The third installment of jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex breaks down and talks about position basics. Like the other movies in this series, jessica acts as our guide and her friends (Aubrey Addams, India Summer, Megan Voughn Victoria Lawson, Justin Magnum, Rocco Reed, TJ Cummings and Tyler Knight) demonstrate said positions as well as answer some personal questions about their own preferences in bed.


Like the other titles in this series, we start with a few quick questions for the couples. They start off with what everyone’s favorite position is and as you expect, the answers vary widely. Though the most popular seems to be missionary do to it being easier for the girl to orgasm and allows for many variations and eye contact. What is your least favorite is just as eclectic with its answers. Piledriver was almost unanimously mentioned by the guys though. There is another one more on actual positions and that one is asking what the craziest position they have tried? My favorite answer came from Tyler when he said he was doing reverse cowgirl and the girl reached back to brace herself and ended up poking his eye with her thumbs. Obviously that is painful but it is something that does happen from time to time. What the most important thing in bed is the final question and most of the couples seemed to agree that communication is very important, as well as being open to new things.


Now it’s time to learn about the actual positions that are going to be talked about on this DVD. Missionary is the first position and is demonstrated by India and Justin. On top of the basic positions they are also going to talk about little variations so after the basic missionary, India and Justin move into their first variation where India puts her legs together and outstretches them while he thrusts. The next variation involves the girl to put her legs around the guy’s legs and out her feet flat on the bed. This is something I have experience in, with both guys and girls, it feels amazing if done correctly because of the deep penetration and I just love arching my back or watching someone’s back arch. Next is wrapping the legs around the waist which allows for deeper penetration. The final variation is having her put her feet or ankles on the guys shoulder. This is particularly great if you or your partner likes to lick or suck on toes.


Here we have Victoria and TJ to demonstrate doggie. They start off in your basic “on all fours” doggie. Just like missionary, this is a male dominate position and is especially fun if you are into rougher sex because it allows for spanking and hair pulling, plus it allows the woman to push back against her partner. The first variation involves pulling her up toward you so that you are front to back. This allows for a lot of intimacy because it allows both people to kiss, if only a little strangely. Next is the face down variant, allowing her to use manual stimulation or a toy. The guy lies on top of her while thrusting inside her for this next variation before the final one which is described as acrobatic as the guy lifts her lower body up in the air. You’d think that would be enough variation but we haven’t done any standing ones yet and that is what up next. The two of them basically fall into regular standing and being bent over or against something, like a wall or desk. They finish up by mentioning that doggie is quite common for anal sex as well.


For the final two positions we get to see the female dominated positions. Cowgirl is the first version and we see Aubrey and Rocco demonstrating. Just like before, we start off with a basic cowgirl. Personally my favorite is cowgirl because it allows I feel it has the highest amount of intimacy, short of just kissing. For the first variation we have the girl arching her back and bracing on his legs. After this we see her lie on top of him, similarly to how the guy did so in missionary. Reverse cowgirl is then discussed. It’s pretty much the one variation that pretty much everyone probably already knows about. Just like regular cowgirl, are different things you can try with your legs, open or closed, to get different sensations? One thing reverse cowgirl does have over regular cowgirl is that it is easy to do in a chair or something similar.


We are back to India and Justin for spoons. Now it was said that the next two positions were supposed to be female dominate. I am not sure if they meant cowgirl and reverse cowgirl as spate or not but if they meant spoons as I don’t really consider than female dominated. Anyway, spoons is pretty basic with both partners lying on their sides while the guy enters from behind. You could almost call this a variation on doggie as well.

Challenge Positions:

This next section is for the more adventurous pairs out there and should probably not be attempted if you are unsure. For the demonstrations we have Tyler and Megan Voughn showing us the way. Everyone knows what 69ing looks like but the first position is standing 69. Standing missionary follows this with what is sometimes called the hanging gardens, where the guy lifts up the girl off the ground while in standing missionary or standing doggie. In this case they show the missionary version.


Just like the other installments there isn’t much in the way of extras. We do get trailers for the other installments as well as two bonus scenes. The first is a shower scene involving Aubrey Addams and Rocco Reed and the second one is a bedroom scene with Rihanna Rimes and Tyler Knight. Personally I would have liked to have seen one with the other two couples as well. I am also wondering why Rihanna Rimes was in the scene with Tyler instead of Megan. I tried looking up her name, unless it was misspelled in the movie, and could find any other titles. So I am thinking she might not be a regular performer, which may explain her apparent nervousness during the interviews.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Seeing that I have consumed quite a bit of pornography over the years and have experimented quite a bit in my personal life, the positions shown in this movie were all things I had either tried or still do on a regular basis. There is a reason why this is about basic positions because it’s really more for beginners or for people that want to try something new but don’t want to go too far and potentially hurt themselves or their partner. So with that in mind I think they did another excellent job with this title. As I mentioned in the extras section, I would have liked to have seen a bonus scene with at least one, if not both, of the other couples. Overall a good title and I give this a 4.5 out of 5. Personally I am looking forward to the next one from jessica which I heard is going to be about oral sex on females. Even though my girlfriend and I have a lot of experience there, I am sure we can learn something.