From the mind of Jincey Lumpkin Esq., and JuicyPinkBox and Girlfriends Films, we are going to take a look at Hotel. In this vignette movie, we meet four couples in the early morning hours in a hotel room. I would imagine most people have experience with waking up and getting down and that is exactly what they are exploring here.

Scene 1: Rozen Debowe and Delores Haze – Tourist

The two ladies are sleeping as the phone rings for their wakeup call. Delores answers the phone and then rolls over and after a few words the two of them start to kiss. After a few minutes of making out, they start stripping some clothes off and Delores starts in on some foreplay but licking sucking on Rozen’s breasts. After some more kissing, they bring out some lube and plastic gloves as Rozen takes control and starts to rub Delores through her panties at first and then fingers her when they are taken off. All this happens as the intermittingly kiss or commence with more foreplay. After Delores has had her fun, it is now Rozen’s turn as Delores dons the gloves and proceeds to finger her slowly and deliberately. They kiss and snuggle to finish off the scene. Even though I don’t really know anything about the two ladies in this scene, I found this very enjoyable. I particularly love the playful banter that was shared throughout the scene.

Scene 2: Ela Darling and Papi Coxxx- Bachelorette

Papi picks up the wakeup call and then almost immediately starts making out with Ela, who is already topless. Things quickly escalate as Ela’s panties come off and Papi goes to town with her tongue in her pussy. Ela then get a chance to give some pleasure as she gets some gloves on and starts to finger her while they kiss. Papi does the same to Ela before climbing on top for some clit to clit stimulation. Ela goes down on Papi and then they both get some gloves on for mutual masturbation. After this is done, Ela climbs on top of Papi for some more tribbing. Ela gets on her knees for some doggie fingering from Papi before rolling over on her back so that Papi can finish getting her off while in missionary. The scene finishes with some more tribbing, kissing and chatter with the ladies. I’ll be honest here. This scene just didn’t work for me at all. The sex is pretty hot but Papi just doesn’t turn me on.

Scene 3: Calico Lane and Nikki Hearts – Adultery

After the wakeup call, Nikki rolls over and reminds Calico that she has a flight to catch as they start to kiss. As they kiss the clothes start coming and then Nikki starts to go down on Calico. This doesn’t last long though as her tongue is replaced with fingers. After a couple minutes of this, Calico flips the tables and gets on top as she grinds on Nikki a little before slinking down to lick Nikki’s pussy. Again, this doesn’t last long as Nikki goes back to using her fingers. They then finish up with a few short kisses and the scene is over. My biggest problem here is the length. The other scenes are at closer to 30 minutes and this one is only 15. Calico and Nikki had some pretty good chemistry and I would have loved to have seen more.

Scene 4: Ela Darling and AnnaBelle Lee – Newlyweds

AnnaBelle and Ela start off the scene wearing eye masks that say “Mrs.” and after the wakeup call they start to snuggle and kiss a little. Ela ends up taking her mask off first and AnnaBelle keeps her on as Ela works her way down her body. Ela eventually works her way down to AnnaBelle’s pussy and starts to lick and finger her while she keeps the mask on. When Ela is done, she crawls up her body and starts to kiss her again and eventually slides her mask off before letting her take over. After a little foreplay, AnnaBelle makes her way down Ela’s body and starts to flick her tongue over her pussy. AnnaBelle climbs on top next for some tribbing, first with her on top in a missionary positions and then in a scissoring position. The rest of the scene is then the ladies kissing and nibbling on each other. This is my favorite scene on this disc, hands down. AnnaBelle and Ela are good friends in real life and their chemistry is smoking in this scene. Like the rest of the scenes, it felt like you were watching two people making love instead of just fucking.


There aren’t a lot of extras but what we do have is pretty cool. You get trailers and promos that are mostly from Girlfriends Films, their distributor. The BTS is nice too though. You get a BTS from each scene as well a segment with Jincey Lumpkin, the director.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Right off the bat, I loved the concept here: setting up four scenes of “morning sex” with a couple, waking up in a hotel room. Now I will say that the way it was shot may frustrate some people because it is a bit restrictive, not as much as their Taxi series but still a bit claustrophobic. Personally I really liked it though. The other thing that I thought was interesting was that other than Ela and AnnaBelle, I really didn’t know any of the other performers. I had seen a couple of them before but it was maybe one other time. Overall, this is a good example of how porn can in fact be art and I give it a 4.5 out of 5.