Nearly two months ago I had the privileged to review the new premium sex toy on the market, the MotorBunny. As I mentioned in that review (click here if you haven’t read it and would like to) MotorBunny was on the verge of releasing even more attachments and that I would hopefully get the chance to review them when they came out. Well that time is now.

Before we get started I will mention one thing that I won’t be reviewing mainly because I really can’t and that is the Jiggle Butt. The Jiggle Butt looks like a typical pussy and ass masturbation sleeve that are readily available is multiple shapes, the big difference of course is that it is designed to be used with the MotorBunny. It is also the most expensive attachment for the device at $200, marked down to $119 at the moment.

BDSM Restraints:

Now for the ones I did receive for review and the first thing we are looking at is the restraints. These one size fits all adjustable soft leather cuffs with faux fur lining attach directly to the MotorBunny eyelets. The ankle and wrist restraints are quite comfortable. The lining is soft and plush and feels pleasant against the skin. The packaging says the max resistance is 15 pounds of pressure and all I know is that they stayed attached so I will take that as truth. I personally tried this with my partner while she spanked me and it was quite the experience. Overall both sets of restraints work as advertised and are a nice add-on for your MotorBunny experience. One down side may be the cost $35 each, marked down from $55 but they offer payment plans so they should be affordable for most.

Nipple Clamps:

Before I start talking about these clamps let me just say that I LOVE nipple clamps. Just like the BDSM restraints the nipple clamps attach to the eyelets and are adjustable so that you can determine how far you need to lean back or sit up in order to get the right tug for you. The clamps themselves are adjustable as well with a screw to make it tighter or looser depending on your preference. What I really like is that the vibration from the MotorBunny transfers to the chains and up to the clamps for a more sensual and orgasmic ride. Obviously this attachment isn’t for those that don’t enjoy nipple play or sensual pain but for those that do it can enhance your pleasure as you use your MotorBunny and with the added vibrations it makes it even better. Just like the restraints these clamps are also $35.


On top of the attachments I was also sent the Christmas cover. It’s red with snowflakes, ornaments and bunnies and I find it to be adorable. Now the cover doesn’t add anything other than some ecstatic beauty obviously but the water resistant nylon does offer an easier way to keep your MotorBunny clean. On top of the Christmas one they also offer ones in white, black, pink, purple and blue for $25 a piece at the moment.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I have to say that I am quite pleased with all of these new add-ons, the nipple clamps in particular. They restraints and clamps add a kinky twist to your stand MotorBunny playtime. I would give both the restraints and the clamps a 5 out of 5 as far as being excellent add-ons to an already great product. The cover, as I said, is cute but not really needed in the end unless you want an easier cleanup or don’t lie looking at the standard black MotorBunny.