Last ChanceFrom Wicked Pictures and writer/director Stormy Daniels we meet down on her luck maid Jamie (Rachel Starr). Things are looking bad until she meets a mysterious stranger (Michael Vegas). What she doesn’t know is that this stranger is keeping a deadly secret and when she gets pulled into his mess, all she can hope for is one Last Chance.

Scene 1: Asa Akira and Luna Star

After a quick conversation with her roommate (Juliette March) we follow Rachel to work at the motel where she is a maid. We don’t see her work at all though because we go right to Asa and Luna making out in their room. The two continue to kiss while undressing and this leads to Asa going down on Luna. From there they do some tribbing with Asa on top. Asa gets her chance to get eaten out next as Luna does some from behind. Luna rolls her over a bit and goes to town some more while Asa spreads herself wide. Asa goes back to working on Luna to finish the scene, first in missionary and then from behind. First off I love that they didn’t use toys in this scene. Not that I am against toys in scenes, it’s just something that is overused. As far as the action goes I’m sure you can figure out that it is pretty energetic and a bit nasty at the same time. Overall a hot opening scene and one of the hotter girl/girl scenes I’ve seen this year from a non-exclusive girl/girl company.

Scene 2: Rachel Starr and Marcus London

After they finish Rachel walks in on them and leaves quickly as she meets up with a fellow maid (Lyra Louvei).They have a quick chat and Rachel gets back to work and starts to clean a totally trashed room. She leaves to take a phone call from a debt collector and then we see a new guest (Michael Vegas) sneak into one of the rooms. Rachel is then picked up from work by her boyfriend (Marcus London). She complains about her job for a bit and this leads to them getting on the hood of the car as they start to kiss. From there they engage in some foreplay but it doesn’t take long for Marcus to start fingering and licking her pussy. She returns the favor with a nice BJ while he fingers her more. Rachel then goes back to laying on the hood as Marcus enters her in missionary. From there she turns around for standing doggie. The scene finishes with Marcus cumming on her ass. I’ll admit that I’m a Rachel Starr fan and it’s scenes like this that are the reason. She just has a special energy when it comes to her scenes and she seems to get the best out of her partners as well.

Scene 3: Juliette March and Tommy Pistol

Unfortunately Rachel finds another girl’s panties in his car and she storms off. She walks into her place where she finds that Juliette ate her leftovers but she decides to just to leave after she hears her having sex with Tommy. We then see him going down on her while she smokes. Tommy fingers her hard as well before she starts sucking him off while continuing to smoke. Juliette hops on in cowgirl for the first position and this is followed by reverse cowgirl anal. They finish in doggie anal before Tommy pulls out and drops his load on Juliette’s ass. I have to say I was a bit put off on this scene. I’m not exactly sure why but it just didn’t seem to work for me.

Scene 4: Lyra Louvei and Derrick Pierce

Back to Rachel now as we see her in a diner where she ends up meeting Michael Vegas. They start to talk and we find out that Rachel is stressed in part because she is trying to pay for surgery for her mom. Michael explains that he is there because his brother is getting out of prison and what he did to get in there and that this other guy is going to be coming for him. I don’t want to give too much away here but he is confronted by the guy he talked about. After the encounter we get back to Rachel as Lyra asks her to cover for her. The reason is so she can have sex with her man (Derrick Pierce). They go to the laundry room and start to kiss as they start undressing. It doesn’t take long before she hops up on a dryer and gets eaten out by him. She then drops to the ground t give him a blowjob before he lays down and she mounts him in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. Lyra then gets back up for missionary and then back down to take his cumshot in her mouth. Before I watched this movie I was not familiar with Lyra but I think I will keep an eye out now. This scene is much more what I call a “romantic scene” when compared to the previous scenes but it is still high energy. Plus you can’t really go wrong when Derrick is your male talent

As I said earlier, I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t really talk about the rest of the movie but I will say the final scene is another energetic and hot scene and a definite not miss for Rachel Starr fans.


This was reviewed via a download from so I am not sure what extras there are on the disc.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I mentioned earlier that I am a Rachel Starr fan and because of that I was excited to see that this movie was coming out. Rachel doesn’t get a ton of opportunities to work on features so it is nice to see her get that chance. Hopefully she will get more chances in the future. With the exception of the scene three the movie works really well, which is to be expected with Stormy Daniels at the helm. I would definitely give Last Chance a chance and I give it a 4.25 out of 5.