From Sweetheart Video and director Ricky Greenwood we dive into the world of women’s professional wrestling in Girls of Wrestling. The movie features Layla (Ariel X) as a pro wrestler at the top of the business. Unfortunately for her she has pain medication addiction and ends up getting into a car accident and charged with a DUI. After getting released from her contract she gets a second chance when her best friend and former coach Nina (Nina Hartley) offers her a chance to train a group of amateurs who are getting ready for a big event. She takes on the challenge with Nina’s help and finds a bond with a promising wrestler named Sophie, AKA Shotgun, (Sinn Sage) and will be hounded by the on-air reporter for the network Paula (Charlotte Stokely). Can Layla get this rough around the edges Girls of Wrestling to the top?

Scene 1: Cadence Lux and Kenna James

In the locker room after a workout/practice, Cadence is seen massaging Kenna’s injured leg. Things heat up quickly as the two of them start to kiss as they start removing clothing. After a good amount of kissing and other foreplay, Kenna leans back as Cadence finds herself between her legs, eating her out, stopping occasionally to kiss her as well while fingering her. Kenna then takes over as they both sit up and eventually Cadence leans back for her own tongue lashing. Kenna also flicks her bean quite a bit with her forefinger which Cadence seems to enjoy quite a bit as she lets out plenty of moans and coos. Kenna gets on her knees next as Cadence licks her more from behind before she climbs up and straddles Kenna’s face. They finish up with some 69 and sensual tribbing, with Kenna on top, while they kiss. This scene is a nice opener. It’s soft and sensual but still intense. The arousal levels of both ladies are obvious and watching them both grip the table while being pleasured was quite hot.

Scene 2: Aiden Ashley, Ana Foxxx, Brandi Mae and Whitney Wright

At another practice we find two tag teams, Aiden and Ana being one team and Brandi and Whitney being the other, working on an upcoming match together. Things are going along pretty smoothly while Aiden and Whitney are in the ring until they kiss. Whitney says they are supposed to be practicing but Aiden continues to play as Ana and Brandi come into the ring and start kissing as well. The pairs continue to kiss and undress and eventually all come together. Now at this point there is too much going on on screen to really keep track of. The action switches between pairs doing their own thing and all four of them coming together, usually to work on one of them together. There is a crazy bit of fingering and eating toward the end involving Aiden and Whitney doing handstands against the ropes that was quite fun to watch. As I stated, there is a lot going on here so it most definitely calls for some repeat viewings so you can catch everything. I particularly liked how they kept switching between being in pairs to being together, usually in scenes like this once the group comes together, they stay that way for the most part.

Scene 3: Charlotte Stokely and Karla Kush

We next meetup with Charlotte who is talking to Karla and giving her tips for her upcoming match. On top of being a wrestling reporter she is also a massive fan and ends up relaying a story about how her parents died and that after that happened, she went to a match and saw Karla wrestling and basically fell in love. They start kissing soon after as Karla pulls them over to the couch. Charlotte starts getting undressed as Karla starts in on fingering her and licking her through her panties. Charlotte’s panties soon come off as well as Karla’s top as she starts munching on Charlotte. Charlotte returns the favor as this leads to some tribbing action with Charlotte on top before she goes back to licking Karla. Next we get to see Charlotte bent over on the couch as Karla goes to town from behind on Charlotte; s bouncing booty. They finish off with a 69 and some kissing and mutual masturbation. While they didn’t go overboard with it the energy in this scene is quite high. You can tell Charlotte and Karla really like each other and their particularly styles work really well together. This is also my personal favorite from this movie.

Scene 4: Ariel X and Sinn Sage

So, after the big event that they were all getting ready for Ariel and Sinn are back in the locker room cooling down and after a brief hug they start to kiss, the sexual tension that has been rising throughout the movie is finally broken. They quickly start to undress, and Sinn starts things off by engaging in foreplay and working her tongue inside Ariel. They then switch positions as Ariel drops to her knees on the floor to eat out Sinn on the bench. Both ladies seem to cum hard from each other’s tongue maneuvers, but things then heat up even more when Ariel slides onto the bench and they start tribbing. They switch off being the grinder, which isn’t that common in my experience, at least not the way they did it, until Ariel lies back as Sinn rides her face with them embracing and in a straddles position to wrap up the scene. I already said the last scene was my favorite but this one is a very close second, almost a 1A 1B situation. The intensity between Ariel and Sinn is palpable throughout the movie and in this scene, they just let it all out. I don’t know if this is the case, but it feels like this was perhaps the final scene shot and they had been waiting the whole time to get at each other.

Special Features:

I watched this via a link from Sweetheart, so I don’t know what, if any, special features are on the DVD. If there are, I will update this section when I get the DVD.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Sweetheart Video has done an excellent job over the years producing all-girl features and this is probably my favorite one to date. Each scene provides a different kind of energy which makes it appealing to a wide range of viewers. The acting throughout is also quite fun to watch, everyone seems so natural and in tune with their character. The only downside was the wrestling portions were somewhat weak but most of the cast has zero or little experience with wrestling so they made look as good as they could. I’m not sure what else is coming out in the next couple of months but look out for some nominations for this come award season. Overall this is a fun movie with plenty of emotional punch and of course hot girl/girl scenes and I give Girls of Wrestling a 4.75 out of 5.


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