorites but this scene is hands down my favorite scene in this movie. Devinn and jessica’s chemistry is off the charts here and seeing both ladies take command at certain points is very hot.

Scene 6: Alexa Rae and Herschel Savage

It’s the next day and Herschel is back looking for the rent. He stops by the store looking for Devinn but Temptress says she’s out and then he goes by the apartment and Alexa begs him to not kick them out. Alexa decides that she’ll sleep with him but first she uses the book to cast a spell to make him look better. After he is revealed to be wearing a tuxedo now the two start in with some kissing and foreplay. He then starts fingering and licking her on the couch before he lays back for a blowjob. For their first position they go with missionary and then right into reverse cowgirl. She then hops off to take his load on her chest. Considering how good the other scenes were I am disappointed here. Both performers do a commendable job but it just felt off.


This was a download off of Wicked.com so I didn’t view any extras for this review.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This is a rare gem that I don’t think enough people have seen or appreciate. This is also one of my favorite Wicked titles of all time. One bit of trivia too is that this is only Wicked movie where every female performer either was or would become a contract performer for the company. In this case, Devinn, Temptress and Alexa were all signed and jessica would join the company years later. This is just a hot movie and as I said, under appreciated and I give it a 5 out of 5.