Wicked Passions presents Haunted Hearts, a mysterious and thrilling tale about murder and family rivalry. While living in New York, Blake (Michael Vegas) receives news that his distant aunt has died. Having no recollection of her, Blake is surprised to learn that she has left her estate to him. With the help of his friend Mara, (Dana DeArmond) Blake packs up his apartment and moves to his new digs in California. Upon arrival, he meets his aunt’s hospice nurse, Arabella, (Aaliyah Love) a seemingly innocent and charismatic young woman with stellar cooking skills and a hot body. Blake quickly discovers that there is something very creepy and disturbing about the mansion when he witnesses paranormal events and begins to question his sanity. His help is needed in uncovering the truth about his cousin Anna, (Dani Jensen) and her boyfriend Will, (Seth Gamble) but con artists Roger (Steven St. Croix) and Vivian (India Summer) are hell-bent on stopping Blake from discovering dark family secrets. Is Blake able to solve the family mystery, or does curiosity get the best of him?

Scene 1: Dana DeArmond and Michael Vegas

Blake (Michael Vegas) begins to pack up his apartment with his friend Mara (Dana DeArmond) and they reminisce about the memories that they’ve shared together. Blake thanks Mara for helping him pack. She reveals that she has an ulterior motive and suggests one last rendezvous. Blake hesitates momentarily before giving in to Mara’s flirtatious invitation.

The scene begins with playful kissing on the bed and the undressing of each other’s clothes. Oral sex is performed on Dana, followed by a blowjob. Cowgirl is shown next, followed by missionary, and the sex concludes in doggy-style where Michael ejaculates on her bum.

Dana and Michael exude a very open, honest, and playful on-screen chemistry that viewers will thoroughly enjoy watching. The sex appears spontaneous and unscripted, as if Dana and Michael are a real-life couple who verbally communicate their desires with comfort and ease. This scene is quite candid at times with Dana’s infectious laugh and the many smiles that are exchanged between Dana and Michael. My favourite part is when they bump heads during the missionary position. It’s such an honest moment in the scene that reminds viewers that mistakes happen during sex and that it’s important to laugh about them.

While I liked this scene, I have two criticisms. First, Michael makes slurping noises when Dana receives oral sex. He also rubs and smacks her clit aggressively. These are techniques that I feel are inappropriate to show in a Passions’ movie and should be reserved for hardcore adult entertainment as they lack the tenderness that Passions’ movies embody.

Ultimately, viewers will appreciate the genuine chemistry between Dana and Michael, and their varied and reciprocated foreplay.

Scene 2: Aaliyah Love and Michael Vegas

After discovering Blake (Michael Vegas) outside in the middle of the night, Arabella (Aaliyah Love) entices him to come inside. He warms himself by the fireplace and starts to wonder if he’s losing his mind. Blake tells Arabella that he doesn’t “know what’s real anymore.” Arabella calms Blake with a kiss.

The sex begins with passionate kissing. Michael kisses and licks Aaliyah’s neck, chest and stomach. He rubs her through her underwear, which he removes, as they make consistent eye contact and smile at each other. Oral sex is performed on Aaliyah and then Michael receives a blowjob. A spooning position is shown next, followed by cowgirl and the sex concludes in missionary where Michael ejaculates on her stomach.

Aaliyah and Michael have a good on-screen chemistry. They make consistent eye contact and smile at each other often. Aaliyah communicates verbally to Michael and expresses what techniques feel good for her, which is important to see in a movie that is designed for women and couples. Viewers will also appreciate how the scene is shot by a fireplace, as this location helps to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Without revealing too much of the plot, I also like the suspenseful surprise at the very end of the scene, which startled me, and definitely got my heart racing momentarily.

While viewers will enjoy this scene, I have three criticisms. First, Michael rubs Aaliyah’s clit too aggressively during the oral and spooning positions. Second, Michael’s penetration during the spooning position is a bit off-putting. Third, Michael’s thrusting during missionary is a bit too intense for a Passions’ movie. While this scene is passionate, the above-mentioned techniques are better suited for hardcore adult entertainment.

Overall, viewers will enjoy watching Aaliyah and Michael’s performance, and they will also appreciate the romantic atmosphere that is created by the fireplace.

Scene 3: India Summer and Steven St. Croix

Vivian (India Summer) returns to the motel after meeting with Arabella (Aaliyah Love). Concerned, Roger (Steven St. Croix) asks if there’s a problem. Vivian reassures Roger and informs him that Blake (Michael Vegas) is starting to crack under the pressure. Relieved, Roger suggests an evening without conversation and Vivian obliges.

The sex begins with India receiving oral sex. A blowjob is shown next, followed by doggy-style. A spooning position is shown next and the scene concludes in missionary where Steven ejaculates on India’s stomach and chest.

This is an incredibly intense scene and some viewers will be uncomfortable watching it! While I appreciated seeing India and Steven’s sultry eye contact and various foreplay techniques, like face touching, finger licking, and Steven rubbing India’s back and bum while he receives a blowjob, I was ultimately shocked to see this scene in a Passions’ movie because it’s too aggressive for viewers who enjoy softer adult entertainment.

I don’t know if the techniques were choreographed to match Steven’s character, Roger, who is a cruel and controlling man, or if these techniques were simply the way that Steven performs. If the techniques were choreographed, then they were done brilliantly (but still inappropriate for a Passions’ movie). If they were not choreographed, then Steven needs to tone down his intensity because a lot of his techniques will make viewers uncomfortable.

Steven is quite aggressive with India throughout the scene. He pinches her nipples and pulls her hair during the spooning position, and aggressively thrusts during doggy-style and missionary. He also grabs her during doggy-style and uses dirty talk throughout the scene. These techniques are fine for hardcore adult entertainment, but are inappropriate to show in softer movies that are designed for women and couples, as viewers expect to see foreplay and lovemaking that is tender and romantic.

Ultimately, this scene is far too aggressive and intense for a Passions’ movie and it will make some viewers uncomfortable.

Scene 4: Dani Jensen and Seth Gamble

Blake (Michael Vegas) wakes up in the middle of the night by a spirit who leads him to Anna’s (Dani Jensen) bedroom. Here, Blake witnesses an emotional and passionate encounter with Anna and her boyfriend, Will (Seth Gamble).

Dani and Seth kiss passionately on the bed. Seth kisses her neck and chest as they undress. Oral sex is performed on Dani and then Seth receives a blowjob. Cowgirl is shown next and the sex concludes in doggy-style where Seth ejaculates on Dani’s bum and back.

This is my favourite sex scene in the movie and I loved how it was shot in black and white, which provided an effective retro flashback. Viewers will enjoy the on-screen chemistry between Dani and Seth. Their eye contact is consistent and Dani expresses her feelings to Seth, which emphasizes the importance of verbal communication between couples during sex. I appreciated seeing Seth rub and kiss Dani’s back and bum while he received a blowjob, and I also liked his attentiveness towards her during doggy-style.

While I enjoyed this scene, I was disappointed in the short duration of the sex, the spitting during the blowjob, and the intense thrusting during the cowgirl position.

Overall, this is a good scene that viewers will enjoy watching.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Haunted Hearts on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts:

Haunted Hearts is a suspenseful and captivating movie that will entice and delight viewers. Stormy Daniels does an awesome job as writer and director and it’s her best work for the Passions’ line since Immortal Love.

While most of the sex scenes lacked a romance and tenderness that Wicked Passions’ movies typically embody, the cast is superb in their acting. I was particularly impressed with Aaliyah Love, India Summer and Steven St. Croix. Aaliyah was charming and believable as Arabella and India was excellent as Vivian. Steven St. Croix continues to blow me away with his incredible acting! I believe he should receive a nomination for best supporting actor, as he plays the role of cruel and creepy Roger with frightening ease. It was great to finally see Dana DeArmond in a Wicked Passions movie, as I’ve always liked her acting, and have felt for a long time that she would be an ideal choice for the Passions’ brand. It was also a pleasure to see Seth Gamble, although I wished his time on screen was longer.

Stormy found the perfect location for this movie. The mansion is beautiful and the chandelier enhances the scenes perfectly.

My favourite aspect of the movie is the music, which is absolute perfection! The music mesmerizes and instantly captures viewers’ attention by creating suspense and anticipation.

My only major criticism of the movie overall is the final cut of the sex scenes. I’m not sure if it was a directing decision, or an editing choice, but the sex scenes are cut in a way that appears short and choppy. Aesthetically, this is problematic because it doesn’t allow viewers a prolonged look at various sexual positions, and it doesn’t enhance the foreplay techniques between performers that physically arouse fans of softer adult entertainment.

Ultimately, Haunted Hearts makes a good addition to the DVD collection if you like well-written, suspenseful features with a stellar cast and solid acting.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5