Review of Lost Love

    The newest outing from Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong, Lost Love, delves into grieving process and what happens when someone ends up losing control. Beth (jessica drake) suddenly loses her husband (Ryan Driller). Luckily, she has her sister (Penny Pax) and her husband (Donnie Rock) to help her get through things but even that isn’t enough after a while and she turns to a support group. She finds solace in their stories, knowing she’s not alone, but those quickly turn into sexual escapades that spin her deeper and deeper. Is sex enough to fill that void or is having a Lost Love a hurt that never fades?

    Scene 1: jessica drake and Ryan Driller

    We open with jessica sitting on her bed when Penny comes in to show her two outfits to pick from for a funeral. After the funeral we hear her thinking about and then seeing about how bad the gathering back at her place was going to be. She ends up in her room and is then joined by Ryan Driller, aka her lost love. They start kissing almost immediately as they start disrobing and engaging in some light foreplay before jessica spreads her legs so that Ryan can eat her out. After this Ryan leans back for a sensual blowjob. From there they go into missionary as jessica coos and moans. Ryan gets to lay down next as jessica finishes getting undresses and climbs on up for cowgirl. From there they roll over into spoons before Ryan cums in her mouth which she then happily swallows. Ryan and jessica have been hooking up in Wicked’s big budget releases for the last few years and you can tell why. They have incredible chemistry and this soft and sensual scene is the perfect way to start things off.

    Scene 2: jessica drake

    We see jessica awaken, nude in her bed, and heartbroken when she realizes she is alone. She breaks down while standing in her kitchen and collapsing on the floor before the we skip ahead to a year later. Her voice over talks about trying to move on and shows her going into a grievers support group. We see Eve (Kira Noir) share the story about what happened to her dad and afterward jessica reveals that she isn’t ready to share yet, after she leaves the meeting. The movie then switches to jessica laying on a rug in a black bra and panties set, her lost lover’s suit on the ground next to her as she starts to rub herself. She then proceeds to masturbate, using his tie at one point and laying on top of the suit. This is a short scene, as would be expected from a masturbation scene, but it really conveys the hurt that she is feeling.

    Scene 3: Penny Pax and Donnie Rock

    Back to reality, of sorts, as we join jessica again as she remembers back to happier times and how she is worried that those memories, over time, will simply fade away. Next we join Penny and Donnie as they are waking up. Donnie is feeling frisky, but Penny says she has a busy day, so they must make it quick. Donnie wastes zero time and immediately works his way down her body and starts licking her pussy. From there Penny takes care of “Mr. Happy” and works her mouth up and down his shaft. Cowgirl is the first position as Penny bounces up and down, Donnie’s thrust matching her intensity along the way. They both get on their sides for spoons and from there into missionary. They finish with Donnie pulling out and ejaculating into Penny’s mouth. I like that the setup here is that they need to make it quick because she has a busy day and the sex reflects that. Nothing is over the top and I also liked, even though I know many viewers don’t, that they showed the guy reaching for and putting his condom on. And it is always fun watching Penny on screen. She is such a natural.

    Scene 4: jessica drake and Jessie Lee

    Back to jessica and we hear her thinking about how she felt on the anniversary of his death and that she was surprised that she didn’t breakdown. Penny on the other hand, while she doesn’t have a breakdown, feels sad. After her husband leaves, jessica is there to console her a bit before they both head off to the cemetery where jessica does end up breaking down and cries. We then see jessica at her support group meeting where she again doesn’t say anything. She ends up sneaking out though and meets with a fellow member of the group (Jessie Lee) outside the door. They have a nice chat and then go out to a bar but get crappy service and they leave. They then sneak into a junkyard, complete with adorable junkyard dog. They then chat some more, and Jessie talks about liking the solitude and living in the moment and that eventually leads to them kissing. They are both dressed in black as they engage in some foreplay before Jessie starts to lick her. Jessie gets on her knees on the car’s hood so that jessica can return the favor. On top of licking her, jessica adds some fingering action and some ass licking as well before they start tribbing on the car hood. It’s always cool to see a “dirty” scene thrown in on a feature like this. They don’t go too far with it but the junkyard setting, and the harder sex is fitting, and much appreciated as a shakeup.

    Scene 5: Kira Noir and Brad Armstrong

    Back to the support group we see Brad sharing his story. He is consoled by Kira he struggles to get his story out. He gets up and leaves in order to compose himself and is then joined by Kira in the restroom. They begin to kiss after a short conversation as Brad fingers her as well as she leans against a wall. This leads to Brad going to his knees as he starts eating her out and fingering her more before she returns with a BJ. From there they go into standing doggie and then cowgirl on top of a sink with Kira hanging onto. Kira spins around for reverse cowgirl next as they get on the ground to make things easier. Standing doggie again but this time anal as Kira is bent over the sink before dropping to her knees and taking his cumshot on her face. Just like the last scene I would classify this as “dirty” compared to the rest of the movie. Nothing wrong with that though since you can feel the passion through the screen and the nice thing is that it is very realistic. Grieving can lead to people trying to find anything to fill the void.

    Scene 6: jessica drake

    Back to jessica as she continues to struggle with her loss as she goes back to his grave to talk to him. Overcome with grief she then starts to masturbate in order to connect with him and probably to push away the pain. This solo scene isn’t nearly as long as the previous solo. She does do a wonderful job here though as she seems to nearly break out into tears throughout the scene, really tapping into her character’s struggles.

    Scene 7: jessica drake and Small Hands

    As jessica walks back out the cemetery she is startled by a stranger, Ryan (Small Hands). Turns out she was watching her masturbate on her husband’s grave but isn’t judging her. They talk about how they both prefer to be alone and he suggests that maybe they could go somewhere to be alone together. She agrees and they walk off. She takes him back to her house and when they are there, she asks him to put on one of her husband’s suits. He goes and puts it on, and she starts to rub against him as they start to kiss. He starts to take off the suit, but she stops him, wanting him to keep it on, before dropping down to give him a BJ. She then lays back on the bed as he starts licking her while she rubs herself a little before going into missionary. He uses his tie as blindfold as they go into spoons next with jessica nearly falling off the bed and then up on her knees for doggie. The scene wraps up with Small cumming on her tongue while she is still blindfolded. As with most of the scenes in this movie, this one is quite sensual It was a nice touch having Small wear the suit as well because I have heard of people doing things like that. It sounds a bit strange to me but I’ve never lost someone like jessica’s character did so I can’t say that I wouldn’t go there.

    She wakes up and finds a note apparently from Small saying how he wants to be with her, but he knows they can’t be together because it just won’t work out, implying that they can’t be together until she moves further along in her grief. Now what happens next is very shocking and confusing storyline wise so I won’t spoil it here, but I will say it threw me for a loop, but it was rattling around in my head throughout the movie.

    Final Thoughts and Rating:

    Before the final scene I thought that this movie was good but a bit formulaic. That’s why the execution of the entire story is so important. At the end of the day though when jessica and Brad team up, they come up with something special and moving and that is what they have accomplished here if you are willing to watch and pay attention and let yourself feel the emotions of the characters. I have been lucky. as of late, with my reviews. This movie is the fourth one I’ve seen and reviewed the last couple months that I would elevate to being more than just porn and reaching the level of art. Perhaps I’m romanticizing things a bit, but porn used to be like this all the time or at least most of the time and I feel like we are heading in that direction again, at least I hope so. If you are lucky enough to have a partner, I would suggest you watch this together and I have a feeling that most, not all, single men may find this movie a bit schmaltzy, but I say give it a chance. All in all, this is well crafted movie that deserves views and I give Lost Love a 5 out of 5.

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