rk5nfazUltra high end sex toys are a rarity. A new one is on the market though and it is called the MotorBunny. At first look the MotorBunny looks exactly like the well known straddle vibrating toy the Sybian. It is obvious that they do lookalike but similar aesthetics is where the similarities in my opinion. So lets dive right in and find out what this baby can do.


The MotorBunny weighs 17.4 lbs. The powerful motor inside revs up to 7000 RPM. It contains a plug in external power supply with two control knobs that control the vibration and rotation. For those that are interested the website also shows a side by side comparison with the Sybian.


First off there is a little bit of time needed to setup the MotorBunny before use but you are given step by step directions so it doesn’t take that long. The starter kit includes the three standard toys which includes the low attachment, the standard and the large attachments as well as an additional sleeve to make the large attachment even larger. A short bench is also provided for bracing and leaning on while using your MotorBunny

Low Attachment: The low attachment is what I like to refer as the flattop and is my personal favorite among the standard attachments. Made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), like the other standard attachments, this attachment has a bit of a learning curve compared to the others. The best way to use this attachment is to set the bench up in front of you and lean forward until your clit is pressed against it and then slowly work the vibration higher and higher. Be careful though because it can get quite intense quickly and addictive. I do find that I can achieve orgasm quicker using this attachment as well but that is just me.

Standard and Large Attachment: These two, as well as the added sleeve mentioned above, work in the same way. Unlike the low attachment, these attachments insert inside and take advantage of the rotation function on the control panel. There is also a bump for added clitoral stimulation. Grooves are etched in all around the shaft as creating a unique sensation when inside. The sleeve attachment is shaped like a penis so that you can simulate sex, to a point anyway.

There are also premium attachments made from silicone at a cost of $29.99 a piece and can be bought separately or when you purchase your MotorBunny.

Silicone Clitoris Stimulator: If you are familiar with jack rabbit vibrators then you are already know what this attachment is trying to achieve. Unlike the standard attachments where you have to lean forward to get clitoral stimulation this attachment, on top of providing penetration, also provides clitoral stimulation via a small upturns simulator attached at the base of the penetrating shaft. This makes it easier to stay in an upright position or to lean back and still get clitoral stimulation. The silicone also feels better when inside but that is a personal preference.

Silicone “Lolli” Attachment: The Lolli is unique because it has an enlarged bulb at the tip of the shaft. This bulb provides g-spot stimulation regardless of position while mounted on the MotorBunny. There are also clitoral stimulation studded platform on the front.

Silicone Double Penetration Attachment: Of all the different attachments I find this one to be the least effective. Obviously the idea is that you can penetrate both the vagina and the ass at the same time but I unfortunately had a hard time keep the anal insert inside, especially while leaning forward. Perhaps others have an easier time with it but I found it a bit frustrating. That being said though, the vagina insert and the clit stimulators on the front feel great and when seated upright you can achieve double penetration with relative ease.


Powerful and sturdy – Like most toys that plug into the wall the MotorBunny is quite powerful, as would be expected and it’s sturdy construction means that it should last a long time.

Financing available – I know it sounds weird to make payments on a sex toy but when they cost this much and you really want it, it may be the only choice.

Attachment varieties – While they can be derivative there are plenty of different attachments to use here, with more on the way at some point I’m sure, to keep it from getting boring.


Price – As I mentioned about, financing is available but the price could still be prohibitive, even at the discounted price of $899

Not portable – The best thing about most sex toys is that you can bring them with you wherever you go but that isn’t really an option with something like this.

Learning curve – While it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it properly there is a bit of a learning curve with all of the attachments so there may be a slight delay in being able to enjoy using it.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As I said at the top of the review, ultra high end sex toys are a rarity. This is mostly due to price but in the case of the MotorBunny it is totally worth the cost. While I personally enjoyed the premium attachments the standard attachments work spectacularly. What I love most though is that the company is selling this toy cheaper than their competitor and they offer financing which allows pretty much everyone who wants one the ability to get one. These types of toys are my personal favorites because I pretty much guaranteed multiple orgasms when I use it but it may be too much for others. This is a solid toy and a great investment in your sexual happiness and I give it a 5 out of 5.