girls night coverStormy Daniels, as writer, director and star presents her first all-girl movie since her Predator series. Girls’ Night is about Erica (Stormy Daniels). Erica is about to get married to Roxy (Alison Tyler). A wedding isn’t really a wedding without one last blowout with your friends before the big day and that is what this film is about. Along with her three friends Janice, Diana and Sarah (Allie Haze, Dana DeArmond and Lexi Belle), Stormy also has her best friend since childhood, Amy (Chanel Preston), coming in to share her special day and to help her have the best night possible.

Scene 1: Stormy Daniels and Alison Tyler

We start off with Stormy coming home and looking for her future wife Alison, who is soaking in the tub and listening to some tunes. She quickly gets undressed and makes her way into the bathroom to surprise her. She soon joins her in the tub as the two start to kiss. There is some foreplay before Alison gets on the edge of the tub so that Stormy can eat her out. After Stormy has had her fill, she straddles the side of the tub while Alison starts to eat her out from behind while also rubbing and fingering her. The two ladies then switch spots as Stormy goes back to licking Alison, this time from behind. There is also plenty of fingering and rubbing before more kissing and foreplay. This then leads to Stormy sitting on the tub like Alison did before as Alison licks and sucks on her pussy. This was a cute opening scene. I thought Stormy and Alison did a good job as a committed couple here, reminding me a lot of myself and my wife. One downside though was that the whole scene takes place in the bathtub. While it is hot in it’s own way, the bathtub limits the scene in a lot of ways,

Scene 2: Dana DeArmond and Sasha Heart

After their tryst in the bathroom, the two ladies discuss their upcoming marriage and their bachelorette parties. Later that same night we see Stormy picking up Chanel at the airport and then they go off and get ready and have dinner before the party. At the party Chanel meets all of her friends and they all have a night of drinking and dancing before going back Dana’s place. One side note is that Stormy warns Chanel that one of her friends, Janice (Allie Haze), would probably hit on her because she jokingly says she’s a predator. I just thought it was a good idea to make Allie that character because most people wouldn’t expect her to be like that.

Back at the house the ladies start to reminisce about their first times with a girl. First up is Dana and her story about how she met her girlfriend Heather (Sasha Heart). Sasha was Dana’s yoga instructor. The flashback starts with them alone in the yoga studio stretching. There is a bit of flirting and then they go right into making out and foreplay. Dana starts fingering Sasha under her yoga pants but those are soon taken off as they both undress and Dana starts licking and fingering away at her pussy. It’s now Dana’s turn to have some fun as Sasha lays down and Dana rides her face. Sasha then gets on all fours while Dana works her magic. The pair then both sit down, front to back with Dana in back while she rubs Holly some more before Dana rolls back and lets Holly tongue her ass and then her pussy some more. The scene finishes off with them tribbing and then Holly fingering Dana while they face each other, This was a very intense scene from the beginning. It’s what you would expect from a performer like Dana who generally always intense in her scenes. Dirty talk lovers will love the interactions they have, in particular toward the end.

Scene 3: Stormy Daniels and Asa Akira

Next up is Stormy’s first time with a girl. In her story she goes to an office Christmas party with a friend in order to make his ex jealous. She gets hit on by a drunk and is saved by a stranger. He tells her that his wife (Asa Akira) thinks she is stunning and this leads to her leaving with them to their hotel room. The scene shifts to the hotel room and Stormy and Asa are already kissing while he watches. After some more kissing and a bit of foreplay Stormy gets to work and starts licking and fingering Asa on the bed. They then pull out some toys as Stormy fills Asa up with this colorful glass toy. This is first done in missionary and then with Stormy seated behind her while manhandling her a little. Asa then gets her turn as she works on Stormy’s pussy. She also uses a glass toy on her pussy and ass. To finish the scene, Asa also gets some anal loving with a glass toy which Stormy uses on her while she is lying on her belly. Another toy is also used in her pussy at the same time for a nice DP. First off, this scene is very hot. I’ve been waiting a while to see Stormy and Asa together and I must say that it didn’t disappoint in the least. One problem I did have though and this is something that comes up in a lot of porn movies. This is supposed to be Stormy’s first time with a girl, yet she takes control in the scene and is the aggressor. As I said, this is a hot scene but I would have liked to have seen Asa as the aggressor here because she is supposed to be the one who has all the experience and therefore should be the one initiating things. Not a huge issue by any means but I felt it was something I should mention.

Scene 4: Lexi Belle, Paisley Parker and Lezley Zen

Later on at the party the ladies get in their footie pj’s, provided by Dana, and start to settle down for the night. Next is Lexi’s turn to tell her story after Allie said she doesn’t “kiss and tell” earlier. Lexi’s first time was in college with her roommate (Paisley Parker) and their professor (Lezley Zen). The whole setup is that Lexi follows Paisley and expects to catch her in the act with a guy but is shocked to learn it’s with a female professor. Lezley immediately takes control and has Lexi brought over and she pulls a ruler out of her desk to spank her. Lezley starts playing with Lexi while Paisley helps and rubs against her. Paisley is then put on the desk so that Lexi and Lezley can share her. This leads to Lexi riding Paisley’s face while Lezley continues to lick and finger her. Lezley then lays on the desk as Lexi eats her out and Paisley hovers over her face. All three ladies are then seen sitting on the desk as they all rub and finger each other. I have a feeling that there was a lot cut out of this scene. It feels a bit disjointed in places and the position changes are abrupt instead of being more fluid like the other scenes. Still, overall it’s a pretty hot scene with Lezley staying in control, as would be expected, and Lexi and Paisley just being cute and “innocent” college coeds.

Scene 5: Stormy Daniels, Chanel Preston, Allie Haze, Lexi Belle and Dana DeArmond

It’s the end of the night now and they all decide to turn it. The lights go out and predator Allie slinks up next to Chanel and freaks her out a bit. After everyone falls asleep Allie tries to unzip Chanel in her pj’s and then leaps on Stormy and yells “orgy.” Everyone seems super excited about the prospect, except for Chanel, of course, who tries to sneak away but is caught and dragged back into the fracas. They all start kissing and rubbing Chanel at which time Stormy reminds them all that “she doesn’t like girls.” They all giggle and then Dana pulls out the strap-on she was hiding under her pj’s. Now, anyone who has read my reviews before knows that I don’t like breaking down orgy scenes because I find them hard to follow and this one is no exception. They are still hot but with all that action going on it is hard to follow everything. It does appear that everyone hooks up with everyone else at least once and the dildo from the strap-on is used in some interesting ways. There is a bit of a twist at the end too, but I won’t spoil it here.


I have not had a chance to see the special features as of yet. The review was possible because of a download from If I get a physical copy in the future I will make sure to post about any extras here.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

It’s not often that you get to see an all-girl feature. Sure there are plenty of all-girl releases out there. Hell, there are all-girl studios but, as I stated, it’s a rarity to see an all-girl feature. Stormy was definitely the right director and writer for a project like this as well. I truly hope that this movie does well so that we can see more movies like this in the future. Other than the one scene, which I still thought was hot, the whole movie is solid and the cast has a great chemistry together. It probably won’t happen because it is an all-girl title but I could definitely see this as a potential AVN nomination for Stormy in directing or writing. As you can probably tell I really liked this movie and I am going to give it a 5 out of 5.