Wicked Fuck Doll coverWicked Pictures and director Jonathan Morgan present another showcase film featuring Wicked contract girl Asa Akira. This movie covers all the bases, from solo masturbation to girl/girl to DP and points in between and beyond. So lets find out why she is Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll

Scene 1: Asa Akira

As is typical for showcase movies, each scene starts with a conversation with the star of the movie. Before the opening credits starts Asa is talking about how she wanted to make this showcase for the fans. After the opening Asa talks about how she was surprised that a lot of people wanted to see her do certain things such as a solo masturbation scene and wearing a J-pop costume in it. We then switch to Asa, in her J-pop costime, a rainbow bikini with rainbow tutu and knee high socks, and doing a tease. Once the tease is done Asa is seen seated on a chair and after a bit more teasing she starts masturbate. She starts off using her fingers and after she takes off her bottoms she pulls out a glass dildo. Next she bends over and pull out a long anal toy to use. This leads to her sitting back down and while she continues to use the anal toy she sticks a glass ball toy into her pussy. She eventually pushes it out and slides another one in her ass as she grabs a metallic dildo for her pussy which she uses while seated and bent over. First off I loved the outfit that Asa is wearing here. It’s so bright and fun and I was pleased that she kept most of it on in some form throughout the scene. I will add that I’m not usually a big fan of solo scenes because they tend to be tedious in my eyes by Asa changes things up enough that it kept my interest throughout.

Scene 2: Asa Akira, Moe the Monster, Jon Jon, Rob Tyler, and Tyler Knight

This next scene is a combination of three requests from the fans; interracial, group sex and blowjob. In this case it is an interracial blowbang. As I have stated in the past I don’t really like breaking down group scenes like this because the action is changing all the time and it is just hard to keep track of while reviewing. I will say that Asa dress she starts out with is really cute and all the guys look great in their suits before everyone strips down and Asa gets busy sucking them all off. The scene does finish with all the guys popping in her mouth and then she treats the fans to a manual orgasm of her own after rubbing some of their cum on her pussy.

Scene 3: Asa Akira and Kendra Lust

Next up is Kendra Lust who Asa says was the number one requested woman for her to be in a scene with. The two of them then do a tease in their bikinis, poolside, before heading over to some couches. Asa takes charge right away as she pushes Kendra onto one of the couches and starts to lick and suck on her nipples. She works her way to Kendra’s pussy as they continue to play with other. Kendra pulls out a toy next, which Asa uses on her pussy while she licks her clit. The ladies switch places as Kendra starts licking and fingering Asa. First in missionary and then in doggie for a bit. This leads to Asa grinding on her face for a bit before she goes back to fingering Kendra while she lays back on the couch. Now it’s time for some toy action as Asa uses a glass toy on Kendra while Kendra holds a vibe to her clit. Asa then starts using a glass toy on herself while Kendra eats her out. Asa and Kendra then engage in some tribbing, broken up in the middle and end with some more clit licking from Kendra, to finish the scene. I have to be honest here and say that this scene wasn’t really working for me until the last five minutes or so. I’m not sure what it was but something just felt off throughout.

Scene 4: Asa Akira and Toni Ribas

For her next request Asa chose a hardcore anal scene. She says that she has done many anal scenes over the years, which is true, but because Wicked isn’t really known for “hardcore” scenes, she hasn’t really had a chance to do anything like that in a couple years. For the tease Asa in this pink getup with a bow on the front as if it is gift wrapped. She heads over to meet Toni as they start making out before she starts sucking him off while he spanks her with his tie. For their first position Asa climbs on top of Toni in cowgirl. Toni gets a chance to eat Asa out next before they try their next position, spoons. Spoons is first done vaginally and then anally. Next up is reverse cowgirl anal and then doggie. Asa goes back to licking his pole for a bit before they go back to missionary, vaginal this time. Toni pulls out here and paints Asa’s face with his cum and then fingers her hard to finish the scene. For those that were fans of Asa’s work before she signed as a Wicked Girl will recognize the intensity in this scene. She didn’t go as far as I have seen her go in the past but it is certainly “hardcore” by Wicked standards.

Scene 5: Asa Akira, Mick Blue and Karlo Karrera

The final scene is another combination of fan request, in this case DP and submission. The tease has Asa in the shower and giggling a bit as she prepares for what is to come. She gets out and gets dressed up in a robe, lingerie and mask before joining the guys who are also in masks. The guys start kissing and fondling her. Mick then gets things start by sticking his cock in her mouth while Karlo starts eating her out. The guys then work her pussy and ass together for a bit before Karlo gets his pole worked on while Mick eats her out. This doesn’t last too long though as Mick enters her from behind for doggie. This turns into missionary for a little while as her mask comes off. Karlo then gets his first positions, doggie and missionary, as Asa works on Mick some more. While doing this Karlo gets the first anal insertion in missionary. Karlo also does some doggie anal as well before she climbs up to straddle Mick in cowgirl while Karlo stays in her ass for the DP. After she sucks them off for a little bit she climbs on Karlo for reverse cowgirl anal and they are soon met by Mick who enters her pussy. Asa flips over with the guys in the same position so that Mick gets some anal action as well. Karlo and Mick get even more solo anal in doggie before dropping their loads on her face. I would actually say this is the most intense scene in the movie. I’d have to watch it again but I do think Karlo ended up being with Asa a bit more but I could be wrong there. Overall this was great finish for this showcase.


This was a download off of Wicked.com so I didn’t view any extras for this review. I will let you all know what they are when I get a copy but I would assume a couple bonus sex scenes and possibly a BTS as well as the customary pictures and trailers.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The showcase has been around for a quite a few years now and I think it’s a great addition to the porn world. A lot of people have a favorite performer and the idea of showcasing that perform in their own movie, and more importantly with scenes they want to do, just gives you more bang for your buck. I would love to see Wicked try other showcase movies, though I am not sure if they would be interested in doing any that don’t involve one of their contract stars. This is a solid title that builds and builds throughout the whole movie and I give it a 4.25 out of 5.