Along for the RideBecca Bradley (Charlotte Cross) is former child star Hannah Dakota and she is having a rough time landing more adult roles. She wants to be taken seriously and when a role in a police drama comes up she is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Becca ends up going for a ride along in order to prepare and things get real when she gets involved with a case. Wicked Pictures and Jonathan Morgan Along For the Ride.

Scene 1: Charlotte Cross and Michael Vegas

The movie starts with Charlotte at an audition for a director played by Jonathan. She does well but ends up dejected and rejected when they recognize her as a former child star. She goes home and is consoled by her boyfriend. After a little bit of talking they move to the bedroom where, after some foreplay, Michael starts eating her out. Charlotte then returns the favor with a nice BJ including some deep throating. Charlotte and Michael hop on the bed next to have a go in missionary. From there they go to reverse cowgirl and then spoons. Doggie is the final position and finishes with Michael pulling out and dropping his load on her face. Charlotte is pretty new to the industry and very adorable and this scene could be an indication of future stardom.

Scene 2: Katie Morgan and Eric Masterson

It’s the next day and she has a meeting with her agent, played by Eric Masterson, after talking to him on the phone and have a fight with her boyfriend. She’s upset because he wants her to take some stupid cheerleader role but convinces him to work on getting her something better. Later he is visited by his wife/girlfriend (Katie Morgan) and after a short conversation he puts her on the desk and starts licking her pussy. Katie turns things around and sucks Eric off as he leans against the desk. From there they move to the couch and missionary. They switch places as Katie saddles up for cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl is next as Eric grabs Katie’s breasts hard. The scene then finishes with Eric cumming on Katie’s chest. I want to say that it’s great to see Katie back and especially with Wicked where she had a breakout role in Space Nuts. I would also add that her dirty talk was pretty on point in this scene as was Charlotte’s earlier.

Scene 3: Nikki Knightly and Tommy Gunn

Charlotte is with Eric again as he reveals that he has setup a ride along for her with a cop (Damon Dice) to help her get ready for an audition. So she goes along with it and is told that press is already being generated and that the casting director likes that she is doing this to get ready. Damon then gets a call and tells her to stay put but she follows him anyway. We then switch to a hotel room where Nikki and Tommy are walking in. They have a quick talk and then get down to business as Nikki starts sucking him off. They even do some 69 before they go into missionary. From there they go into doggie as Nikki does twerking as well. Reverse cowgirl is net and then they go back to missionary to finish with Tommy popping on her pussy, While the action here is pretty good I found it a bit distracting at times because Tommy had to adjust his condom multiple times. That being said Nikki looks great here and if you are a fan of dirty talk you will have to take a listen.

Scene 4: Carter Cruise and Tommy Pistol

The call that Damon was called on of course had to do with Nikki and Tommy as we see them get busted. Damon and Charlotte then talk about the role she is trying to get and later on we find out that Michael broke up with her. They then go on another call and Damon gets shot by Tommy and Carter. They put him in the trunk and start making out, not knowing Charlotte is still in the car. Things escalate quickly as Carter bends over the car as Tommy wiggles his tongue inside her. Not to be out done, Carter starts giving him a blowjob while pulling on his balls. Carter then gets bent over the car again for some standing doggie. Tommy fingers her ass as well here and is followed by missionary. The scene finishes with his load coming out on her mouth. This is a high energy scene and that should be expected based on the setup. I would have liked another position but considering this scene was set outside I can understand why there was only two.

Scene 5: Charlotte Cross and Damon Dice

Charlotte man’s up, if you will, and gets out of the car and grabs his gun and arrests Tommy and Carter. She checks the trunk and finds out that he is fine. Later on she finds out that she got the part and she excitedly goes off to tell Damon. While standing in the door way they start to kiss and then move to the bedroom where she pushes him onto the bed. A bit of a slow striptease follows before she starts to suck him off. Damon then turns things around and starts licking and fingering her hard. Missionary is then the first position up as Charlotte moans loudly. Next the roll into reverse cowgirl. More oral action from both Charlotte and Damon is next and is followed by doggie. The scene then wraps up with Damon dropping his load on her face. This scene definitely shows the potential that Charlotte has. It is more energetic than her first scene but it makes since because the scene should be more animalistic. I would also add that she ended up lucky because she got two scenes on a bed, a rarity in porn.


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Final Thoughts and Rating:

I don’t review a lot of Wicked movies that don’t feature one of their contract stars but this one caught my eye mostly because of Charlotte Cross. As I said in the review I think she has a chance of hitting it pretty big in the industry and I think this movie shows that potential. That being said this movie is a little uneven in parts, especially Damon being shot and knocked out and then perfectly fine. It was great seeing Katie again though and I hope to see her more in the future. I give Along For the Ride a 4.25 out of 5.