Wicked Pictures, along with contract director Brad Armstrong and star jessica drake, wish to take you on a visual journey in their all sex epic Carnal. Travel across the globe and time as each scene takes on a different theme. Whether that is the Far East, Ancient Egypt or a Steampunk Fantasy, sit back and enjoy the visual wonder and Carnal delight. (Reviewer’s Note: The titles in quotes after the scene performers list are my creation based on what I felt the scene’s theme was. They are not official in any way)

Scene 1: jessica drake, Ryan Driller and Tommy Gunn “Ice Goddess”

jessica starts out with a tease as she is in this blue outfit complete with what I’d describe as wings though I can’t say for sure if that was the intent. Ryan and Tommy then arrive, also in blue, along with swords and shields/ The tease ends and we see the three of them in the middle of a shallow pool as they go into some sensual foreplay. Tommy gets the first bit of fun as he starts to eat out jessica while she leans against Ryan. Both of the guys get sucked and jerked next before jessica bends over in doggie with Tommy while continue to lick Ryan’s cock. Ryan and jessica slide into spoons next while she works on Tommy as well, all while moaning and cooing in enjoyment, From there jessica hops on top of Ryan for cowgirl for a short while before Tommy joins in for a DP from behind. They then all finish up with some pop shots in her mouth. Here we have a nice sensual scene to start things off. Given what is coming up it is a good idea to ease everyone in. On a side note I really liked the setting here and will assume that this was supposed to be a Nordic type setting.

Scene 2: Karma RX Lily Lane and Small Hands “Bad Boys Get Punished”

For this scene we have Karma and Lily dressed in tight and sexy cop outfits while Small is inside a cage in the middle of the room. They tease and punish him a bit through the cage before they both take a turn sucking him off, first Lily and then Amber. They let him out after this and he immediately starts licking Lily on a table while Karma watches. From there he starts in on missionary with Lily before Karma sucks him off some more. This then leads to Karma going into doggie while she eats out Lily. Karma continues to eat her out as she switches to missionary with Small but Lily is soon on the floor watching and joining in occasionally and then back to riding her face. Karma then preps Lily for anal with her tongue and a toy before Small comes in to use his dick while Lily takes care of Karma’s pussy. Small then pulls out and sprays his load on Lily’s ass and Karma’s mouth which she then licks up and shares with Lily. Obviously this is a 180 switch from last scene. Plenty of dirty talk throughout the scene and the ladies did a great job of being in complete control of the scene throughout.

Scene 3: jessica drake, Angel White, Mercedes Carrera, Brad Armstrong and Eric Masterson “Steam Punk Fantasy”

The camera switches in between all the participants as they show off their outfits, which are amazing, and props and also between full color and sepia tone. The scene then starts up as jessica and Brad are kissing off to the side as Eric and Mercedes start to make out as well. jessica and Brad then join Angela as they start playing with Eric and Mercedes watch. As you may or may not know I don’t typically break down group scenes like this because the action is too hectic to do so. Everyone does have time with each other in either b/g or b/g/g. There is even a time when they are all together as jessica gets DPd. Mercedes does some anal as well. The scene ends with jessica sharing both loads with Mercedes and Angela separately and then kissing them both. As you can imagine the camera and the performers are moving and swapping around a lot here so it can get a bit frustrating when you are into a pairing or group and things switch up but that is common in group scene. I really liked the setting though and everything just worked perfectly. Might have been cool to use the sepia filter throughout the scene too to stick with the theme here but you really want to see everything in full color as well.

Scene 4: Ember Snow. Kaylani Lei, Marica Hase. Nyomi Star and Tia Kai “Eastern Beauties”

For this scene the ladies are dressed in Asian inspired garb and wielding traditional Far East weapons, for the tease anyhow. Now I will admit that I am not completely familiar with all five of these women and considering they are all wearing similar costumes and makeup it makes for a confusing scene for me to know who is with who. So because I am having a hard time differentiating who is who other than Kaylani and Ember I will not attempt to break down the action here too much. Seeing as this is an all girl scene there is quite a bit of foreplay and pussy licking and amazingly the first use of toys, which include vibrators, a strapon, some of the weapons from earlier and dildos. The ladies also stay relatively close to each other throughout the scene so in many shots you can see everything going on. The ladies finish up all together and kissing and rubbing on each other. Overall this is a very hot scene, I just wish I was more familiar with everyone involved. Given that, like the previous scene, this was a group scene it would have been hard for me to break this down but the added unfamiliarity with the performers made that harder. I will say that the costuming is again excellent and everyone really brought their best to the scene,

Scene 5: jessica drake, Ana Foxx, Natassia Dream and Sean Michaels “Pharaoh’s Magic”

At the start of the tease we see Sean transform into Natassia and then Ana as well as all three of them standing side by side. In this Egyptian themed scene we start with jessica lounging as Sean approaches and they start kissing. He even eats her out a bit and transforms into Natassia for a bit as well before we switch back to Sean for a BJ. This is rather short lived however as they transition into spoons as jessica coos and moans throughout/ While in spoons the camera pans behind a camera as Ana is then brought in and using a strap on. We then switch back to Sean as they finish up in spoons and from there transitioning to doggie. From there they go to missionary with Sean starting and then back to Ana before finishing with Sean again as he pulls out and comes on her face. Based on the trailer I posted I expected more Natassia in the scene but I suspect that the DVD will have an extended version of this and perhaps another scene from this movie as well. That being said the execution of the idea here is really well done. The transitions from one performer to another is more or less seamless for the most part. It is jarring when it happens and it makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

High end visual spectacles are a rarity these days and you can understand why. As I stated in the review the costumes and sets are visually stunning and a joy to see in a world that unfortunately has to be more and more concerned with costs and their ability to recoup said costs and make a profit. It’s kind of funny that this movie comes out now because I have made statements on social media recently about the best way to combat the deluge of free porn out there is to try and make porn that is worth paying for and this movie certainly does that. On top of all of this there is literally something for everyone as every kind of mainstream scene/sex act is covered, except a gangbang, so if you can’t find something to enjoy here I don’t know what to tell you. Carnal truly is a rare visual masterpiece and I give it a 5 out of 5.