Wicked Passions presents Meant to Be a story about young love and the complications that arise from growing up. Sara (Lexi Belle) is preparing to go to college when her best friend from childhood, Jacob (James Deen), drops a bombshell on her. Despite Jacob’s confession, Sara leaves for college to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Years pass and she starts a new romantic chapter with her fiancé, Michael (Tyler Nixon). A visit home to announce her engagement to her mother (Julia Ann), father (Tommy Gunn), best girlfriend (Nikki Daniels) and Ryan (Bill Bailey) leaves Sara confused when she realizes that Jacob is still on her mind and in her heart. Faced with a difficult decision, Sara must decide who will make her genuinely happy. Is it her smart, charming, and handsome lawyer-fiance Michael, or her devoted best friend, Jacob?

Scene 1: Lexi Belle and James Deen

After a heated argument with her mother (Julia Ann) over her future plans, Sara (Lexi Belle) receives a note from Jacob (James Deen) and sneaks out her bedroom window to the backyard to see him one last time before leaving for college.

The scene begins with kissing, as Lexi and James sit down on a blanket and begin to undress each other. James kisses her neck, massages her breasts and takes off her shorts before fingering her. Lexi receives oral sex and then gives James a blowjob. Missionary position is shown next followed by spooning and cowgirl. The sex concludes in missionary with James ejaculating on Lexi’s stomach.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this scene, I found it to be a disappointing start to the movie for a few reasons. First, I was surprised to see that there was no dialogue between Lexi and James before the sex started and this seemed unrealistic to me because Jacob had just revealed his love for Sara in a letter. It’s a big admission to make and would warrant some conversation before having sex, as it’s Sara and Jacob’s first time together. Also, conversation is foreplay for a lot of women because it helps affirm partners’ affection for each other. Thus, I think it would’ve been more realistic to show a conversation between Sara and Jacob before sex to create an emotional connection between the actors.

A second aspect of this scene that surprised me was the setting. Normally, I appreciate sex scenes that are shot outside of a bedroom because it can be more exciting and visually appealing to viewers. But in this case, I feel it’d be more appropriate to show Sara and Jacob having sex in a traditional bedroom setting, as it’s their first time together. This is important because the setting of a scene has a profound effect on viewers and helps them to engage with the movie by creating a specific atmosphere. In this case, a bedroom setting would create a romantic atmosphere where candles, flowers and softly lit lighting help to enhance the affection between Sara and Jacob. It also would’ve been a sweet gesture to see Jacob invite Sara over to his house (which is the perfect setting because viewers know that the couple won’t get caught by Sara’s mom). Here, Jacob could dim the lights, light candles, put on music (which was noticeably absent in this scene) spread rose petals across the bed, and ultimately create a warm, inviting and comfortable atmosphere to make love in. It’s also a turn-on for females to see the male actors making the effort to romance and seduce their on-screen partners, which makes for a very enjoying movie experience for viewers.

I know that a lot of people don’t lose their virginities in the most romantic or planned out ways, and perhaps that’s the reality that writer and director Stormy Daniels wanted to portray in this scene. However, viewers anticipate more romantic and sensual entertainment when they watch the Passions line of movies, as these are key aspects that softer adult movies embody. For me, there was nothing particularly tender or romantic about this scene and I was disappointed with Lexi and James’ slightly awkward and lukewarm sexual chemistry.

Last, I was genuinely shocked to see James open a condom with his teeth! This is very problematic because opening a condom with a person’s teeth can tear and damage the condom, making it less effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. While I have always applauded Wicked for using condoms to promote sex safe in their productions, I also feel it’s equally important to show viewers the correct way of using condoms, so that couples can have a safe and stress-free sexual experience.

Scene 2: Julia Ann and Tommy Gunn

After Sara’s mother (Julia Ann) throws Jacob’s letters to Sara in the trash, her husband (Tommy Gunn) engages her in a very profound conversation. Viewers are given an enlightening glimpse into Sara’s parents’ relationship, and after reassuring words are exchanged, they strengthen their relationship with tender lovemaking.

Foreplay begins with kissing, as Tommy rubs Julia’s bum and kisses her stomach and nipples. Julia receives oral sex and then gives Tommy a blowjob. Cowgirl position is shown next, followed by missionary. The sex concludes in a spooning position, with Tommy ejaculating on Julia’s thigh.

I really enjoyed this scene and I think that viewers will appreciate the emotional and sexual dynamic between Julia and Tommy. For me, their pre-sex conversation was powerful and it helped to rekindle the romance in their relationship, which is something that is important to show in movies that are designed for couples. Their eye contact is good, especially in the missionary and spooning positions. I loved Tommy’s facial expression in the spooning position and how he holds her close in the cowgirl position while continuing to thrust and lick her breasts at the same time. There is also a hot moment during the missionary position where Tommy kisses Julia’s foot while he thrusts. These are two great moments during the scene that Stormy captures with good camera angles.

My favourite moment during the sex scene is when Julia puts the condom on Tommy. Not only is it seductive and playful, but the condom is treated with care and put on carefully after squeezing the tip to get rid of the air. I love the playful eye contact that Julia makes with Tommy as she teases him by rubbing his penis with the condom on. This technique acts as an important reminder for couples to be playful with each other during sex, as it enhances lovemaking.

While I enjoyed this scene, I have two criticisms. First, the duration of the sexual acts was short, and second, the spitting during the blowjob was overt and thus a turn-off. It’s definitely a technique that should be reserved for more hardcore adult entertainment. On the whole though, this is a good scene that viewers will enjoy watching.

Scene 3: Lexi Belle and Tyler Nixon

While completing medical school applications and forms for scholarships, Sara meets Michael (Tyler Nixon) one day in a coffee shop after he saves her from a terrible blind date. After six months of dating, they move in together and while waiting for their bed to be delivered, they decide to “christen” every room in the house, starting with the kitchen.

The scene begins with kissing, as Tyler kisses Lexi’s mouth, neck, back, shoulder and breasts. Lexi receives oral sex and then gives Tyler a blowjob. Doggy-style is shown next, followed by cowgirl and the scene concludes in the spooning position with Tyler ejaculating on Lexi’s lower abdomen.

This is a very steamy scene and the chemistry between Lexi and Tyler is intense. Tyler is a very enthusiastic performer and makes excellent use of his hands. He continuously touches Lexi throughout the scene, especially while he goes down on her and while she’s in the cowgirl position. My favourite part of the scene is when Tyler kisses Lexi through her underwear before performing oral sex on her. I also appreciate the way Tyler kisses Lexi deeply after ejaculating and how he smiles at her during the scene, which is a very sweet gesture that enhances the intimacy for viewers.

My only criticism of this scene is the blowjob. The popping and spitting noises that are made are very unappealing and I think that some viewers will be turned off, as these techniques are best suited for more hardcore films. Ultimately, viewers will enjoy this scene because of Lexi and Tyler’s intensely passionate performance.

Scene 4: Nikki Daniels and Bill Bailey

Ryan (Bill Bailey) overhears the conversation that his girlfriend (Nikki Daniels) has with Sara about her engagement. It prompts her to recognize how lucky she is to have Ryan as her boyfriend and they have a playful romp to celebrate their relationship.

The scene begins with a very playful conversation between Nikki and Bill, and is followed by passionate kissing and massaging. Nikki receives oral and then gives Bill a blowjob. Missionary is shown next, followed by cowgirl, and the scene concludes in doggy-style with Bill ejaculating on Nikki’s bum.

This is my favourite scene in the movie and I was blown away by Nikki and Bill’s performance! Their chemistry is insanely hot and their foreplay is perfection! What makes this scene so amazing is that Nikki and Bill maintain consistent eye contact with each other and communicate their feelings, which is crucial to having satisfying sex. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Nikki and Bill smile at each other constantly during the scene. It’s so incredibly refreshing to see performers smile at each other during sex, and I think it’s something that needs to be highlighted more in adult entertainment.

This scene is the complete embodiment of a Wicked Passions movie and I don’t have any criticisms. It’s one of the best scenes that I’ve ever watched. Absolute perfection!

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Meant to Be on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts

Meant to Be is a solid movie that will engage viewers with wondering acting, great performances and a well-crafted script.

Stormy does an excellent job as writer and director and chooses an awesome cast. It’s always a pleasure to see Lexi Belle in a Passions movie, as her acting is wonderful. Julia Ann is the perfect choice to play Lexi’s mother and Nikki Daniels impressed me with her acting and performance. James Deen is solid in the role of Jacob and Tommy Gunn’s emotional dynamic with Julia Ann is superb. Tyler Nixon plays the role of Michael very well and I’m very impressed with the actor who plays Adam. His name is not listed in the credits, but he does an awesome job. Bill Bailey gives my favourite performance in the movie and although his acting time is short, he steals the show with his sweet and down-to-earth personality and hilarious sense of humour.

Stormy’s writing is superb and it’s what I love most about her work. She has an incredible knack for producing amazing scripts that make her characters come alive in a realistic way that viewers can relate to and learn from, which is a talent that I admire and greatly appreciate. Her writing is also sprinkled with moments of humour that usually make me laugh out loud (in this movie, it’s Bill Bailey’s conversation with Nikki Daniels and the scene where Sara meets her blind date). What I appreciate most about Stormy’s writing are the life lessons that viewers learn through her characters’ experiences. The important life lessons to take away from Meant to Be are to always trust your heart, never give up on someone you love, and always remember that: “If something’s meant to be, it’ll find a way.”

Rating: 4 out of 5