Wicked Pictures presents If You Only Knew, a poignant story about a complicated office romance, written and directed by the brilliant Stormy Daniels. Kellie (Allie Haze) is a dedicated assistant to her workaholic boss Mark (Aaron Wilcoxxx), who is a high-powered land developer. Kellie devotes all of her time and energy to fulfilling Mark’s requests, as she is secretly in love with him. Mark is completely oblivious to Kellie’s feelings, as he is pre-occupied with his self-centred, gold-digging, architect-girlfriend, Claire (Penny Pax) and their high-profile clients. A sudden and tragic accident involving Mark’s brother, Rick (Kris Slater) changes the dynamic in the office, and has Mark questioning every aspect of his life. Does Mark throw himself into work to escape his new, painful reality, or does he learn a valuable life lesson about money, time, and ultimately, love?

Scene 1: Penny Pax and Aaron Wilcoxxx

After entertaining clientele at a party, the movie begins with Claire (Penny Pax) and Mark (Aaron Wilcoxxx) celebrating their first deal as partners. They raise their glasses in a toast with Claire declaring that they’ll make a “fabulous team.” The scene begins with an abundance of foreplay, as there is a lot of deep, sensuous kissing. Aaron kisses Penny’s neck and shoulder, and massages her through her dress. He continues to seduce Penny by unzipping her dress, and kisses her neck and shoulder while massaging her through her bra. Penny undresses Aaron while they continue to kiss passionately and Aaron massages her through her panties. Penny leans in and kisses his neck and shoulder, while Aaron kisses her neck, breasts and stomach before performing oral sex. Aaron receives a blowjob, and then Penny rides him on top in cowgirl position. Missionary position is shown next, and the sex concludes with doggy-style, where Aaron ejaculates on Penny’s bum.

I really enjoyed this scene, as it truly embodies foreplay and romantic sex. The abundance of deep, sensual kissing and massaging is arousing, and creates an intimacy between Penny and Aaron that viewers will appreciate watching. Penny and Aaron have good chemistry, and I was very impressed with Aaron’s performance. He maintains consistent eye contact with Penny during this scene, and is very focused on giving her pleasure. It’s very arousing when Aaron performs oral sex on Penny, and I liked how he teased her by licking her inner thigh before stimulating her clitoris. I also appreciated how Aaron rubs Penny’s back and bum while he’s receiving a blowjob, and how he looks her directly in the eyes while sucking on her breast in the cowgirl position. For me, the hottest sexual act in the scene was missionary because Aaron demonstrated two insanely sexy techniques. First, he slips out of Penny in between thrusts, licks her clitoris, and slips back inside her, where he leans down to kiss her deeply. He continues to kiss her while he thrusts, and then performs a second trick. After rubbing Penny’s breasts and stomach, he rests his palm on her abdomen, and uses his thumb to stimulate her clitoris from this resting position. These two techniques were very hot, and they will definitely help viewers expand their sexual repertoire.

Penny’s performance also impressed me, and I appreciated how she took the time to arouse Aaron before performing oral sex on him. She hops on top of him, and massages him through his pants, while kissing his chest and stomach. It was also hot to see her lick Aaron through his pants, as this playful technique builds sexual anticipation for both Aaron and viewers. I also appreciated how Penny’s breathing and moaning sounded natural and did not distract from watching the movie.

Other positive points I’d like to mention: The sensual kissing between sexual acts maintained an intimate feel to the scene, handholding during oral sex on Penny, the brief silhouette shot during the cowgirl position, and the scene finishing with Penny and Aaron embracing each other during a deep kiss.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, some aspects bothered me. First, there are two slight instances of spitting in the blowjob scene (one of which was less noticeable thanks to good editing). Second, the smacking noises during the cowgirl and doggy-style positions were a bit distracting. Third, Aaron swears too much during the doggy-style position, which I think viewers may find unappealing.

Overall, this scene embodies the sensual foreplay of Wicked Passions movies, and viewers will definitely enjoy Penny and Aaron’s chemistry.

Scene 2: Allie Haze and Logan Pierce

After a stressful day at the office, Kellie (Allie Haze) returns home to find her boyfriend Ben (Logan Pierce) asleep on her bed. He wakes up and she explains how exhausted she is and how much her feet ache. Ben offers to look after her aches and pains. The scene begins with sweet and gentle foreplay. Logan rubs Allie’s feet, as she gazes at him lovingly for taking care of her. Allie massages Logan’s shoulder and runs her hand through his hair. They kiss deeply and make eye contact. Logan rubs Allie through her pants, takes off her top, kisses her shoulder and neck, and massages her breasts. Logan rubs Allie’s back as her receives a blowjob from her. Allie receives oral sex from Logan, and then a spooning position is shown where Logan leans over for a couple of soft kisses. The missionary position is shown next, and the scene finishes in doggy-style where Logan ejaculates on Allie’s bum.

This is a soft, playful scene that I think viewers will enjoy. My favourite part of the scene is when Logan kisses Allie’s fingers during foreplay. It’s a tender moment that reminds viewers that fingers are an important (but often over-looked) erogenous zone. I also like how Allie pulls her pants and underwear down while giving Logan a blowjob, so that he can reciprocate pleasure (very important to show in movies designed for couples) and play with her bum.

Although I liked this scene, my big pet peeve was the lack of eye contact between Allie and Logan. While their eye contact was good during the spooning position, Allie failed to look at Logan while she gave him a blowjob, and Logan didn’t maintain consistent eye contact with Allie when he performed oral sex on her. Eye contact is essential to creating intimacy during sex and is also a crucial part of foreplay. When eye contact is lacking in a movie that is designed for women and couples, the sex appears less intimate for viewers and makes it harder for them to enjoy watching the performers have sex. For me, eye contact is the ultimate turn-on, especially when watching oral sex because there’s nothing hotter than seeing two people totally committed to pleasuring each other, and this commitment is genuinely seen through the performers’ use of consistent eye contact.

Ultimately, viewers will appreciate and enjoy this scene for the soft and tender moments that Allie and Logan portray effortlessly.

Scene 3: Presley Hart and Kris Slater

Rick (Kris Slater) arrives home to his wife, Hannah (Presley Hart) and is furious that his brother Mark (Aaron Wilcoxxx) is planning to tear down the recreation centre where he teaches art lessons. Rick is also livid that Mark uses work as an excuse to skip their mother’s birthday dinner, but is soon soothed by Hannah’s invitation to come to bed. The scene begins with lots of kissing and touching, while Kris massages Presley through her panties, which is arousing to watch. Kris performs oral sex on Presley and rubs her clitoris and then Kris receives a blowjob from Presley while he’s standing. Next, Presley is on top in cowgirl position and the scene ends in missionary where Kris releases a very impressive cumshot.

This is an intense scene where viewers can clearly see that Kris’ character is channelling his frustration with his brother into passionate lovemaking. Kris and Presley have an intense chemistry and communicate well with each other, especially when she receives oral sex. They tell each other which techniques feel good, and I think that viewers will appreciate seeing this kind of open communication.

While I liked this scene, I have two criticisms. First, while this is an intense scene, I felt it lacked foreplay and romance. There is definitely a chemistry between Kris and Presley, but it was more urgent than romantic. My second criticism is that this is the third scene where viewers see sex take place in a bedroom, which is a bit boring and dampens the romantic atmosphere. I know that there are certain logistics that dictate how adult films are shot, but while I was watching this scene, I thought a more romantic setting would be in the bathroom where Presley’s character could invite Kris’ character to unwind with her in a hot bath, or a steamy shower.

Scene 4: Allie Haze and Aaron Wilcoxxx

After experiencing personal tragedy, Mark (Aaron Wilcoxxx) decides to significantly change his life, both personally and professionally. He realizes that life is precious and that he doesn’t want to take Kellie’s loyalty and support for granted anymore. The scene begins outside in the rain, where Mark reveals his feelings to Kellie and kisses her deeply. He picks her up and carries her inside the house where they continue to kiss deeply and passionately while standing on the staircase. He kisses her neck and rolls up her dress to massage her through her panties. Aaron kisses Allie on her stomach through her dress, and looks up at her in anticipation before he performs oral sex on her while she stands on the stairs (a very creative and original setting that viewers don’t see often in porn). More deep kissing and undressing occurs, and then Allie rides Aaron in cowgirl position. The scene finishes in doggy-style where Aaron ejaculates on her bum.

This is my favourite scene in the movie and I absolutely loved it! Allie and Aaron have an incredibly passionate chemistry that makes the sex look effortless and captivates viewers’ attention. Aside from intense kissing, there is a ton of foreplay, which includes handholding during the oral sex and cowgirl positions and consistent eye contact from both Allie and Aaron. I was especially impressed with Aaron’s eye contact. He is incredibly attentive to Allie in this scene, and attuned to her pleasure, which is very important to show in movies that are designed for women and couples because this promotes communication, reciprocation and positive re-enforcement between couples (characteristics that are essential to emotionally healthy and sexually fulfilling relationships). They also communicate with each other about what feels good during the doggy-style position, which is another great example for viewers to see. I really appreciate how Aaron makes eye contact with Allie while he’s performing oral sex, which is difficult to do in this scene because Allie is standing up. I also like how their steady eye contact is consistent during the cowgirl position and how Allie holds Aaron’s face for a moment so they can look into each other’s eyes, which makes this act so intense. She also runs her fingers through his hair during oral sex, which looks really cute when it’s ruffled in the doggy-style position.

As much as I adore this scene, I have two criticisms. First, I was disappointed because the sex is only about eleven minutes long, which is a really short scene. It’s a shame because it’s such an amazing scene and I wish that it lasted much longer. Despite the brevity of the scene, I was thrilled to see that the oral sex lasted about 3.5 minutes, which is great for viewers (like myself) who enjoy watching this sexual act. My second criticism is the popping noise that occurs in the cowgirl and doggy-style positions. I realize that it’s a natural and unavoidable part of having sex in these positions, but it’s a bit annoying to hear. Under most circumstances I think the noise could have been drowned out by the background music, but because Aaron and Allie are performing on a staircase (which amplifies sound), it’s difficult to eliminate the noise entirely.

Ultimately, this is a scene that viewers will enjoy immensely, as it truly embodies key aspects of a Wicked Passions movie: foreplay, passion and sensuality.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed If You Only Knew on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts:

If You Only Knew is a poignant story about realizing what’s really important in life and Stormy Daniels captures this delicate life lesson with a well-crafted script, awesome cast, and great camera angles.

Stormy does an awesome job casting this movie. I cannot begin to express just how excited I was to see Allie Haze as the lead role! I have been waiting a long time to see Allie in a Wicked movie, as I always thought she would be a perfect choice to star in a Passions movie. I fell in love with Allie’s acting and performing when I saw her in James Avalon’s A Little Part of Me, where she played Rocco Reed’s love interest in what is one of my favourite and most romantic adult scenes of all-time (I highly recommend this movie and plan to review it later this year). Allie does a wonderful job in this movie, and she looks absolutely stunning in her makeup and clothes. Allie’s best accessory though, is without a doubt, her amazing smile! The most beautiful moments in the movie for me were the introduction and the final shot, both of which capture Allie’s smile in moments where she experiences pure bliss.

Aaron plays the role of oblivious workaholic Mark very well. He’s a good actor and an impressive performer, who demonstrates foreplay (especially eye contact) with ease and consistency. Aaron took a three-year break from performing and it’s nice to see his return. I anticipate more solid performances from him and look forward to seeing his next acting role.

My two favourite parts of the movie are the introduction and the final scene. The opening is a black and white shot that focuses on Allie’s face as she receives love from her dream man. It’s a stunning moment that is beautifully captured and edited, and it’s the perfect way to start the movie. What makes this shot so incredibly effective is the opening song. I absolutely adore this song! The music and lyrics captured my attention immediately, pulled at my heartstrings, and resonated deep within my emotional self. The final scene is amazing and truly romantic. I love how the opening song plays again for effect, how Aaron goes after Allie as she leaves, and how it begins to rain as they kiss passionately. My favourite part of the scene is the final shot of the movie, which focuses on Allie’s incredible smile. I love this shot so much because Stormy captures Allie in a moment of pure happiness and elation. This shot is incredibly moving because it is the embodiment of true love. This is the smile of someone who is ridiculously happy and genuinely in love. This is what love looks like and it’s the kind of fulfillment that human beings strive for everyday. Thank you Stormy for capturing this rare and phenomenal moment of true love, and for reminding viewers that genuine romantic fulfillment is possible.

Ultimately, Stormy does a wonderful job as writer and director. She has a natural knack for writing and creating stories that resonate with her audience, and If You Only Knew, is no exception. As someone who is currently nursing a broken heart, this movie resonates with me deeply, as Stormy creates a story that is poignant in its’ message: Life is short, time is precious, and relationships are more important than anything, so take the time and make the effort to nourish those you love. If You Only Knew also reminds viewers to go after their hearts’ desires and to live their lives without regret. Overall, this is a perfect movie selection for women and couples and it should definitely be added to their DVD collection.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5