Sweetheart Video and director Ricky Greenwood decide to dive into world of nuns and their hidden desires. The story revolves around Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely), a devout and happy nun, whose world is flipped upside down when a new girl, Lily (Lily Adams), shows up at the convent and awakens new feelings inside of her. As she tries to deal with these new feelings she finds out that the other sisters are keeping secrets of their own, especially Mother Superior (Nina Hartley). So lets find out what happens with the Confessions of a Sinful Nun.

Now before we get started I want to say I am not going to break down the plot too much because I don’t think I can really explain it all too well here. Plus it is quite interesting and I wouldn’t want to spoil it all.

Scene 1: Darcie Dolce and Penny Pax

Charlotte is sent out by one of the other nuns to bring back two others who missed communion. She leaves right away and finds them kissing each other by some rocks. She watches as they undress and engage in foreplay and more kissing. Once their robes are off they continue to kiss and rub on each other. Once they remove their panties the action heats up quickly as Penny starts licking up her back and and eventually down to he pussy. This leads to Penny laying on the ground while Darcie rides her face while fingering her at the same time. Darcie then gets her turn as Penny gets up on a rock so that she can finger and lick her clit. Penny then goes back to eating Darcie and really gets into it from the looks of it. They go back to some foreplay activities after this and that leads to Penny straddling Darcie’s face. Darcie then switches to a standing position as she leans against a rock and Penny continues to lick her. They finish up with some more kissing and rubbing before getting interrupted by an approaching nun who Charlotte intercepts so that they won’t be caught. This is a nice opening scene though I would think the sex here would have been a little more passionate because I assume the characters had been lovers for some time at this point. I will say the last portion where Darcie is on the rock reached that level though.

Scene 2: Lea Lexis and Riley Nixon

Shortly after the last scene we give a brief solo masturbation scene featuring Charlotte. It is only a few minutes so I wouldn’t really consider a full scene. Some time after this we see Charlotte and Riley chatting and Charlotte telling her about her desires and Riley comforts her and admits to knowing how she feels by describing what she is most likely feeling and admitting to a time when she succumbed to her desires. This leads to a flashback where we find Lea starting to seduce her and then kiss her. Soon after Lea is fingering Riley while speaking sweet nothings. From there they kiss and rub more eventually leading to Riley being completely undressed while Lea eats her out. After some more kissing, Lea finishes getting undressed a Riley fingers and then licks her. From there they Riley lies on her back while Lea straddles her face. The scene then finishes with some tribbing and kissing and mutual masturbation. I felt the passion and intensity was much higher here. I also loved the dirty talk from Lea as she urged the new initiate into the pleasures of the flesh,

Scene 3: Mona Wales and Nina Hartley

Mona was eavesdropping and barges in and takes Riley away to punish her for talking about sex. She is confronted by Nina about it and it’s revealed that they used to be involved with each other. They start to kiss after a short conversation and after Mona peels away her clothes Nina starts to eat her out while Mona stands. This leads to Nina getting undressed as well so that Mona can munch on her for a while. Things intensify as Nina goes back to fingering and licking Mona. Nina straddles Mona’s face next, while fingering her as well, and muffling her moans occasionally. Mona then goes back fingering Nina hard while Nina tries to silence her her moans before Mona rides her face to finish the scene. While I liked the action here I did find that they seemed to jump into quite quickly but it sort of made sense because the characters have a past.

Scene 4: Charlotte Stokely and Lily Adams

After the events of the last scene life at the convent changed quite a bit, most notably for Charlotte was that Lily left but she makes her way back and surprises Charlotte while she is hanging laundry. After a short conversation they start to make out. Lily starts to disrobe first as Charlotte licks and nibbles on her nipples and then starts undressing herself. After a bit more foreplay Lily lays back as Charlotte starts licking between her legs. The action gets pretty steamy here as Lily lets out sweet and sensual moans. Lily then gets to flip things as she starts to attack Charlotte’s pussy with her tongue. Not to be out done, Charlotte returns to pleasuring Lily, this time more aggressively. This then leads to Charlotte rubbing Lily while seated behind her before they kiss and rub on each other some more. To finish things off Lily gets one more go at Charlotte’s box, first while she’s lying back and then again as Charlotte straddles her face. This is definitely the highlight of the movie, as it should be since Charlotte is the main character. The action here is sweet, sensual and intense all at the same time.


This review was made possible with an online link to the movie and the DVD has not been made available as of yet. When I get a physical copy I will review any extra features. I expect there will be a BTS featurette and some trailers at a minimum

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Mixing anything religious and porn is always a risky endeavor. Sometimes it is done well and sometimes it’s done terribly and I am happy to say that for this movie it was done really well. The story is pretty solid but a bit rushed at parts. While the sex scenes are done well and performed beautifully by the cast the action can be a bit repetitive, however I will give that a pass because of the setting, after all it doesn’t make sense to have nuns using toys or doing anything extreme. The religious story line is obviously going to turn some people off but for those that don’t care or for those that it’s a turn I would definitely say to give this a view, especially if you are a Charlotte Stokely fan. I give Confessions of a Sinful Nun a 4.25 out of 5.