Asa Goes to HellAsa Akira is back with another showcase from Wicked Pictures and Axel Braun. For this go around we follow Asa as she goes through a set of doors leading to sexual adventures beyond compare. So lets follow along as Asa Goes to Hell

Scene1: Asa Akira

The movie starts with Asa walking naked down an alleyway. She eventually spots a couple who is making out. She leans against the wall and starts rubbing herself as she watches. She sits down on the ground and continues to masturbate and even takes one of her black heels off and uses it on herself. After she’s done she crawls over to the couple and licks and plays with the girl a bit as she continues to finger herself. Asa then moves to a couple other spots as she watches and rubs herself more before getting up and walking away. Solo scenes can be hit or miss depending on a lot of factors/ What I really liked about this one was the location and the fact that there was a couple, who I wish I could identify (assuming they are performers). What I am getting at is that I found the setup and execution inventive but simple.

Scene 2: Asa Akira and Aiden Ashley

Next Asa is seen walking through a green door. Inside is Aiden, with purple car ears, and a masked man as the picture gets a bot hazy. Asa walks over to them and she and Aiden start to make out. Asa gets on knees next as she start rubbing Aiden’s pussy through her panties and eventually starts to eat her out as she leans against the masked man. Aiden then joins Asa on the ground as she proceeds to lick and nibble at her before she starts licking her. After a little more kissing, Aiden climbs up onto the chair as Asa fingers her more, even stuffing her panties inside her. They switch spots next as Asa gets her pussy and ass licked by Aiden. They switch one last time as Aiden leans back while Asa fingers her hard and fast, adding some spit to boot. The scene finishes with them scissoring and then kissing some more. Here is something really refreshing for a girl/girl; no toys. I find girl/girl scenes that don’t use toys to be a step above simply because it is more realistic that way. This scene is pretty hot to boot.

Scene 3: Asa Akira and three masked men

Inside this door Asa finds three masked men all in black. Their identities stay hidden throughout so there is really no way to identify them. It’s not really a big deal though because this is a blow bang. Asa does a good job of giving each cock equal time and she seems to get more and more into it as the scene goes on. The guys all cum in her mouth/on her face to finish the scene I’m not really into blowjob only scenes and this one is no exception. I will say that Asa’s energy did keep me interested throughout though.

Scene 4: Asa Akira and Eric John

Through the next door we find what I can only assume is the devil and his lair. After Asa walks in, Eric sits down and she immediately walks up and starts to suck him off. After she is done, Eric returns the favor by eating her out in a few different ways before they go into missionary. Asa then leans over the chair for some intense doggie. Reverse cowgirl and then missionary anal to finish the scene before Asa uses her feet to jerk him off on her toes, which she then licks clean. I realized while watching this scene that this is the first scene with any boy/girl sex, other than oral. That is pretty unusual for a showcase film but considering that each scene is building off the last it makes sense.

Scene 5: Asa Akira, Moe the Monster and Rod Piper

For the final door Asa finds Moe and Rod in tuxes. She soon realizes that she is now in a wedding dress and joins the guys as they start to make out, first with Moe and then Rod. Moe then starts things off by luck and sucking on her clit while she starts licking Rod. Rod then gets the first position as she slides into her in doggie while she sucks off Moe. Moe then goes away again as Rod goes at it with her in missionary. Moe gets his turn next as they go at it in cowgirl. He disappears again as Rod takes over with some more oral work from Asa and then a little missionary, including some hanging gardens, before Moe comes back and slides into her mouth. The guts then keep switching between getting oral and having sex with Asa in missionary or doggie. Some wedding cake even makes an appearance as Asa takes it all over her face. Moe and Rod wrap it up after a while by dropping their loads on her face. I have to say that I was a tad disappointed here. This scene felt a little disjointed because one the guys was missing for a lot of the scene. I would have liked to have seen some more positions as well considering how many times Asa changed partners.

Special Features:

This review was done via a download from so I can’t say what the special features there are. If I get a physical copy I will update this review.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Asa has done quite a few showcases over the years, more than most other performers for sure/ What I really like about this one is that every scene is different, which is what a showcase should be in my opinion. The fact that each scene grew on the previous scene helps this movie out a lot and all the scenes were done really well, with the exception of the last one which I felt was a bit off. Anyone who is a fan of Asa is already going to pick this up but I will warn Wicked Pictures fans that the scenes are a bit more hardcore than what is typically seen in their movies. Overall this is a good showcase of Asa’s talents and I give it a 4.5 our of 5.