Movie Description: Wicked Passions (a line of movies intended for couples and people who enjoy softer, sensual sex) presents BFF’s, a light-hearted romantic comedy about two people who find each other after experiencing bad break-ups with cold, commitment-phobic partners. Julia (Kaylani Lei) feels jaded after her break-up with married and emotionally unavailable Simon (Rocco Reed), and goes to the bar with a friend to forget about him. While enjoying drinks at the bar, Julia meets John (Xander Corvus), who is also feeling down about his break-up with cold-hearted Samantha (Nicole Aniston). At the advice of friends Raul (Jameson Williams III), and Josh (Barrett Blade), John pretends to be gay, believing that women will find him more attractive. After introducing himself to Julia, they become inseparable, and John realizes that he really cares about her. Unable to continue his gay persona, John tells Julia that he’s straight, and she’s devastated by the shocking news. Is Julia able to recognize her feelings for John and forgive him, or is this a tale of two hearts that will remain jaded, untrusting, and ultimately, broken?

Scene 1: Kaylani Lei and Rocco Reed

The movie begins with a steamy and passionate rendezvous between Julia (Kaylani Lei) and Simon (Rocco Reed). The scene begins with Rocco kissing Kaylani with slow, deep, lingering kisses, as he continues to kiss her neck, breasts and stomach before performing oral sex. Next, Kaylani gives Rocco a blowjob, and then she rides him in a cowgirl position. Rocco and Kaylani’s scene finishes with two sex acts. First, Rocco spoons Kaylani from behind, which I think is a great position to show in a movie that is designed for couples because it’s intimate. The scene ends with Rocco and Kaylani in missionary, and my favourite part is when Rocco leans down and gives her a couple of deep, sensual kisses while he’s inside her. I found this to be a very sweet gesture.

This is definitely my favourite sex scene in the movie, because it demonstrates key aspects of a Wicked Passions movie: foreplay and sensuality, which are enhanced by Rocco Reed’s amazing performance. Rocco is my favourite male performer. He’s a very talented actor, and an incredible performer, who understands the importance of foreplay (particularly in a Wicked Passions movie), more than any male performer I’ve encountered. My favourite sex act in the movie is when Rocco performs oral sex on Kaylani. What makes this act so incredibly hot is not only Rocco’s insanely skilled tongue, but his constant eye contact with Kaylani, as he keenly observes her reactions, in order to increase her pleasure. I also think it’s really hot when Kaylani sucks on Rocco’s finger while they’re making out, and I enjoyed Rocco’s facial expression when he receives oral sex, as his moaning and breathing are a major turn-on. I also like when Kaylani rides Rocco because you can watch his facial expressions, and notice his unwavering eye contact with Kaylani, which is evidence of how truly emotionally present he is as an actor. For me, it’s very arousing to see a male performer like Rocco, who understands the importance of foreplay, and how an attentive and passionate yet gentle touch, is key to a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, a couple of things bothered me. First, I’m not a big fan of watching blowjobs, and they bother me in this movie for two reasons. First, Kaylani spits on Rocco’s penis, which I know is fairly common in a lot of hardcore porn. However, this is a Wicked Passions movie, which caters to couples and people who enjoy softer, sensual sex. I don’t feel that spitting is appropriate to show in a Passions movie, as I think most women (particularly those who are watching porn for the first time, either by themselves, or with their partners) will be turned off by it. The second aspect that bothers me is the slurping noises that are made during the act. Not only did I find the noise distracting, but I don’t think many women will be turned on by it. The last aspect that bothers me a little bit is the constant swearing. While I think it’s hot to hear occasional swear words during sex, they lose their erotic power when they’re uttered too much, and almost sound forced.

Scene 2: Nicole Aniston and Xander Corvus

In this scene, John (Xander Corvus) and Samantha (Nicole Aniston) are on the brink of breaking up. Samantha has accepted a new job as a morning TV host for a news channel in Australia. She feels misunderstood by John and hesitates for a moment, but they ultimately have break-up sex.

The scene begins with Xander giving Nicole oral sex, which includes some fingering, and then moves on to Nicole giving Xander a blowjob. Afterwards, the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are shown, and the scene finishes with Xander releasing an impressive cum shot in the standing missionary position.

While the scene is couples-friendly, it lacks foreplay (kissing and touching) and passion, which are two essential parts of a Wicked Passions movie. For two people who are breaking up, I thought the sex would be more intense, as if both partners are trying to relish every single moment they have with each other before distance forces them apart. However, the sex is more subdued, and at times, the sexual positions seem mechanical and awkward. Xander and Nicole are two attractive performers, so I was surprised to see that their chemistry didn’t produce the passion that I was anticipating. On the other hand, I like the song “How Could You Lie to Me” that plays during this scene, which doesn’t seem appropriate at the beginning. Without giving too much of the story away, the song becomes ironic and hints that their relationship is doomed to fail.

Scene 3: April O’Neil and Barrett Blade

In this scene, Josh (Barrett Blade) meets a receptionist (April O’Neil) at a spa where Julia and John are going to have a couple’s massage and waxing (I won’t give away the details, but it’s absolutely hilarious). The scene begins with April giving Barrett a blowjob, and continues with rough doggy-style, and finishes forcefully in missionary.

This scene is very difficult to watch because it’s quite rough at times. Clothes are removed hastily, spanking occurs, and the chosen sexual positions are very male-dominated, focusing primarily on the male’s pleasure. This scene is not couples-friendly, as there is a severe lack of foreplay and sensuality, and it doesn’t show the sensual, passionate love-making that Wicked Passions movies embody. Barrett simply bangs April, and the constant close-up shots remind me more of hardcore gonzo scenes than sensual erotica. While Barrett is definitely a confident sexual performer, this sex scene is too aggressive for a Passions movie, and is more appropriate in a hardcore film. I think that viewers who enjoy softer sex will find this scene unappealing, and I feel it would have been more appropriate to show Kaylani and Xander getting a couple’s massage. This would have created a more intimate, enjoyable, and arousing viewing experience for fans, as it would build their anticipation towards Kaylani and Xander’s final scene.

Scene 4: Randi Wright and Barrett Blade

In this scene, Josh (Barrett Blade) goes to the bar to drown his sorrows in alcohol. The bartender (Randi Wright) gets him to open up about why he’s single, and then seduces him in a very cute outfit. Randi begins the scene by giving Barrett a blowjob, and then she receives oral. Next, Randi leans against a chair while receiving doggy, and the scene finishes in missionary position with Barrett’s cum shot on her breasts.

I don’t feel that this scene is appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie because it’s far too aggressive to be couples-friendly. There is spitting and spanking, and both oral sex acts are unappealing. At first, I was pleased to see that Randi received oral sex, because it’s a position that prioritizes female pleasure, but Barrett’s oral techniques and his fingering, massaging and smacking of her clit are very rough. The close-up shots, especially during the doggy-style position are a turn-off. This scene lacks intimacy because there is no kissing in between positions, and there is a lack of gentle, tender foreplay that Wicked Passions movies embody. Ultimately, this scene is better suited for viewers who enjoy hardcore sex.

Scene 5: Kaylani Lei and Xander Corvus

In this scene, Julia (Kaylani Lei) and Josh (Xander Corvus) have forgiven each other for making mistakes in their relationship, and solidify their union with sex. The scene begins with Kaylani receiving oral stimulation with licking and fingering. Kaylani then gives Xander a blowjob, followed by the reverse cowgirl, doggy-style, spooning, and missionary positions. This is a good scene that I think viewers will enjoy, as there are a variety of sexual positions. What I like most about this scene is the playfulness between Kaylani and Xander when he is taking off her clothes. They make eye contact with each other and smile, as Xander kisses her through the fabric, which I think is fun and flirty foreplay that is totally appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed “BFFs” on Wicked’s awesome website:

Final Thoughts and Rating

BFF’s is a light-hearted comedy that I think viewers will enjoy. I really appreciate a thoughtful and well-written script, and writer Devan Cypher does a wonderful job capturing the nuances of the complications that arise in relationships.

Cypher also does a great job creating the characters. Kaylani and Xander are fine choices to act opposite each other in the lead roles, as they have great on-screen chemistry (which is also evident in Countdown). Xander is a talented actor and played the role of a gay man very well. There’s a part in the movie when he’s primping his hair in the mirror at work and then sashays confidently down the hallway. It’s really funny, but the most hilarious part is the waxing scene. Without giving anything away, it’s comedic gold, and Xander’s expression is priceless. Kaylani has a great range as an actress and portrays her character with confidence and charm.

The supporting characters are fantastic. Barrett is funny as John’s obnoxious sidekick, and plays the role of Josh perfectly, but for me, Jameson steals the show. He has the most hilarious lines in the movie, and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard watching porn. He deserves to be nominated for AVN’s “Best Non-Sex Performance.”

Aside from a well-written script and great casting, my only criticism about the script is that Barrett’s character was under-developed. There are two instances in the movie that indicate that Raul is going teach Josh to be gay in order to attract women, but the audience never sees Barrett play gay, which makes his sex scenes unnecessary because they lack context. They seem to fill time and don’t enhance the movie’s romantic appeal at all. Ultimately, Barrett’s scenes are inappropriate for a Passions movie, and are better suited for a hardcore film. I would recommend fast-forwarding through these two scenes, if you’re just beginning to watch porn, or if you’re turned off by aggressive sex.

Other positive points that I’d like to mention: The lighting is very effective and enhances the romance, especially in Kaylani and Rocco’s scene. The music complements the movie, as the songs are good choices, and they don’t distract viewers by being too loud or overpowering.

Ultimately, director Francois Clousot puts forth a good effort in his first movie for the Passions series. The movie is enjoyable to watch for the most part, but I feel improvement is needed in a couple of areas. First, some of the close-up camera angles are unappealing and didn’t create the emotional intimacy between characters that Passions movies embody. I feel that showing more close-ups of the performers’ faces (by using longer or wider shots) would create a more sensual and intimate feel for viewers. Because this is a Passions movie (which emphasizes softer sex), I also think it’s important to remind performers to save certain techniques (spitting, slurping, spanking, smacking and excessive swearing) for more hardcore movies, where viewers expect more aggressive sex.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5