Twist of FateMarch means Spring, NCAA March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day, so what better way to celebrate than a Retro Review featuring Kylie Ireland. In this outing from Wicked Pictures, Kylie tells her story of how she got into the industry. This movie was made not long after Kylie won the AVN Award for Best New Starlet and is also her first writing credit. So lets find out what A Twist of Fate means to a budding starlet.

Scene 1: Paige Powers and Tony Tedeschi

The movie starts with Kylie writing a letter to her parents to tell them what she is doing and to reassure them that she is happy and safe. Her story then starts off with her moving out to LA to pursue an acting career. While she is talking to her friend, played by Juli Ashton who she is also staying with, she reveals she has a meeting with a guy that came to her college in the morning. We then switch to his office where he is talking to Paige and they soon start making out as part of the meeting process. Paige hops up on the desk so that Tony can eat her out before she drops to her knees to suck him off. She gets bent over the desk next for doggie. The action moves to the couch next as the pair goes into reverse cowgirl. Missionary is the final position as Tony finishes off by popping on her face as Kylie walks in. I’m not familiar with Paige as a performer and I wasn’t too impressed here. The scene did get better as it went on but something just felt off.

Scene 2: Kylie Ireland and Tom Byron

Kylie is then seen talking to Juli again and Juli tells her that she knows all about how things work behind the scenes and that a sex maniac like her could probably find a better way to go about it. Juli then gets her to tell her about this hookup she had with this crush of hers played by Tom Byron. We then flashback and see the two of them kissing. Soon after they get undressed as Kylie lies back while Tom licks and fingers her. Not to be out done, Kylie then starts licking and sucking on his shaft before going in missionary. From there they go into reverse cowgirl and then doggie anal. The scene then finishes with a nice popshot on Kylie’s ass. I don’t normally comment on sound and camera issues in my reviews but there were some in this scene. Overall though the scene is pretty hot and you can see why Kylie became as big a star as she did.

Scene 3: Kylie Ireland, Juli Ashton and Anna Malle

After she finishes her story, Juli’s friend Steph (Anna Malle) comes over. She brought over some wine. They then all start looking over this adult products catalog and they all like the look of this one toy that Juli says she has and then goes and gets. Next thing you know all three of the ladies are on the floor and having sex, with Anna licking Juli while Kylie rides on Juli’s face. Kylie hops off and starts using a double dildo on Juli and Anna while they play with her breasts. Juli takes her end anally at one point as well. Kylie then straddles Anna, who is wearing a strap on, and rides her while Juli uses a dildo in her ass while using the other end in her pussy like a second strap on to finish the scene. I’m not a huge fan of toys in girl/girl only scenes mainly because I don’t utilize them in my personal life all the time but when they are used like this I love it. The DP on Kylie was particularly hot and seeing Anna doing her thing is always a treat.

Scene 4: Dawn Burning, Mitchell Grant and Steve Hatcher

The ladies are then seen basking in post sex glee and are seen sleeping together in the same bed. Kylie is then shown talking to an agent who tries to get fresh and she slaps him for it. Later she is talking to another agent, a sleazy one at that, on the phone who tries to get her to meet her at a motel. She brushes him off and then calls the police in order to mess with him. Next we see Kylie at a restaurant where two guys (Mitchell Grant and Steve Hatcher) are offering an actress (Dawn Burning) a part. After she leaves Dawn starts sucking off both guys. Steve then bends her over for doggie while she continues to work on Mitchell’s shaft. Dawn then turns around so that Mitchell is behind her while she sucks on Steve some more. She switches back again except this time Steve is seated and they then finish the scene by both of them popping on her chest. Dawn is another person who I was unfamiliar with but I think I will try and find more of her after seeing this. I liked the energy here but would have liked to have seen some variety on the positions and also for both guys to have had the same amount.

Scene 5: Kylie Ireland, Anna Malle and Alex Sanders

We know get to the part of the letter where Kylie is telling her parents about doing adult movies and moving in with her new boyfriend. Next we have Kylie and Anna next to a tub as Anna is licking Kylie’s nipples. Kylie then does the same to Anna beore she starts eating her out. Alex then joins the party as Anna eats out Kylie while Alex gets a BJ. The ladies then share his cock for a bit before Kylie straddles him in cowgirl while Anna grinds on his face. Doggie anal is next for Kylie while Anna does some dirty talking. Alex finishes off by spraying Kylie’s ass. Here is another good scene though I was disappointed that Anna wasn’t involved with the boy/girl stuff. There was plenty of interaction between she and Kylie though so it works out.


I viewed this movie through a download and therefore do not know what extras were on the DVD, if any.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This movie came out 20 years ago and I have a feeling that Kylie’s story is still pretty apt for many people in the industry. I think it was pretty cool that Kylie decided to tell her story in such a way, especially at a time when performers didn’t really talk about their pasts. Overall this is a solid movie though and considering this was Kylie’s first time writing it makes it all the more impressive. You should check this out, especially if you are a Kylie fan, and I give A Twist of Fate a 4 out of 5.