Laura (Kaylani Lei) is a down-to-earth and charismatic young woman who works for a catering company. Looking forward to a girls’ night out with her friends at a hot nightclub, she is ditched at the last moment by her friend (Presley Hart) who decides to spend the evening making up with her ex-boyfriend, Rob (Xander Corvus). Having secured a reservation and bottle service on her credit card, she is forced to go alone to the club where she meets a tall, dark and handsome actor named Josh (Ryan Driller). Josh ditches his agent Paul (Steven St. Croix) to meet Laura. There is an instant attraction and Laura and Josh spend the entire night talking. A challenging long-distance relationship begins and Ryan is forced to make a difficult decision that compromises his integrity and involves actress, Celeste (Allison Moore). Can Laura and Josh overcome the consequences of his decision, or is their relationship doomed to fail?

Scene 1: Presley Hart and Xander Corvus

Laura’s friend (Presley Hart) is supposed to go to the nightclub with her for a girls’ night out, but cancels on Laura at the last moment when boyfriend, Rob (Xander Corvus) comes over to the house to apologize for forgetting their anniversary. He brings roses, compliments her, and apologizes by proclaiming that he didn’t know which calendar date was their official anniversary. They express a mutual love for each other and reconnect with make-up sex.

The sex begins with kissing and touching. Presley removes her dress and Xander kisses her breasts and stomach before performing oral. A blowjob is shown next, followed by cowgirl. A spooning position follows and the scene concludes in missionary as Xander ejaculates on Presley’s stomach.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with this scene, as it lacks foreplay and romance, which is disappointing. Xander is a solid actor and portrays his roles with charm and charisma. However, in this scene, his acting seems distracted at times. By portraying a boyfriend who seeks forgiveness from his girlfriend, Xander has an ideal opportunity to utilize his natural charm to its’ full potential, but unfortunately, his acting feels a bit off in this movie.

Sexually, both Presley and Xander give good performances. Presley’s enthusiasm shines through during the scene and she communicates her feelings to Xander. Their eye contact is good and I like how Xander smiles at Presley before kissing her during the spooning position, which is something that I always appreciate seeing in adult entertainment.

Ultimately, this scene lacks the tender lovemaking qualities that viewers look forward to seeing when they watch a movie that is designed for women and couples. Had there been more emphasis on slower more prolonged foreplay, the scene would have been more enjoyable.

Scene 2: Sarah Shevon and Steven St. Croix

After having a stressful conversation with Josh, entertainment agent, Paul (Steven St. Croix) becomes tense and looks to his wife, Beth (Sarah Shevon) for a quick sexual release before they head to the airport.

The sex begins with Sarah and Steven kissing in a chair. Steven removes her towel and plays with her breasts by sucking on them intensely while making consistent eye contact with her. They move to the bed where Steven performs oral sex. The spooning position is shown next, followed by missionary. The scene concludes in doggy-style where Steven ejaculates on her bum, gives her a kiss, and leaves the room to take a shower before their flight.

While this scene is short in length, it is intense. As the sex begins, Steven intensely sucks on Sarah’s breast while making consistent eye contact with her, which is very hot foreplay that viewers will appreciate. The foreplay continues to intensify as Steven rubs Sarah through her panties, and fingers her while kissing her before performing oral sex. What makes this part of the scene enjoyable to watch is Steven’s consistent eye contact, which is an important part of having a satisfying sexual experience. Sarah’s eye contact is consistent as well, and her playful smile enhances her performance.

I liked this scene, but I have two slight criticisms. First, the thrusting during the missionary position is a bit too intense at times to be shown in a Passions’ movie. Second, there is a moment during the doggy-style position where Steven pulls Sarah’s hair, which I think is an aggressive technique that is better suited for hardcore adult entertainment.

Ultimately, this is a good scene that viewers will enjoy for its’ quick, yet steamy foreplay.

Scene 3: Allison Moore and Ryan Driller

Actress Celeste (Allison Moore) and Josh (Ryan Driller) talk about the industry party that they just attended over drinks on the couch. They both gripe about the pressures of impressing and pleasing people within the superficial confines of the entertainment world. Celeste makes her move and tells Josh that he is “fine just the way he is” as she leans in to kiss him.

The sex begins with deep kissing, as Ryan kisses Allison’s neck, back and shoulders. He unzips her dress and massages her breasts while kissing her. She steps out of the dress and he kisses her breasts while massaging her bum. Ryan continues to kiss and lick her breasts, stomach and legs before performing oral sex. Ryan receives a blowjob and then cowgirl is shown next, followed by a spooning position. The sex concludes in missionary with Ryan ejaculating on Allison’s stomach.

This is a great scene that viewers will definitely enjoy. Stormy does a wonderful job capturing the chemistry between Allison and Ryan, and I enjoyed their tender and sensual foreplay at the beginning of the scene. Ryan is attentive to Allison and kisses her body often throughout the various sexual positions.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, I have a couple of criticisms. First, the spitting and popping noises during the blowjob are a turn-off, and I think they are techniques that are better suited for hardcore adult entertainment. Second, the eye contact between Ryan and Allison during the oral sex scene and the blowjob could have been stronger, in order to create a more emotionally intimate connection between the actors.

Ultimately, this scene embodies the soft and tender foreplay that Passions’ movies embody and viewers will appreciate the lovemaking.

Scene 4: Kaylani Lei and Ryan Driller

Laura (Kaylani Lei) and Josh (Ryan Driller) are reunited after being away from each other for a long time. A misunderstanding is explained and forgiven, and they begin to make up for lost time.

The scene begins with passionate kissing. Ryan picks up Kaylani and they kiss on the bed. They exchange mutual smiles as they begin to undress each another. Oral sex is performed on Kaylani and then Ryan receives a blowjob. The cowgirl position is shown next, followed by a spooning position, and the sex concludes in missionary where Ryan ejaculates on her stomach.

This is an enjoyable scene that will please viewers, as Kaylani and Ryan have a great sexual chemistry. Their foreplay is playful as they smile at each other regularly, and Ryan makes consistent eye contact. Kaylani has an intense orgasm during oral sex and communicates to Ryan that he’s pleasing her, which emphasizes to viewers the importance of communication during sex. My favourite part of the scene is at the very end when Ryan leans down and kisses Kaylani softly on her neck. Stormy captures this tender moment beautifully.

My only criticism of this scene is that there is a bit too much saliva shown during the blowjob. Aside from that, this is a solid scene that embodies playful foreplay, and viewers will enjoy watching Kaylani and Ryan’s physical chemistry.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed At First Sight on Wicked’s awesome website:

Final Thoughts

At First Sight is a solid movie that shines light on the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship, especially when one partner works in the entertainment industry. Stormy does a wonderful job as writer and director. Her concepts for her movies are modern and engaging. I especially liked the opening scene where Kaylani is trying on dresses, as it’s beautifully shot and creates an intimate moment for viewers. What I enjoy and appreciate most about Stormy’s movies is that her scripts are always well-written.

Kaylani Lei and Steven St. Croix are absolutely superb in their roles. Kaylani is an incredible actress who plays every part that she is cast in with confidence and charm. She is wonderful in every aspect of this movie and is truly a pleasure to watch. Steven St. Croix is perfectly cast as an agent and plays the role of Paul with a succinct realism. Kaylani and Steven are perfectly cast and are absolute perfection!

This is the first time that I’ve seen Ryan Driller act and I was looking forward to the experience. When I read the synopsis for this movie and saw the box cover, I had a different actor in mind to play the male lead whom I felt would be better suited for the role of Josh. I thought Ryan’s acting might change my mind, however, I was disappointed. While Ryan fits the physical description of the stereotypical Hollywood hunk perfectly because he is a well-dressed, tall, dark and handsome guy with a husky voice, his acting felt unnatural and detached at times. There was a lack of warmth, charisma and personality that just didn’t come through for me, which I think would have made the character of Josh more relatable and engaging to viewers. While Ryan’s acting in this particular role missed the mark for me, there is no doubt that he is a strong and confident sexual performer who brings out wonderful performances in his on-screen partners Allison Moore and Kaylani Lei.

I enjoyed the music in this movie, especially the opening song. It’s always nice to hear original music with lyrics instead of instrumental songs that are sometimes recycled in adult entertainment. The music suits the movie in every scene, and I appreciate how the movies that Stormy writes and directs for the Passions’ line usually have a good soundtrack that is refreshing and enjoyable to hear.

Ultimately, At First Sight is a decent choice for women and couples who enjoy a modern and well-written story.

Rating: 4 out of 5