Allie CoverAllie CoverAllie Haze, one of the porn world’s favorite performers, has decided, to the delight of many, to start doing anal and this is the movie that is breaking her in to the world of anal. This movie is four scenes in total, all featuring Allie, and directed by Mason for her Hard X label.

Scene 1: Allie Haze and James Deen

After an opening monologue explaining why she is doing her first anal movie now, we are treated to seeing Allie taking a ride through the city, which leads to her being on a rooftop and naked. This isn’t a tease by the way, just a pretty cool opening in my opinion. Next we see Allie walking around and talking about doing her first anal and showing off her butt plug. After a bit more of chatting between Allie and Mason we go right into the tease which has Allie laying out in a visor and bright colored bikini. The tease abruptly ends and next we see a now nude Allie and James making out on the couch. After some grinding and more kissing, James has her lie back on the couch and proceeds to eat her out and finger her ass, mostly fingering her ass. This then moves right into their first position which is spoons anal. Allie sucks him off clean before the go to missionary anal. From there the roll right up into a side straddle cowgirl, anal obviously. After some more oral from Allie they move into the quintessential anal position, doggie. Cowgirl is up next and after she cleans him off again he starts eating her ass out. This leads to another go around in doggie before he pulls out and she sucks him off some more to he pops in her mouth. I have to say that this was a pretty intense scene but that would be expected for a first anal. Allie and James certainly give it their all and it shows.

Scene 2: Allie Haze, Adriana Chechik and Manuel Ferrera

There is a short interview between the first two scenes where Allie lets you in a bit on her personality and Mason asks some cute and interesting questions. Once that is over though we move right into the next tease which has Allie getting all done up in a kind of BDSM sort of way, as she goes and gets Adriana. The two then proceed downstairs but stop part way down as Allie blindfolds Adriana and then Adriana starts fingering and eating out Allie. After Adriana makes her cum the two start kissing and rubbing on each other until they are joined by Manuel. Manuel quick takes the blindfold of Adriana as he takes Allie down the rest of the stairs. After some sensual kissing and teasing, Allie drops to her knees and starts to suck him off, as well as deepthroating him. Standing doggie is then the first position, which Allie responds to with a lot of energy, before turning to standing missionary. Adriana is then brought down to lick Allie some more while Allie uses both hands to stroke him off. Both ladies then share his cock for a little while, and their spit, before Allie and Manuel go back to standing doggie but this time it’s anal. Adriana gets another turn to suck him off while Allie fingers her at the same time and then all three of them move to a cushion at the bottom. After some more sharing with the girls, Allie gets on her side and lets Manuel in her in spoons anal while Adriana rims him. Adriana then gets a treat as she mounts Manuel in reverse cowgirl anal. Allie gets back on the pony next in cowgirl. After a little cooling down Manuel eats out Allie for a bit and then they go into spoons anal. Adriana then gets another go in cowgirl anal while Allie spanks her ass and then they both share Manuel again. The scene ends with Manuel squirting his load on Allie’s face and the girls sharing it. There actually was more to this scene than what I said there but I really just needed to move on. It was just that hot and I couldn’t really handle anymore. Seriously though, this is a really good scene and you can see why Mason has won so many awards over the years. I would have liked to have seen Adriana a bit more in the scene but it all worked out.

Scene 3: Allie Haze and Lexington Steele

We have a few more questions after the last scene again before we move onto this scene which opens with Allie nude and making out with Lexington. After a while, Allie pulls out his dick and starts to slowly work it in and out of her mouth which leads to Lexington taking his tongue to her pussy. Cowgirl is the first position up and then Allie turns herself around for reverse cowgirl. Allie then gets bent over on the couch and they go at it in doggie anal. Next thing up more cowgirl except anal this time. Allie then rolls onto her back for missionary, first vaginal then anal. They switch between cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggie until he pulls out and pops on her face before going a little longer in missionary. This scene is pretty much the polar opposite of the second scene. Not to say it is any less intense, I would just say that it was more sensual and erotic.

Scene 4: Allie Haze, Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar

We have a few more questions and answers before the final scene. As this precedes we see Allie getting ready and heading outside with a guitar case. This leads to Allie making out with both guys. She starts off by sucking off Mick while Ramon eats her out. After a little while this changes as Mick starts to have sex with her in standing doggie while she sucks on Ramon. The two guys then change back before she sucks them off as the same time. Mick then gets the first go in anal, spoons, while Ramon works her mouth some more. The guys then switch things around again as Ramon starts in on missionary anal. Allie mounts Mick in cowgirl anal on the counter and then Ramon gets his turn on a chair. She gets handed off to Mick next for some doggie anal and then Ramon for standing cowgirl and missionary anal. Ramon gets to continue his fun in doggie and cowgirl anal. Mick then gets some more time in reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggie anal. Ramon gets the last go in doggie anal before both guys drop their loads on her face and then Ramon rams her a bit more afterward. Well, I don’t think they could have picked a better scene to finish this movie. I liked that there was a little story to go along with it and Allie does a great job handling both Roman and Mick.

The movie finishes with a few more words from Allie.


This is the first movie I have reviewed from this studio so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the extras. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed because all you have is a slideshow and cumshot reel. I would have loved to see a BTS but I think we kind of got that in the movie already but I think I still would have liked something to that effect.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

When it comes to porn, I am not someone who seeks out anal movies. I don’t have a problem with anal by any means, it’s just not something I seek out. That being said, I think everyone involved did a great job here. One thing I have always admired about Mason as a director is that she just lets her performers do their thing. I do think that can be a detriment sometimes though because I think the second scene may have gone a little too long. It is still an incredibly hot scene but by the time it was finished I was past the point of wanting to move on to the next scene. At the end of the day though this is a really good title and I expect it to get nominated for some awards this fall/winter. I give Allie a 4.75 out 5.