Farrah 2 CoverFarrah Abraham, the infamous star of Teen Mom, is back and this time she is doing more anal and more. Farrah is also teamed up again with James Deen in this newest in Vivid’s Celeb line. On top of doing anal, Farrah will be having some fun while working a sex swing as well as showing off her skills on a stripper pole. So let’s cut to the chase and just get right into the review of Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.

Scene 1:

The movie starts off with Farrah dancing around a stripper pole. James soon joins her as he sits down and she proceeds to strip the rest of her clothes off. Once she is fully unclothes she straddles him and they make out for a little bit before she gets on the floor and starts to suck him off. After getting him all warmed up with her mouth, Farrah turns around and they slide into their first position, seated reverse cowgirl. After bouncing on his cock for a few minutes, Farrah then goes back to giving him a BJ. The scene then switches to a montage of Farrah dancing on the pole and her on a sex swing. I don’t think James climaxed during any of this but can’t say for sure.

Scene 2:

Once the montage is over we see Farrah grinding on top of James while he is seated on a chair. They kiss and make out a bit while their rhythm speeds up and slows down. The camera then switches to POV style as Farrah is on her knees on the chair as James enters in from behind. James proceeds to pump himself in and out of her and I give him credit for not completely focusing on his cock going in and out of her which is usually the case on POV. Farrah eventually cums from this and after a quick breather they switch to missionary while on the chair. Next they move to the sex swing. After a few minutes of Farrah playing around on the swing, James then joins her as they start in on some more fun. Farrah uses the swings features to allow herself to lean back or pull herself up and this leads to some nice looking shots of her while James does his thing. Farrah then turns herself around for standing doggie while still in the swing. While in doggie, the couple swings around so that they are facing the camera, giving the viewers a nice view of Farrah’s face. They then move back to POV as Farrah gets on the chair again in doggie. Then, after a short blowjob, James then cums on her from a bit of a distance but it still hits her.

Scene 3:

After another montage of Farrah on the pole, the action then switches to a bedroom. The action immediately goes to doggie anal. After a bit of this the screen goes to black and when it comes back up we see Farrah on her back and soon after James comes in and starts to eat her out. After she begs him to fuck her, he agrees and the next thing we see is them in spoons together. I’m assuming this is also in anal based on what Farrah is moaning while they go at it but again, I can’t confirm.


I was provided with a digital download for this review so I can’t say what the extras are. If this release is like previous releases in Vivid’s Celeb line though I think we can safely assume that there will be bonus trailers for other releases in this line and possibly a bonus scene from another vivid release.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Ok, before we go any further I just want to state that I don’t like Farrah Abraham. I just find her to be one of the worst people to come out of reality TV and that is saying a lot for me because I don’t like most people in reality TV. Whether or not I like her though is irrelevant as to how good the video is. Seeing as to how this video was shot, using a tripod or POV, everything looks pretty good. There are a few instances, especially in the first scene, where the action is obscured do to the camera placement but it is pretty minimal. I will also add that Farrah is very attractive physically so watching this video is made easier on that front and the fact that James is a good performer helps things along as well. With all that being said I will have to give this outing 4 out of 5.