Wicked Passions presents Immortal Love, a sexy and sophisticated story about forbidden love, written and directed by the incredible Stormy Daniels. After Madelyn (Gracie Glam) discovers her fiancée, Charles’ (Kris Slater) affair, she is heartbroken and calls off their engagement. Grieving the loss of her relationship, she confines herself to her apartment, and finds solace by playing her beloved piano. After drowning her sorrows in a glass of red wine at the local bar, Madelyn’s world is turned upside-down when she is rescued from two predators by an anonymous hero (Xander Corvus). After the attack, Madelyn cannot shake the feeling that someone is watching her, and soon discovers the identity of her dark knight, whose name is Donovan. Complications arise as their relationship deepens and Madelyn learns that her life is in danger. Does she sacrifice her happiness, in order to save her own life, or does she take a chance on a rare, out-of-this-world love?

Scene 1: Gracie Glam and Kris Slater

The movie begins with Charles (Kris Slater) coming home to find that his fiancée, Madelyn (Gracie Glam), has returned home early from visiting her ill mother. Surprised, Charles thinks of a quick excuse for the bottle of wine that he’s holding, and they proceed to the bedroom for a passionate reunion. The scene begins sensuously with an abundance of foreplay. Kris kisses Gracie’s mouth, neck and breasts, and attentively massages her arms and bum before performing oral sex on her. More kissing occurs, and Kris receives a blowjob. After, Gracie is shown on top of Kris in a cowgirl position, and the scene finishes in missionary with Gracie on her back.

This performance is the most romantic scene in the film, and truly embodies a Wicked Passions movie, as there is a ton of foreplay in this scene, which is the very foundation of couples’ movies. This is the first time that I’ve seen Kris Slater perform, and I’m very impressed. Kris is attentive towards Gracie, as he continually uses his hands to stroke, caress, and massage her, especially during the cowgirl and missionary positions. He leans down and gives Gracie a few kisses while he’s inside her, which is a sweet gesture, and while Gracie is on top, he rubs his hands along her arms, back, bum, stomach and breasts. I was also impressed with the pacing of Kris’ thrusting, which wasn’t aggressive, and thus appropriate for a Passions movie. Another aspect that I like about Kris’ performance is that he sucks on Gracie’s fingers, which I think is not only romantic, but hot, too. At the end of the scene, Kris kisses Gracie’s mouth and neck, and touches her face after he climaxes, which is a very romantic gesture, and emphasizes how important it is to be emotionally present during lovemaking.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, I have two criticisms. First, Gracie is missing her engagement ring. Second, while their eye contact is good in the cowgirl and missionary positions, Kris and Gracie’s eye contact should be more consistent during both acts of oral sex.

Ultimately, this scene embodies Wicked Passions movies, and viewers will definitely find it to be couples’ friendly and enjoyable to watch.

Scene 2: Britney Young and Seth Gamble

This scene takes place after Britney and Seth’s characters (I don’t think their names are mentioned) have dinner with Madelyn (Gracie Glam), as she recounts her attack in the alley. The scene begins with foreplay, as Seth kisses Britney’s chest and breasts, massages her bum, and massages her through her panties while kissing her mouth. Britney receives oral sex, and then she gives Seth a blowjob. Afterwards, Britney rides on top in cowgirl position, facing Seth. Missionary position is shown next, and the scene finishes with Seth spooning Britney.

This is a scene that viewers will enjoy watching, as it demonstrates foreplay and couples-friendly sexual positions. My favourite sex act during this scene is when Britney receives oral. They are holding hands, which is an intimate gesture that is perfectly suited for a Wicked Passions movie. I also enjoyed watching the missionary position, and my favourite part was when Seth rubs Britney’s clitoris while he’s inside her, in order to increase her pleasure.

I was very impressed with Seth’s performance, as his eye contact is consistent throughout the entire scene, and he takes every opportunity to kiss and touch Britney. What impresses me most about this scene is Seth’s positive re-enforcement. When Britney does something pleasurable, Seth tells her that it feels good, which I think is awesome to show in a movie designed for couples because it emphasizes the importance of communication in relationships. Moaning and groaning in porn is a common indicator of pleasure, but it’s really refreshing to hear a man say that something feels good. It’s a great example of how important it is for couples to be open and honest with each other in the bedroom, as this not only strengthens their emotional bond, but enhances their sexual relationship, as well.

While I enjoyed this scene, I was disappointed with two aspects. First, most of the foreplay in this scene is good, but I found Seth and Britney’s kissing to be lukewarm, and lacking passion. Second, some of the sexual acts (both oral and cowgirl) are extremely short in duration, which can make it difficult for viewers to become aroused. I was very surprised when I watched the part where Britney received oral because it’s less than one minute in length, which I think will disappoint viewers who enjoy watching oral sex.

Ultimately, the scene is very appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie, and viewers will definitely enjoy watching this very sweet and tender performance.

Scene 3: Alektra Blue and Brendon Miller

This scene begins in a bar where one of the men who attacks Madelyn (Brendon Miller) recalls his story to the bartender of being beaten up by Donovan (Xander Corvus). The bartender believes that he’s had too much to drink and cuts him off, as the thug states drunkenly that no one believes his story. A member of Donovan’s clan, Ariel, (Alektra Blue) enters the bar, and tells him that she believes his story, as she has the intention of seducing him.

The scene begins with Alektra giving Brendon a blowjob. Alektra then receives oral while laying back on a bench. Standing doggy-style is shown and then Alektra is in cowgirl position, facing Brendon. The scene finishes with Alektra giving Brendon a handjob, where he ejaculates on his stomach.

I absolutely love this scene, and it’s my favourite in the movie because it’s ridiculously hot and passionate. Alektra and Brendon have an amazing on-screen chemistry, which makes the sex look effortless. I was very pleased to see the amount of foreplay in this scene, and was extremely impressed with their deep, sensual style of kissing. I also love how there is a very playful aspect to their kissing, as they tease each other with their tongues when they lean in for kisses. I think this gesture is very sensual, and I think it helps remind viewers how important it is to be playful with their partners during sex.

This is the first time that I’ve seen Brendon Miller perform, and I’m thoroughly impressed. He is very attentive to Alektra, and takes every opportunity in every sexual act to kiss and touch her. At the beginning of the scene, I love how he massages her bum and then after, he turns her around so that she is facing the camera, and kisses and massages her breasts, and also strokes her over her panties. It’s also very arousing to see Alektra lick and suck on Brendon’s fingers, which is another playful gesture that I think viewers will enjoy.

I also enjoy the tender moments between Alektra and Brendon, especially in two male-dominated sexual positions that focus on the male’s pleasure (blowjob and doggy-style). When Brendon receives a blowjob, he holds Alecktra’s hand on top of his chest, which is a really tender moment. He also leans down to touch her face while he gives her a deep, passionate kiss. Brendon also kisses Alektra’s shoulder and mouth while they’re in doggy-style position, which is a very sweet and connecting gesture.

My only criticism is that I feel that Alektra swears too much towards the end of the scene for a Wicked Passions movie, although I don’t think that it will upset or distract viewers.

Other positive points that I’d like to mention: I love the outdoor, moonlit setting, and the lighting is absolutely perfect, as it creates a stunningly sexy atmosphere.

Scene 4: Chanel Preston and Mick Blue

In this scene, the leader of Donovan’s group, Julian (Mick Blue), grills Ariel (Alektra Blue) to tell him the location of Madelyn (Gracie Glam) and Donovan (Xander Corvus). When Ariel refuses, Julian is saddened by his decision to kill her, and is comforted by his “pet” (Chanel Preston).

The scene begins with Chanel giving Mick a blowjob, and then she receives oral. Mick sits on his chair, as Chanel is positioned in reverse cowgirl. The scene finishes in standing doggy-style, with Mick releasing on Chanel’s bum.

This scene is extremely steamy and sensual, and it’s definitely appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie. Tender and playful foreplay is evident throughout the scene, and Chanel and Mick are perfectly cast in their roles. They are very engrossed with each other and demonstrate various forms of foreplay that will definitely spark viewers’ sexual creativity. There is a lot of tender foreplay, which includes deep, sensual, wet kissing, and handholding. There is also steamier foreplay, like finger-sucking, and the slow teasing licks of Mick’s tongue while he performs oral sex on Chanel. My favourite sexual act of the scene is when Chanel is in reverse cowgirl. What I like most about this part is how engaged Mick is with Chanel, as he kisses her mouth, rubs her clitoris, and sucks on her breast while he’s inside her. He also massages her breasts, stomach, and bum, and kisses her neck, too. I think couples will find it really arousing to watch Mick’s attentiveness.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, a few things bothered me. First, Chanel swore too much during her performance, and I don’t feel that excessive swearing is appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie, as I think that viewers will find it a bit distracting and perhaps forced. Second, as much as Mick is very attentive towards Chanel, he fails to make eye contact with her when he is performing oral sex, which decreases the intimacy of the scene. Third, when Chanel receives oral sex, the lighting of the scene is too dark at times, and makes it very difficult to see her face, which is always very expressive.

Ultimately, this is a very erotic scene that viewers will enjoy, and it will also inspire viewers’ sexual creativity.

Scene 5: Gracie Glam and Xander Corvus

Without giving too much of the amazing ending away, Madelyn (Gracie Glam) and Donovan (Xander Corvus) are re-united. The scene begins with Xander kissing Gracie, as he undresses her and rubs her clitoris while they sit on the piano bench. Gracie receives oral and then she stands with her back against the piano, as Xander pleasures her. Doggy-style is shown next, followed by a blowjob and spooning, and the scene finishes with Xander ejaculating on Gracie’s stomach after missionary position.

I wasn’t a big fan of the sex in this scene, as it lacks foreplay and intimacy. While the handholding and resting of Xander’s head on Gracie’s shoulder are romantic gestures, Xander lacks eye contact during most of the scene. There is also a lot of aggressive rubbing of Gracie’s clitoris, which some viewers might find too rough for a Wicked Passions movie. The positions shown are also very short in duration.

Although, I wasn’t impressed with the sex, I really enjoyed the beginning of this scene, which shows Gracie playing the piano for Xander. The music is beautiful and it enhances the intimate moment where Xander is proudly and happily watching Gracie play the piano for him. This moment in the scene acts as a reminder to viewers about the importance of appreciating their partners, as it is a key ingredient for a healthy and happy relationship.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Immortal Love on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Immortal Love is a sensual and sophisticated movie that viewers will thoroughly enjoy, and should definitely add to their DVD collection. Stormy Daniels is incredible as writer and director for Immortal Love, as she understands how important foreplay and sensuality are to promoting the Wicked Passions brand to viewers who enjoy softer adult entertainment. I love Stormy’s scripts, as she has a knack for writing, and for creating characters that are real and relatable. The casting is crucial to the success of a Wicked Passions movie, and Stormy does it perfectly, as she understands the importance of actors’ chemistry and how it needs to be genuine, in order to engage and arouse her audience.

Gracie gives one of her best performances, as her acting continues to get better and better. Xander’s performance as a vampire is phenomenal, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part of Donovan, as this role was made for Xander. His acting continues to impress me. I really enjoyed Kris, Seth, and Mick’s performances, as well as Stormy’s cameo appearance. Alektra is fantastic as Ariel, and again, I cannot imagine anyone else playing this role with the same level of confidence and intensity that she portrays effortlessly. Brendon is perfectly cast as a street thug, and it is lovely to see the very expressive Chanel (although I wish that her role required more dialogue, in order to show her awesome acting abilities). Britney is absolutely adorable. Despite some awkwardness during her performance, I’m really impressed with her ability to maintain eye contact with Seth, and I know that her confidence as a performer will increase with time.

The crew does a phenomenal job on this movie! The film is visually stunning, and I can watch this movie over and over again simply because of the incredibly beautiful cinematography. The lighting is excellent and creates a very romantic atmosphere, and the set design is exquisite. The lingerie is classy and sexy, (especially Alektra’s outfit) and the make-up is beautifully applied.

My favourite aspect of the movie is the music, which is perfection! The opening selection sets the tone for the movie, and enhances every emotion of every scene in the film. Music has a powerful impact on people, and I think that it’s underrated as a key tool in portraying foreplay in adult movies. For me, sound can either be arousing or off-putting, and in this case, the selection of music is incredibly engaging and arousing.

Ultimately, Immortal Love is a movie experience that will have a lasting emotional impact on viewers, as Stormy has a brilliant knack for creating and portraying storylines that resonate with her audience. This is the perfect movie selection for Halloween, or for simply a dark, cold and rainy evening, as Immortal Love will keep viewers warm and ravenous.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5