where-the-boys-aren-t-6--720p-5604969fFor those of you who don’t know, June is officially LGBT Pride Month and since I know next to nothing about gay, bi or transgendered porn, much less ones that are 10 years old or older, I figured I’d stick with lesbian porn. In this case I chose an entry in the Where the Girls Aren’t series from Vivid. The sixth installment revolves around an exclusive club that the ladies belong to and where they go to fulfill some sexual desires. So when the boys are away the girls will play in Where the Boys Aren’t 6.

Scene 1: Janine, Jeanna Fine and Julia Ann

We start off with all the girls at an exclusive club. At midnight they are celebrating the one year anniversary of two of their members, Jeanna and Amber Lynn. Janine has a bet going though that they wouldn’t last a year and claims she hasn’t lost the bet yet. We then see Janine and Julia Ann fencing and they are joined be Jeanna, in a breast exposing top, and reveals that Janine has actually won because Jeanna has been cheating on Amber. The three then start getting it on as Jeanna starts licking Julia while Janine eats her out from behind. It doesn’t take long and Janine is laying against Jenna as she appears to fist her pussy, or pretty close to it, and fingers her ass while Julia helps before Julia and Janine put on some strapons. Jeanna starts off by sucking the fake dicks. From there they go right to a DP after Julia changes out her black dildo to a pink one and enters Jeanna’s pussy while Janine takes her ass. While the action here is pretty hot I will say that the transitions could have been much smoother. I would have loved to have seen some one on one as far as the strapon action went but the DP was very well done.

Scene 2: Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon, Janine and Julia Ann

The story then movie to a room with a pool table and after a short conversation all four ladies start to make out with Christy and Amber on the pool table to start. There is quite a bit of foreplay here and then they break off into pairs, Julia with Amber and Janine with Christy. This stops quickly though as they all start playing together before the pair up again with Christy eating Julia while Amber licks Janine. This is done in both missionary and doggie and then the strapons come out with Janine riding Julia in reverse cowgirl while Christy gets hers sucked off by Amber and then Janine before Amber goes into cowgirl with Christy. The scene is pretty chaotic from a reviewing standpoint. Just like the last scene though the action is a lot of fun to watch, I just would have preferred a bit more structure.

Scene 3: Julia Ann, Sindee Coxx

Next we have Julia being serviced by Sindee. The get right to it as Sindee starts eating out Julia and fingering her too. Julia then starts undressing Sindee so that she can lick and finger her too. Sindee goes back to licking and fingering Julia for a little bit before they go into a 69. Sindee then crawls away and grabs a strapon for Julia to use on her in doggie, after she gives it a nice BJ. I will say that while this scene wasn’t as intense as the previous scenes it was nice to have a more subdued scene here in order to catch our breath.

Scene 4: Sarah Jane Hamilton, Sindee Coxx

Sarah is waiting on the bed with a whip as Sindee comes in apologizing for being late. Sarah doesn’t want to hear about it and has her bend over to receive some punishment/ She then starts fingering her with a latex glove on before burying her tongue inside. Sarah then grinds on her face for a bit before they go into a 69; After the 69 Sindee pulls out a little vibrator and uses it on her clit while Sarah fingers her ass. To finish the scene Sindee lays back on the bed as Sarah uses a sex machine on her pussy she uses a different toy on herself. Here we have another subdued scene but with a nice domination twist. I liked the use of the sex machine as well, you rarely saw those used in movies back then so it much have been unusual.

Scene 5: Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon, Janine, Jeanna Fine and Sarah Jane Hamilton

Julia and Sarah are then seen chatting as Sarah reveals that Sindee knows about Jeanna cheating and they appear to start to kiss but the scene cuts before anything really happens. What happens next is basically an orgy involving the 5 ladies above and as you know I don’t break down orgies. Everyone does get to have some fun with everyone else and the nice thing is the toy use is at a minimum here.


I received this movie from AdultDVDEmpire as a download so I am not sure what the extras, if any, that there are for this release.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Where the Boys Aren’t was one of the first and most popular all-girl series at a time when all-girl movies weren’t as common as they are today. This one is a pretty good entry in that series but it would be hard to not be good considering the cast here. Granted the story usually takes a back seat in these movies but the story here is pretty weak here but the sex at least makes up for it. Unfortunately the weak story does hurt the movie a bit because when this came out, almost all porn movies were ones with stories. Considering everything though I will have to give this a 3.75 out of 5.