Massage SchoolIt’s a porn staple, masseuses who go a little further. In this outing from Wicked Pictures and Brad Armstrong, not only do these naughty masseuses go the extra mile but they also take everything they can. jessica drake plays the owner of an outcall massage service. Their clientele is men who have plenty of money and everything to lose if their wives find out. I guess that’s what happens though when you go with Massage School Dropouts.

Scene 1: Lezley Zen and Erik Everhard

As the opening credits start we see Lezley massaging Erik Everhard with her hands and breasts. Once the credits are over we see the two of them talking and Lezley asks how often he gets massages and if he gets “full service” ones. He says yes and the massage continues as he flips over onto his back. After Erik agrees to pay what she suggests the action starts with Lezley jerking and sucking him off. Lezley then straddles him in cowgirl and rides him hard and fast in reverse cowgirl too. Doggie is the next position and then they finish in missionary. Lezley finishes off by dropping to her knees and taking Erik’s load in her waiting mouth. You can’t go wrong with a hot opening sex scene and that is just what we get here. I love Lezley’s energy in this scene and she does a great job of dirty talk as well.

Scene 2: Katrina Jade, Vicki Chase and Brad Armstrong

While Erik takes a shower we see Lezley help herself to a bunch of other stuff in the room before leaving, revealing what is really going on with the company. She then meets up with the other ladies at jessica’s place and they all show what they took from their clients. After the divide up the hall, Lezley’s client calls to rat her out but is then blackmailed because hey, he did just pay someone for a full service massage.

The next client is played by Brad Armstrong and he gets the benefit of two masseuses. In this case Katrina and Vicki. While Katrina sets up, Vicki tries to up sell the massage package he asked for in a cute way but Katrina just butts in and tells him that if you want to pay more we’ll fuck your brains out. He agrees, pays and they get started with a striptease. They oil each other down during the tease as Brad watches closely before he joins them and starts kissing them. It’s not long after that and the ladies are sucking him off. Vicki gets on the table next and gets serviced by Katrina and Brad while she sucks off Brad. Katrina then gets worked on by Brad while she continues to eat Vicki before Vicki gets the first sex position, missionary. From there she turns over to doggie, first vaginally then anally. Now it’s Katrina’s turn as she rides Brad in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while she makes out with Vicki. The final final position is Katrina’s and it’s doggie, while Brad fingers Vicki some more. Brad eventually pulls out and cums in both ladies mouths. In a girl/girl/boy scene, the guy will typically do one position with one girl and then switch then do the next position with the other girl. It was kinda cool to see them go with doing all the position with one and then all the positions with other instead of switching off. It creates a nice flow for the scene. Also, I liked the contrast between Katrina and Vicki in that they more or less stayed in character. There is a humorous, you might say, situation that occurs after this scene but I don’t want to spoil it.

Scene 3: jessica drake and Barrett Blade

The next day Vicki is telling the story to the girls and jessica talks about going to take the stuff over to their fencer Jimmy, played by Barrett Blade, and that she has a client herself later on. He tries to low-ball his offer but jessica entices him with her feminine wiles and he agrees. While seated in his chair the pair start to make out and soon after jessica is giving him a BJ. This doesn’t last too long as Barrett starts to eat her out. While staying on the desk, jessica leans back for missionary and then right into doggie. Barrett then sits back into his chair as jessica gets fully nude and settles on him in reverse cowgirl. The scene finishes with jessica catching his load in her mouth. Well what can you say about jessica, she always brings it and she does here again. Her energy throughout the scene was good and I she had some good dirty talk as well.

Scene 4: Lezley Zen, Remy LaCroix and Tommy Gunn

The client jessica has later that evening is played by Eric Masterson and is important for later on in the movie. After this we switch over to Lezley and Remy who are massaging Tommy together. They start playing together a bit and they even give him a discount before they start playing again. They start off by working his cock and oiling themselves up. Lezley even enjoys a bit of Remy’s pussy during this as well. Remy then hops on for cowgirl while Lezley grinds on his face. She hops down though to lick Remy a bit more before Remy slides up to ride Tommy’s face while Lezley gets into reverse cowgirl. Both ladies spin around to face each other and after that, Remy hops down and has some fun in doggie while she fingers and licks Lezley. Remy then hops onto Lezley as she lies on the table and Tommy switches between them. The scene finishes with Tommy popping on Lezley’s pussy with Remy licking it a bit before kissing Lezley. Just like in her earlier scene, Lezley brings a lot of energy and dirty talk which is a nice contrast with Remy’s innocence. I will say that I’m surprised that they had a second girl/girl/boy scene here but considering how they were shot differently, it doesn’t feel repetitive.

Scene 5: jessica drake, Lezley Zen, Remy LaCroix, Katrina Jade and Vicki Chase

There are some key plot points before and after the last scene that I can’t get into or I ruin the plot so I won’t get into it. All I will say is that this scene starts with all the girls meeting up at jessica’s and that she leaves to pick up some groceries. While she is away the other four start making out. As is my personal policy on group scenes I won’t really break this one down. By the time jessica gets back the girls are already starting to eat each other out and she soon joins them. What is then shown is one of my favorite all-girl group scenes I’ve seen this year (another one is in Girls Night, also from Wicked). As a proper group scene goes, everyone gets a chance with everyone else. Again, one of my personal favorites for this kind of scene. You could tell all the girls had a good time and the chemistry was really good.


I am kind of bummed that there isn’t a BTS on this video but beyond the usual Wicked extras (promo reels, pictures and trailers) there are four bonus scenes. The first one is from this movie and is a BJ scene with jessica drake and Eric Masterson. The others come from other Wicked movies and include Remy LaCroix and Xander Corvus from Harvest Moon, jessica drake, Asa Akira and Mr. Pete from Asa Gets Wicked and Katrina Jade, Ryan Driller and Ryan Mclane from Sinner’s Ball.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

A lot of companies and websites over the years have taken the naughty masseuse idea and run with it in the past. It is a rarity when a company decides to take that concept and develop a story around it. As I said above, the chemistry among the cast is top notch and each scene felt different enough so that it doesn’t get boring. One thing I did notice though, and it may have been on purpose, is that the picture went out of focus a few times. Other than that I thought everything really worked well in this movie and I give it a 4.75 out of 5.