For those that do not know, there is a show on Showtime called Gigolos. As the title indicates, the show is about a group of gigolos who work out of Las Vegas. One of the stars of this show, Nick Hawk, has partnered CalExotics to create a line of adult novelties. This is one of the products available from the initial launch.

This particular product is what I would call a beginners BDSM kit. It comes with a blindfold, a string of flexible anal beads and a silicone rope that is around 21 feet long.

Seeing that my partner and I have already waded extensively in the BDSM pool, the items included here are a little behind where we are at but it works perfectly for couples who want to start experimenting with BDSM.

The string of anal beads, while not very big, feel nice once inside. The flexibility is a nice feature and large ring on the end makes for easy extraction. The rope, which I think may be a little on the long side for a beginners set, feels pretty comfortable when being bound and doesn’t cut or burn the skin. The blindfold is the only piece that seemed to be a bit off. It has an elastic band so that it is one size fits most but for me, it pinched a bit and that made it a bit uncomfortable. Also, and this might just be because of how my head is shaped, but the blindfold didn’t lay flat against my eyes. While it blocked most of my vision, I could see through the bottom.


As I stated above, this works great as a beginners set. The price, $32.99, is affordable. The anal beads and rope not only perform their functions adequately but also comfortably.


The blindfold pinched and didn’t lay flat while being used. Again, this may have just been me. The fact that these products are really for beginners means that there is a large amount of people who won’t buy it because they are passed using beginner products.


Other than the blindfold I felt that this was a pretty good kit. I would certainly recommend this for couples wanting to try BDSM type play. Hopefully the issue with the blindfold was because of my head and most people wouldn’t have the same issue. Over all this is a decent product and I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

You can buy this toy here.