Wicked Passions presents Love Blossoms, a story about an intelligent young girl named Jane(Jessie Andrews) who is being groomed to take over her father’s modeling agency. With a successful career path in front of her and an attractive model-boyfriend of two years, Remy (Nick Manning), it seems that Jane has the perfect life. But appearances can be deceiving, as a tragic car accident changes Jane’s life forever. With no memory of her sister, Kate (Heather Starlet), or long-time friend and horticulturalist, Brian (Kris Slater), Jane doesn’t remember anyone or anything prior to her accident, and it leaves her questioning everything, especially her relationship with Remy. While trying to regain her memory, Jane finds solace in Brian’s unconditional love and understanding, and wonders if something more than friendship is blossoming between them. Does Jane find the courage to overcome her adversity and follow her heart down a new path, or does she remain lost and disconnected in a life that lacks true fulfillment?

Scene 1: Jessie Andrews and Nick Manning

The movie begins with Brian working outside in the garden. Jane (Jessie Andrews) and Remy (Nick Manning) approach, and she compliments Brian (Kris Slater) on the flowers. As a token of appreciation, Brian gives Jane a red Persian Buttercup (flower). After knocking over a couple of Brian’s potted plants, Remy checks himself out in the mirror and becomes impatient, saying that he has to take a shower before his salon appointment. Jane and Remy leave while Brian looks at the knocked over plants and shakes his head in disbelief over Remy’s lack of respect and arrogance.

The next scene shows Remy tickling Jane on the couch. She’s disappointed that her Dad is not letting her run the modeling agency on a full-time basis yet and Remy attempts to cheer her up. Jessie and Nick kiss deeply and he runs his hands thoroughly over her body. He kisses her through her clothes and lays her down on the couch while maintaining eye contact with her. Jessie receives oral sex and then the missionary position is shown. Nick receives a blowjob and the sex ends in the spooning position where Jessie removes Nick’s condom and gives him a quick handjob. The scene ends with Nick ejaculating on Jessie’s abdomen and they share a post-coital smile.

This is a scene that viewers will enjoy watching, as it demonstrates foreplay and couples-friendly sexual positions. Nick’s performance is impressive as he is very attentive to Jessie. He maintains consistent eye contact with Jessie throughout the scene and he is very aware of his hands, as he takes his time to thoroughly touch her. I enjoyed how he kisses, licks and rubs down Jessie’s body before performing oral sex on her, as it builds anticipation for viewers.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, I have three criticisms. First, while Jessie and Nick did make eye contact from time to time, Jessie couldn’t seem to connect with Nick on a consistent basis, which is really important when performing in movies that cater to women and couples because viewers want to see and feel the emotional connection between performers. Second, the sucking and slurping noises that are made during the blowjob are off-putting and I feel that they should have been toned down a bit for a Passions movie. Third, when Nick pulls out of Jessie at the end of the missionary position, she takes off his condom and throws it on the couch where it’s blatantly visible to viewers during the blowjob. The condom should have been removed from the couch between shots, or fixed during editing. It’s distracting, and somewhat tacky, as the Passions brand embodies an etiquette and decorum that sets itself apart from hardcore features.

Overall, this is a good scene that viewers will appreciate and enjoy watching.

Scene 2: Lizz Tayler and Brad Tyler

Brian sits on the couch drinking a glass of white wine and decides to check his voicemail. He receives many messages from his brother, Charlie (Brad Tyler), who is worried about him. A frustrated Charlie and his girlfriend, Jill (Lizz Tayler), arrive at Brian’s house and ask him why he hasn’t returned Charlie’s messages. Brian needs some relationship advice and Jill is happy to provide insight from a female perspective. Confident that Jill’s advice will solve his problem, Brian excuses himself to take a walk and clear his head. Impressed with Jill’s sensitive intuition, Charlie gives her an appreciative kiss.

The sex begins with lots of hot foreplay that includes kissing and touching. Brad kisses Lizz’s neck and rubs her breasts and leg. She hops on top and kisses him, and then sits in Brad’s lap as they kiss and he massages her leg and thigh. He kisses her neck and rubs her through her panties. Brad lays her down on the couch, she smiles at him, they kiss more and he takes off her underwear. Brad kisses down Lizz’s stomach before performing oral sex on her. He receives a blowjob and then the cowgirl position is shown. The sex concludes in missionary. Brad pulls out and Lizz gives him a quick handjob where he ejaculates on her chest. The scene concludes with a sweet and sensual kiss.

This scene is the absolute epitome of a Wicked Passions movie, as it effortlessly embodies key characteristics of softer adult entertainment such as foreplay, communication and sensuality. Lizz and Brad have an amazing on-screen chemistry that is really enjoyable to watch! They easily connect with each other and demonstrate reciprocated foreplay.

Lizz blew me away with her performance and I was thoroughly impressed! Her eye contact is consistent throughout the scene and she easily communicates her feelings to Brad, which is really important for viewers to see, as eye contact and communication are vital to having fulfilling sex. She also gives Brad one of the classiest blowjobs I’ve ever seen! I’m not generally a fan of watching blowjobs, but Lizz really impressed me with her subtle yet effective technique. There was a lack of slurping and popping noises and very little saliva, all of which I appreciate immensely when watching softer adult entertainment. I love how she kisses and licks Brad through his briefs and then looks up at him – it’s a hot shot that director Barrett Blade captures perfectly. Lizz and Brad also hold hands during this act and she makes consistent eye contact with him while rubbing his chest.

My only criticism of this scene is that Brad’s eye contact could be more consistent, but other than that, this is a phenomenal scene that viewers will thoroughly enjoy (especially the missionary position).

Scene 3: Heather Starlet and Ryan Mclane

Kate (Heather Starlet) returns from running errands and drops her bag while attempting to access her keys. She hears a voice and looks up to see her ex-boyfriend, Roger (Ryan Mclane). They haven’t seen each other for a long time and catch up on each other’s news. He picks up Kate’s bag for her and says that it was great to see her. When their hug lingers for a moment, Roger offers to take her out for a drink. They go out and reminisce about their past and Roger asks why they originally broke up. Kate says she’s not sure, but raises her glass and toasts to a new beginning.

The sex begins with an abundance of kissing and mutual touching, which is something that viewers will appreciate. Heather unbuttons Ryan’s shirt and runs her hand over his chest proclaiming that he looks amazing. He returns the compliment. More kissing ensues and Ryan removes her dress and underwear. Oral sex is performed on Heather, followed by the sixty-nine position. Spooning is shown next, followed by cowgirl and the sex concludes in doggy-style with Ryan ejaculating on Heather’s bum. The scene ends with an appreciative kiss.

This is a good scene and viewers will appreciate Heather and Ryan’s lengthy foreplay and communication. Heather is very communicative with Ryan throughout the scene and constantly gives him positive re-enforcement during the various sexual positions. It’s nice to see the sixty-nine position shown, as it’s not a position that is frequently featured in Passions movies, so I think couples will find it refreshing and appreciate watching it. Ryan’s eye contact is good and he is attentive to Heather.

My only criticism of this scene is during the sixty-nine position when Ryan momentarily rubs Heather’s clitoris aggressively and Heather makes some popping noises. I don’t think these two observations will distract viewers, as overall Ryan and Heather have a good performance that viewers will enjoy.

Scene 4: Chanel Preston and Nick Manning

Remy (Nick Manning) is on set getting ready to shoot a jeans advertisement when he sees Natalie (Chanel Preston), a model with whom he has had a professional and personal relationship. They begin shooting the ad and take a break for lunch where Nick makes a sleazy deal with Natalie to advance his career.

The sex begins with sensual kissing as Nick licks Chanel’s neck and chest slowly and seductively. The foreplay increases when Nick takes off Chanel’s shorts and runs his fingers across her underwear playfully while maintaining eye contact with her. Chanel removes her bra and Nick fingers her while teasing her mouth with his tongue. Nick removes her panties and reaches for a condom (which is cleverly hidden by a crew member between the cushions of the couch). Missionary position is shown first, followed by reverse cowgirl. Nick removes the condom and Chanel receives oral sex. Nick is given a blowjob and then puts on a new condom. The cowgirl position is shown next and the scene finishes in missionary position with a quick handjob that allows Nick to ejaculate on Chanel’s abdomen. She smiles slyly and they share a tender kiss.

Nick and Chanel have a hot chemistry in this very sensual scene. There is a lot of playful and teasing foreplay that I think viewers will really enjoy. Again, Nick has an amazing performance here. He is very attentive to Chanel and uses his hands consistently. Nick and Chanel seldom break eye contact and they hold hands during a couple of positions. My favourite part of the scene is when Chanel receives oral, as she looks at Nick and bursts out laughing (I’m guessing it was because Nick did something to tickle her). Viewers don’t tend to see a lot of laughing during sex, perhaps because it’s unprofessional, but I enjoyed Chanel’s spontaneous outburst because it’s cute and genuine. It’s moments like this that remind viewers that sex is supposed to be fun and laid-back, and Barrett does a wonderful job capturing this candid emotion.

While I enjoyed this scene immensely, I have a couple of criticisms. First, Chanel swears too much during the scene, which I don’t feel is appropriate to show in a Passions movie, although I don’t think it’s something that will distract or offend viewers. Second, the blowjob is a bit too aggressive for a movie that caters to women and couples, as the popping and slurping noises are better reserved for hardcore adult entertainment.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy Nick and Chanel’s playfully sensual chemistry.

Scene 5: Jessie Andrews and Kris Slater

Jane (Jessie Andrews) and Kate (Heather Starlet) go to the junkyard to retrieve a box of items from Jane’s demolished car. When they return, Jane opens up the box and makes a surprising discovery. Without spoiling the ending, Jane rushes off to find Brian (Kris Slater) and share with him her sudden realization.

The sex begins with Kris thoroughly kissing every part of Jessie’s body. He massages her through her panties before removing them. Kris performs oral sex on Jessie and then he receives a blowjob. Missionary position is shown next followed by cowgirl. The sex concludes in the spooning position where Kris holds Jessie’s hand and sucks on her fingers. He ejaculates on her stomach and they smile at each other in post-coital bliss.

This is a tender scene that viewers will enjoy watching. Kris is very attentive to Jessie and his eye contact is consistent throughout the scene. My favourite part is when Kris looks up teasingly at Jessie while performing oral sex on her and Barrett captures this playful moment beautifully.

As much as I liked this scene, I have two criticisms. First, the spitting and slurping during the blowjob are a turn-off. Second, Jessie’s eye contact with Kris could be more consistent.

Ultimately, viewers will appreciate the foreplay and tenderness of this scene.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Love Blossoms on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts

Love Blossoms is a well-written story about tragedy, truth, and triumph that is beautifully created by writer Scott Fayner. Director Barrett Blade evokes the essence of this script effectively, as there are many moments during the film where his camera angles candidly capture the physical and emotional intimacy between performers. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when Jane and Kate are sitting on the couch and Jane decides that she’s ready to open the box of her belongings from her car. The close-up of Jessie’s face, the lighting and the music capture this critical moment in the movie perfectly. The locations and set design are awesome, and the music enhances every scene throughout the movie. I also appreciate the balance between the storyline and the sex scenes, as the editing allows the movie to flow seamlessly.

The cast is well chosen. Jessie plays innocent and intelligent Jane with grace and poise and Nick plays arrogant and insensitive Remy perfectly! Kris plays caring and down-to-earth Brian with a realism and practicality that is astute and genuine. Brad, Ryan, Heather, Chanel and Lizz are solid in their roles. Although her acting role is super short in this movie, I firmly believe that Lizz should have received a nomination for her performance because it’s sizzling!

My only major criticism is that there is noticeable background noise from the traffic outside in a lot of the scenes, which is difficult to mask with music.

Ultimately, Love Blossoms is an enjoyable movie experience that reminds viewers that sometimes the most tragic accidents in life allow people to find their truth and triumph over adversity.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5