Magic MikeYou knew that the surprise hit from 2012 was going to have to get the XXX treatment at some point, especially since the sequel was coming out this year too. I believe it had been attempted elsewhere but you had to know that one of the big studios were needed to do it justice and that is exactly what Wicked Picture and Brad Armstrong have done. For those that don’t, the story revolves around Mike (Derrick Pierce) a hard working man who does construction by day and is a male stripper at night. The movie follows him and his fellow male strippers as they live their lives and hope for a somewhat better life. So set back and enjoy Wicked’s newest parody Magic Mike XXXL.

Scene 1: India Summer and Derrick Pierce

After a short scene where Derrick shows off his dance moves we move to an office setting where Derrick is showing a loan officer, played by India Summer, some of his ideas in the hopes of getting a loan. He doesn’t have the credit and then admits that he is a male stripper. He then figures he needs collateral and proceeds to pull money out of his underwear as India looks on. You can tell she is getting hot and bothered before they start kissing over the desk. After disrobing a bit India hops on the desk and starts to suck him off for a while before he slides his tongue and fingers in her pussy. India then straddles him in reverse cowgirl for the first position. She crawls back on the desk next for missionary before dropping to her knees to receive his load on her face. Now I have been an admirer of India’s for a long time now and this is the first time I can remember ever seeing her act like this in a scene. What I mean by that is the woman who acts all “silly” around a guy she thinks is hot. I thought it was quite cute and really worked well for the buildup in this scene. I would have liked for the scene to be a little longer as well but overall a nice start.

Scene 2: Maddy O’Reilly and Seth Gamble

As it turns out, the previous scene was just a dream. After he gets up goes to his day job working construction he runs into a young man played by Seth Gamble. Seth ended up accidentally nailing his shoe to a board and is clearly not cut out for construction so Derrick hooks him up by offering him work at the club. They meet up that night and Derrick introduces him to the rest of the guys and he is also acquainted with Rita (Maddy O’Reilly) who is basically the clubs resident groupie. This is a BJ only scene and in fact we see Maddy giving one of the other guys off toward the beginning of this scene as well. Maddy maintains good eye contact throughout the scene and just seems to be having a good time all around and finishes Seth off by letting him cum in her mouth. I figured that there would be at least one BJ only scene in this movie so I wasn’t surprised here but in general I am not a fan of BJ only scenes unless they make sense as far as the story goes I think this one does fit the story. I like the special touch of having Maddy’s makeup runny, as if to show she has been sucking the guys off for a while now.

Scene 3: Jessa Rhodes, Amirah Adara, Seth Gamble and Ryan Mclane

Next we are treated to a montage of the guys dancing and to Seth’s character’s first time on stage which goes clumsily at times. Seth then ends up getting all cozy with a birthday girl ad her friend (Jessa Rhodes and Amirah Adara) after the show. They want to have some more fun and Ryan offers his services. The scene then changes to a living room where we find Ryan eating out Amirah and Jessa giving Seth a BJ. Jessa then bends over for doggie while Amirah starts sucking Ryan off. The guys switch partners as both have a go in missionary. Things get stepped up next as Amirah and Jessa go into cowgirl with their guys, though both versions are a bit different. The scene finishes with both couples side by side on the couch in cowgirl before both ladies get their faces painted with their guy’s cum and to top it off they share a kiss too. This is definitely a step up in intensity from the previous scenes and it is definitely a fun watch. I will say that, besides the kiss they shared at the end, that there wasn’t any interaction between Jessa and Amirah and that I did find that a bit disappointing.

Scene 4: Adriana Chechik and Tommy Gunn

It is now the next morning with Derrick who is seen in bed with two women, one of whom is played by Eva Angelina in a pleasant surprise. Derrick then goes to pick up Seth at his sister’s house (jessica drake). After a quick chat Seth comes out and they leave to go to the club but before that Derrick tells him how hot his sister is. Later on at the club we get more dancing from the guys. We then switch to outside the club where Adriana and Tommy are chatting. They then go to what assume is her place where they quickly start getting it on. They quickly work their way to the bedroom where Adriana works his cock with her mouth. This goes on for a little bit as she takes off her clothes throughout before bending over for some energetic doggie. During this we also see a mystery women (Kendra Lust) watching from the hallway. Things switch up after this as they go into spoons. Tommy then finishes up by cumming on her tongue and face. Just like the last scene this one is a high energy scene and stays high energy throughout. I also liked that this scene is what I refer to as raw, in that it is just pure sexual energy. The two people want to have sex and that’s it. No romance involved or anything, just pure carnal lust.

Scene 5: Kendra Lust and Tommy Gunn

As it turns out, Kendra is Adriana’s stepmom and now she wants her turn with Tommy as she catches him before he leaves. Kendra start’s things off a bit differently as she licks his shaft but she decides to be more slow and deliberate. She then gets undressed and has Tommy sit down so she can ride him in cowgirl. Missionary is the next position and then right into doggie. The scene wraps up with Tommy pulling out and dropping his load on her ass. Adriana even comes in afterward and vents frustration over her stepmom doing “it” again. While not as high energy as the last scene it is a nice compliment to it in that it is just as intense. I liked the contrast too between Adriana’s submissive nature and Kendra’s more dominant nature.

Scene 6: Misty Stone and Derrick Pierce

All the guys then have a meeting where it’s revealed that they now have a new boss played by Misty Stone. She and Derrick have some history as it turns out and they end up going to her room where they start making right away, Derrick starts things off with some nice pussy licking before Misty returns the favor with her mouth as well. Derrick lies on his back so that Misty can ride him in cowgirl for the first position. They then roll right into doggie for a bit before finishing up in missionary. Derrick finishes with a pretty big cum shot that dribbles down Misty’s mouth. What can you really say about Misty Stone. She is one of the best in the business for a reason and this scene shows how she got that reputation.

Scene 7: Asa Akira, Bridgette B, Tommy Gunn and Ryan Driller

After the next dance sequence some of the guys talk about maybe they should use the club as a base to shoot their own porn and with Misty’s help they decide to go ahead and try it. After some drama they are ready to shoot. It starts off fast as the ladies suck off the guys. Asa is with Tommy and Bridgette with Ryan. Both couples then go into some hot 69 action before Asa lies on her back for missionary and Bridgette goes into reverse cowgirl. This setup doesn’t last long though as Asa switches to a seated reverse cowgirl soon after. She even goes into a bit of doggie and regular cowgirl too. The ladies then switch partners as Tommy takes Bridgette in missionary, both vaginally and anally while Asa works her mouth on Ryan’s pole. Bridgette and Ryan do some standing doggie and then piledriver. Both ladies then take their pops on their faces while they sit back to back. This is scene is by far the most “porny” in the movie and for good reason, obviously. I particularly liked all the differing positions that were used here but again I would have liked to have seen some interaction between the ladies but I understand why they didn’t do that in either scene.

Scene 8: Katrina Jade, Rob Piper and Tony Martinez

Now we are on to the second porn scene they are shooting and this one involves two of the guys in cop gear. Once everything is set the guys start kissing and rubbing on Katrina. There is quite a bit of foreplay here before Katrina goes down to suck and rub both guys off. She then concentrates on Tony for a bit while Rob is off screen before he comes back so she can ride him in cowgirl and then doggie. Tony then gets his first go in missionary and then doggie. Both guys finish up by cumming on her mouth and face. Unfortunately this is my least favorite scene in the movie. Something just feels off and the fact is that both guys seemed to have issues getting or staying hard.

Scene 9: jessica drake and Derrick Pierce

I won’t talk about the rest of the story in order to allow you all to see it yourself and instead go right into the final scene. After Derrick shows up to chat with jessica and he comes in and they start kissing and making out. After some nice foreplay jessica gets on the table as Derrick eats her out. She stays right there for missionary and then seated reverse cowgirl. The paid then finishes in cowgirl before he pulls out and jerks off onto her tongue. Here we have another high energy and sexy scene and a great way to finish off the movie. Interestingly enough, it is the only scene without a blowjob, except for the very end after he cums.


There are some pretty cool extras on this two disc set. Three isn’t a traditional BTS but there is extended dance sequence footage and video of the dance rehersals, as well as interviews and video on how they built the main bar set. There are of course trailers and a photo gallery and three bonus sex scenes. Two of these feature jessica drake. The first from Love, Lust & Longing with Kurt Lockwood and the other from Bikini Outlaws with Eric Masterson. The third scene features Asa Akira and Danny Mountain from Impulse.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The tagline for this movie is “This one’s for the ladies” and they were not kidding. Very rarely do you get a movie that features male talent like this on the straight side of porn. In fact I might venture a guess and say that a movie like this hasn’t been made in at least the last 10 years, maybe even longer. This is definitely a movie that women are going to want to pick up or for guys to pick up to watch with their girlfriend or wife. The nice thing is that you have the guys front and center which most of the ladies will like but there is also plenty of hot and dirty sex for the guys. I will definitely have to go back and rewatch the original movie now because it has been a while but overall this is a solid title, with the exception of the 8th scene, and I give it a 4.5 out of 5.