Wicked Passions and Mike Quasar bring you a story that everyone either dreads or gets excited about. Come and catch up with a group of friends; some in a relationship, others who aren’t and some with partners half their age. Old feelings may pop up and cause some problems or perhaps joy but always hot as we see how life has changed after years at the High School Reunion

Scene 1: Reagan Foxx and Ryan McLane

We start off with Derrick Pierce and Julia Ann talking to their respective partners, Whitney Wright and Tyler Nixon, as they load up to head for their high school reunion. The conversations are mostly innocent before we switch to Reagan Foxx and Ryan McLane. Reagan is vacuuming naked when Ryan comes in and comes unto her but she tried to push him away because their guests will there soon. She can’t help it though as they start to kiss. We then switch to seeing Tommy Pistol and Alexis Fawx having a conversation as they wait to get into the house before we go back to Reagan and Ryan in their bed. The other couples arrive as well and they all relax outside as the action heats up inside as Ryan eats out Reagan as she pushes against the head rest. Reagan then shows off her oral skills as Ryan leans back which then leads to Reagan on her back in missionary. Spoons follows this and then cowgirl for a bit before returning to missionary and a large pop on Reagan’s body. As is the norm for Wicked Passions the scene here is softer and more sensual but that doesn’t take away the heat. The interruptions when the others arrive at the house make the first part a little off but once it gets going it is exactly what you want from this kind of scene.

Everyone is still waiting outside when Reagan and Ryan join them and the all greet them and hug and start to talk. Later we see Julia and Tyler in their room as Julia is trying to figure out what to wear to the reunion.

Scene 2: Julia Ann and Tyler Nixon

It doesn’t take long and the already topless Julia straddles Tyler as they start to make out. A lot of foreplay here before Julia lies back and lets Tyler lick her pussy and clit. Julia is no slouch though when it comes to oral as she takes her time to lick and suck his shaft before getting on all fours in doggie. Spoons is up next as Julia rubs herself before switching to missionary. Eventually Tyler can’t take anymore though and pulls out and paints her boobs with his cum. More of a fun scene here compared to the first one. Still sensual but with a little boost in every.

Scene 3: Alexis Fawx and Tommy Pistol

We now switch things to the reunion as everyone starts to enjoying themselves. Alexis and Tommy split off and have a one on one conversation in the locker room as he admits he and his wife, Alexis’ best friend in the story, are separated .After they talk some more it comes out that Tommy used to and still does fantasize about her. She admits she did too and they start to kiss. She starts to grind on him for bit as they make out, broken up by him eating her out before he goes fully in on that. Alexis then gets to show off with an energetic BJ as she finishes undressing before getting into doggie. Alexis climbs on top for cowgirl next and then right into missionary on the lower room bench, Tommy then pulls out and drops his load on her body. This scene is the rawest of the movie so far. It starts off soft and loving and then turns more animistic which would be expected of two people hooking up after wanting each other for so long.

Whitney, Reagan and their guys head back to the house where Reagan reveals that Tommy is separated from his wife. They all discuss marriage and Derrick says why he says it is a mistake and then Whitney says she thinks the reason Reagan and Ryan have been together so long is because they are swingers.

Scene 4: Whitney Wright and Ryan McLane

Derrick doesn’t think they even know what that means but it turns out to be true as Whitney and Ryan head off together. Once in the bedroom they start with some kissing and foreplay and undressing before Ryan munches on Whitney. Whitney, in turn, gives his shaft a nice licking, stroking and sucking to get him ready to enter her in missionary. A short stint in spoons and doggie follows this and then right into doggie. They circle back to missionary and then soon after we get a nice pop on Whitney’s chest. I was a bit perplexed that this wasn’t a group scene or at least that Derrick and Reagan didn’t start making out as Whitney and Ryan left but it’s reveal in the scene that they didn’t hook up. The actual scene works really well because Whitney and Ryan both bring their A game. I would have really have liked a group scene here though but I don’t know if Wicked Passions movies do those on a regular basis or not.

Well the reunion is over now and everyone says goodbye and promise to star in touch,

Scene 5: Whitney Wright and Derrick Pierce

After Derrick says he didn’t have sex with Reagan he admits that he’s changed and that he really cares about Whitney as they start to kiss. After a bit of foreplay to start Whitney gets on her knees for some pussy licking and then on her back for some more. Whitney returns the favor with a nice blowjob before hopping on for cowgirl. From there they slide into spoons and then finally into missionary before Derrick cums on her pussy. With this we come back to a purely soft and sensual scene. Just like before it is still hot though as Reagan and Derrick seem to have great chemistry.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Wicked Passions, for those that don’t know, is the Wicked Pictures label for more couple friendly titles than their regular line, which is also fairly couple friendly. This title is a great example to show for this label. All the scenes are done in a realistic, romantic and sensual manner. I also love all the MILF performers used here. They could have very easily gone with much younger female talent for most of the cast with a slight script change but they stuck with it and these ladies knocked it out of the park. I give High School Reunion a 4.25 out of 5.