CourtneyVivid has landed another high profile celebrity sex tape in the name of 20 year old Courtney Stodden. For those of you who are not familiar with her story, about 4 years ago she made headlines by marrying 50 year old actor Doug Hutchinson (known mostly for playing Percy in The Green Mile). Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal but she was 16 at the time and because of this she became famous or more accurately, infamous. Since then she has been working on a fairly regular bases in TV and music. But enough about that, lets hop right into the review of Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape.

Courtney starts off the video in a limo or town car on her way to the airport to catch a plane to Vegas. She is telling, who I assume is her husband, that she is making a “sexy documentation video” of her trip. I would also assume that she made this specifically for him and then they decided later to sell it for others enjoyment but that is just speculation on my part.

The camera then gets turned off and when it is turned back on we see her in her hotel room in a sexy red dress. We are then treated to her getting herself all made up. Doing her hair in her bra and panties. After she gets all made up she switches into a different set of bra and panties, red this time, as well as a robe in order to do a sexy striptease for the camera. She does a pretty decent job as some jazz is played in the background and the city’s skyline is shown in the background.

Her outfit changes again as we see her in some slinky lingerie, breasts exposed, as she starts to slowly masturbate. She talks to the camera as she rubs herself but doesn’t shed any of her clothing while doing it. In a way it is really just a step up from the striptease from earlier. I will say though that she does look good and her soft moans were nice to hear.

Next up is the scene you may have heard about. This is the scene with the ice cream cone, strawberry from the looks of it, and sprinkles. Courtney does a good job of playing it up for the camera by moaning and giggling and her fully nude body is a nice sight as well. Unfortunately for me, food play has never really been a turn on, not even the scene in 9 ½ Weeks.

Well, naturally, the proper next step after smearing ice cream and sprinkles all over you is to take a bath and that is just what Courtney does, though it isn’t right after because she is clean before she hops in. As you can probably imagine, when dealing with a bubble bath and a girl with big breasts there is going to be some fun with the bubbles. Courtney proceeds to bath and teasing the camera and covering herself with bubbles and soaping herself up.

Courtney then gets into the shower and this is the scene that most will want to see from this DVD, as well as the next scene. She spends a few minutes cleaning off the bubbles and teasing her breasts and nipples for the camera. The camera then gets set down as she sits in the shower and starts masturbating with a bullet attached to her finger. Unfortunately the view is obscured because the lens fogs up but not too much to obscure everything.

After the shower we see Courtney on her bed which is covered in rose petals. She has switched to a small glass dildo at this point though and after licking and rubbing it between her breasts she slides it inside herself. About halfway through she switches to a different glass toy as she lays back on the bed and masturbates some more in missionary and in cowgirl. For some good measure she even throws in some finger use as too before finishing up the movie by using her glass dildo with her ass toward the camera.


I reviewed this through a download from Vivid so I do not know what the special features are but if this is like previous sex tapes from Vivid I will assume a bonus sex scene or two and trailers from other celebrity sex tapes.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I am a big fan of celebrity sex tapes, especially ones that were made with the thought of selling it, like I think this one was. There is just something satisfying about watching a celebrity expose themselves in such a way. Of course there is the downside of realizing that some of them do it simply to get their name in the news. That being said I think Courtney did a pretty good job here. I was all ready to give this a low score as well leading up to the final two scenes which really saved the movie in my opinion. Being that this is a solo movie I will say this it isn’t for everyone because I’m sure many people thought when they heard about the sex tape that she was going to be with a guy. Overall I think this is a pretty decent entry in the celebrity sex tape library and will give it a 3.75 out of 5. It would be higher but the foggy lens in the second to last scene was disappointing.