From Digital Playground and their newest contract director Stormy Daniels we come upon a story about a young woman, Kimber Woods, and her adventures trying to get home after a long absence. Life can be rough but things always get better on the Highway Home.

Scene 1: Kimber Woods and Derrick Pierce

We start off with Kimber walking down the road trying to hitchhike, She isn’t having much luck until Derrick shows up in his beat up truck. He tells her he can only go so far and she agrees but a little later he said he’d be willing to take her a further if she got him off, which she also agrees with. They pull over and Kimber starts sucking him off pretty much right away. They then step outside and back to the truck bed where Derrick puts her in and starts licking her pussy, Kimber begs hi to fuck her and he obliges while she stands up, leaning against the truck. This turns into standing doggie and after some oral fro Kimber and they finish undressing they climb into the truck bed for reverse cowgirl and then some 69 as well. Cowgirl comes next and then missionary as Kimber moans and coos throughout. Kimber then hops off to take Derrick’s load in her mouth. Kimber and Derrick have great chemistry in this opening scene. I particularly liked that they started in the cab of the truck , it seems more realistic that way.

Derrick wakes Kimber up when they arrive at a motel and tells her they can give her a place to crash for a few bucks. She gets into a room for the night and here’s something next door . She goes to check it out and she finds Arya and Jenna kissing in the shower.

Scene 2: Arya Fae and Jenna Sativa

The ladies start off rubbing and kissing each other as the water sprays them. Jenna takes some time to start rubbing Arya a bit before Arya turns things around and starts to lick her as well. Jenna gets her turn to use her tongue while Arya is bent over. Arya goes back to some more fingering after this before Jenna continues eating her out. The scene then finishes up with the pair kissing some more before they go back to the room that they are apparently sharing with Kimber. Shower sex always looks good in movies which is pretty amazing considering how hard it is in real life. Anyway the scene itself is sort of boring from a position standpoint but that is due to the restrictions of the room. I did appreciate the none use of toys too, The chemistry is really hot as well and makes for an overall solid scene.

It’s the next day and all three ladies head out for breakfast just down the road from the motel. They go in and find Ryan McLane enjoying pancakes as Jenna and Arya flirt with him, which distracts him as Jenna steals his keys. As part of this Arya tells him to meet her in the bathroom in a couple minutes. Jenna and Kimber then head to the car.

Scene 3: Arya Fae and Ryan McLane

Meanwhile in the bathroom Ryan joins Arya and they start to kiss. As they undress and kiss more Arya is put on top of the counter. This leads to her getting her box munched on while up there before she slides off to give him a BJ. After this Arya gets bent over the counter and gets down to it in doggie. Ryan puts her back on the counter for missionary and then back over the counter for doggie. This eventually leads to a pop shot in her mouth to finish the scene. I don’t know what it is about bathroom sex that I find so hot, it just is. Like the previous scene the positions are limited her but again it is due to where the scene takes place. Just the right balance of hot and dirty.

With the others waiting in the car Arya runs out and they are almost caught by Ryan as they are pulling away. They all drive up to drop her off at her mom’s place as Kimber admits she’s scared but goes in anyway. We then flashback to five years earlier when she was Xander Corvus.

Scene 4: Kimber Woods and Xander Corvus

As it turns out they are step siblings, but only for about a week at this point, and they obviously have been friends and crushes for a while by now. They start off sensually kissing s Kimber moans before she pulls his pants off for a blowjob. Kimber then gets a turn as Xander fingers and licks her. This then leads to doggie as Kimber tries to hold back her loud moaning. Missionary is then up next and then cowgirl. More oral from Kimber is up next and then they switch between doggie and missionary until Xander sprays her ass with cum. Again we have a solid scene and it is on a bed which was probably nice for Kimber and Xander. I also liked how Kimber was more quite here than her earlier scene because they didn’t want to get caught.

I won’t spoil the ending but it is pretty obvious if you were paying attention to earlier in the movie so it shouldn’t be much of surprise.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Like many Digital Playground releases the story here is pretty basic which is uncommon for Stormy as a writer and director. There is nothing wrong with this, I was just expecting a bit more for her first feature with them. Being that this is an adult movie though the sex is really the more important part at the end of the day and in that regard the movie does very well. Each scene has enough different about it to make them each interesting with the whole. The chemistry in each scene is really good which means that they did a good job casting though the actual acting was a bit stiff in places. Overall this is a good pickup and hopefully a good sign for the future. I give Highway Home a 4 out of 5.