Mimmi and NikkoVivid Celeb has a new offering in the realm of celebrity sex tapes. This one features one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Mimi Faust, and her boyfriend Nikko. So what do you say we cut to the chase and get right into Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta?

Scene 1:

We start off with Mimi in bed nude and she is soon joined by Nikko. He is only on the bed for a few seconds before she starts sucking him off. I might add that his package does seem pretty impressive. Next we have Mimi getting on hands and knees while Nikko enters her from behind in doggie. There is lengthy section here where Mimi’s face and chest are out of shot so all we see is Nikko, just as a warning for some of you out there. The two lovers then readjust into missionary and I will be honest here, Mimi kind of looks bored in places but you can tell that they are in love and passionate for each other. They seem to get more and more into it as it goes on and then they move into cowgirl. This is short lived though as Mimi soon goes back to giving him a BJ. They go back into missionary where Nikko ends up covering her up with his body as he pumps in and out of her. From there they go into this seated position which Mimi seems to enjoy immensely as she grinds hard and fast with Nikko inside her. Mimi sucks Nikko off some more before saddling up again, this time in reverse cowgirl. This scene then ends with Mimi hopping off and I am unsure as to whether or not Nikko popped.

Scene 2:

Mimi and Nikko start off this part just like the last one with Mimi sucking off Nikko. It appears that the couple are in a hotel room here and after the quick bit of dick sucking, Mimi gets a treat when Nikko eats her out for a bit. The action switches to the bed where Mimi works his knob a bit more before rolling on her back for more missionary. They switch between missionary and doggie a few times, along with a little anal fingering from Nikko. Again, the scene ends without the viewer knowing whether or not Nikko climaxed but considering they are a couple I guess we can assume that he would cum inside her.

Scene 3:

Ok, now is the time for the scene that twitter was talking about when the trailer came out, the shower scene. Nikko is holding the camera as he and Mimi chat it up a bit before they both hop in the shower and start kissing and feeling each other up. After a lot of groping from Nikko, the action turns to him eating her out while water bounces off of them. Mimi then hops on to Nikko, her legs dangling in the air as she grinds on him while supporting herself on the shower’s curtain rod. This position is quite hot and pretty impressive considering that a lot of people would probably fall trying to attempt this. Anyway, after the acrobatics are over, the scene ends with them kissing and loving on each other, a cute ending in my opinion.


I reviewed this through a digital download so I don’t know what any extras are for this movie. Knowing about other Vivid Celeb sex tapes though I think I can safely assume that there are probably trailers for other Vivid Celeb titles. There might also be a bonus sex scene or two from other Vivid titles.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As I said about the first scene, Mimi seemed kind of bored and I will be honest, I was kind of bored too. As the scene, and the subsequent scenes, went on though she seemed to get more and more into it and thus I got more and more into it. You can tell that these two really love each other and it comes through on screen. Another thing that I thought was nice here was that with the exception of the start of the shower scene, this was wall to wall sex, which is what you probably want in a celebrity sex tape. Not that there is anything wrong with all the talking and stuff in other movies but come on, I know some of you are just like “will you two shut up and fuck already.” Anyway, this is a pretty decent sex tape and I give it a 3.75 out of 5.