From the new all-girl studio, Filly Films, comes a show piece for girl only perfomer Celeste Star. In this movie, directed by Dana Vespoli, we follow Celeste around as she hunts for new young girls to “turn”. Each scene involves some kind of seduction, though some are easier than others, and some sizzling girl/girl action. So do you think you can handle Celeste Star’s The Girl Hunter.

Scene 1: Celeste Star and Marie McCray

For the first scene we have Celeste and a friend (director Dana Vespoli, who I will refer to as her friend), who is holding the camera, talking while Celeste is driving them to her boss’s place, to drop off some stuff. It turn out that her boss isn’t home but her daughter is so she just drops off the paperwork and then goes and make sure that it is ok to put it where she did. Marie is kind of being a little bitchy and after Celeste talks to her Celeste sneaks around to try and spy on her but she catches her. Marie tries to get her out of the house and Celeste starts to come on to her and this leads to Celeste taking control and kissing and rubbing against her. They work themselves over to a chair and Marie let’s her top down a bit to expose her breasts while Celeste rubs her pussy from outside her panties. Celeste then goes one step further and slides the paties to the side and starts sliding her tongue in and out of her snatch, The girls continue to undress some more as Celeste works her tongue in and out and that leads to Celeste sitting on the chair while she eats Marie while she is bent over the back. The action moves over to the couch as Celeste straddles Marie’s face for a little while before they engage in some 69 action. Now what would be a Celeste movie be without some hard tribbing and that is what we get next as she straddles Marie’s waist and goes at it hard. The scene ends with a delicate kiss and Celeste trying to get away after Marie wants to see her again. This is a pretty good scene to start off this DVD. I haven’t seen Marie in anything in a while and he and Celeste had some great chemistry.

Scene 2: Celeste Star and Brett Rossi

Here we have Celeste housesitting and waiting for her friend to show up. We then find out that Marie ended up getting Celeste fired from her last job. That’s a lesson for all you people that sleep around with the boss’s daughter, make ure you call her next time. Anyway, so she is showing her friend around the house and they go to check out the pool and they see a strange girl swimming in the pool. The strange girl is Brett and she is the neighbor girl. She is startled when she sees Celeste but things are cool and Celeste joins her in the pool. Things heat up though as Celeste goes in topless and soon after Celeste works her magic and they are soon both topless and kissing. They then hop out of the pool and end up kissing and grabbing each other all the way to the house. They don’t make it past the foyer though as Celeste gets Brett on the couch and starts rubbing and licking her. Just like the last scene, Celeste then get s on top of Brett and rides her face while she continues to rub Brett’s pussy. Celeste lays back on the couch too, allowing for a little bit more comfort before she gets Brett up, pushes her against the door and starts munching her box some more. After a little bit of mutual maturbation while against the door, the tables turn and Brett rubs and licks Celeste while she leans against the door. They then go back to the couch where Brett bends over on all fours so that Celeste can go to town some more. Brett is pretty new to the adult industry and other than a couple solo scenes I hadn’t seen much from her, as far as performance goes. She was pretty impressive here though and if I must say so, the part where they are against the door is one of the hotter girl/girl sequences I have seen in a while. Another plus for this scene is the sense of spontaneity. I really like seeing that because you get a sense of two people just having fun as compared to going into preset positions.

Scene 3: Celeste Star and Kodi Gamble

Celeste’s friend shows up so they can go running but what she doesn’t know is that Celeste really got her out there because she wants to pick up this cute girl she has seen running in the area. She spots the girl in question and starts running behind her and pretends to hurt herself so that she’ll come and help. So Kodi helps her up and they go to her friend’s place. Call it the Celeste Effect but it doesn’t take long for these two to start making out while on the bed. They continue to kiss and rub on each other as they strip down until Celeste has Kodi on her back and eating her out. Kodi gets her chance at Celeste soon after as she starts by rubbing her pussy and then licking it. A nice 69 is next as we get a nice view from both ends because of the mirror and the end of the bed. Kodi lies back on the bed some more as Celeste climps up and starts kissing and squeezing her breasts before going back down on her. The scene then finishes with Celeste on top of Kodi while they kiss softly. While still a good scene, this particular scene just didn’t seem to have the same energy as the last two. It felt more sensual, but still pretty hot.

Scene 4: Celeste Star and Krystal Banks

Celeste has yet another part time job, this time as a French tutor for a high school student. So they arrive at Krystal’s house and they start to work with her on her French. Celeste starts flirting right away. Stuff like smelling her and sitting close to her, things like that. So they then move over to a couch and soon after they start making out, something that you could tell Krystal wanted to do earlier. Krystal and Celeste both get somewhat undressed before Celeste starts licking Krystal’s pussy. As she continues to work her tongue, both ladies finish stripping off their clothes and after a little while more, Krystal gets on her knees while Celeste rubs her and herself. Celeste then slides herself on Krystal as she munches some more clam while Krystal rides her face. To finish off the scene’s actiong, Celeste sits behind Krystal and continues to rubs her pussy some more. I was really surprised by this scene and not necessarily in a good way. I don’t know why but other than a little bit at the beginning of the actual sex part of the scene, Krystal didn’t do anything other than let Celeste do what she wanted. At home I don’t have a problem with that but in a movie I like to see everyone get some direct pleasure.


For a pretty new studio, the extras are pretty decent. We get a cute BTS, trailers, an orgasm loop, pics and extra girl play, which is basically a short little make out session with all the pairs. A short note on the BTS, it only covers the scenes with Brett and Kodi. It’s kind of a shame too because I was hoping for an explanation on the Krystal Banks scene.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I have had the chance to watch a handful of movies from Filly Films and this was the first one I decided to review and I think I picked a pretty good one. As was mentioned in the main part of the review, Celeste is one of the premier talents in girl/girl movies and this movie shows off her talents in a good way. Other than the last scene, the girls Celeste was working with did a good job of giving back to Celeste what they got from her. Now I don’t norammly mention stuff like this but one of the issues I had with this movie, and all Filly Films that I have seen at this point, is chapter indexing. I don’t know who does it for them but some of the chapters are too short and other times they skip over stuff that they should probably be stopping at. Again, not a major thing, it’s just kind of a pet peeve of mine. Other than those issues though this is a solid DVD and with this being one of their newer releases it shows some great promise for this new studio. I give this DVD 4.25 out of 5.