Tasha Reign and Anna Morna play a couple of party girls trying to make it in LA. Problem is they can’t pay to keep their room a 2nd motel run by Evan Stone. That is until the motel gets raided and they start to work there as maids. Craziness ensues as they interact with the customers and the owner as they find out what being a Party Girl is all about.

Scene 1: Tasha Reign and Jake Adams

We open up with Tasha at a bar convincing the bartender for one more drink. They chit chat for a minute and then Tasha pulls out her nipple and they start making out. Things heat up quick after some foreplay as Tasha hops onto a table as Jake starts eating her out. She returns the favor with a nice BJ before bending over the table for doggie. Jake then pulls out as Tasha drops down to suck him off some more before returning to doggie. From there they go into missionary after after that he climbs up on the table so she can ride him in cowgirl. A short stint in reverse cowgirl and then they circle back to doggie to wrap thing sup before he pops in her waiting mouth, The part where Tasha drops after doggie freaked me out a bit because I thought that was going to be the popshot and that would have been a first for me. After that though the scene really hits up and finishes strong.

Back at their hotel room Tasha and Anna find our they are being kicked out. They have a flashback to the night before and while they are waiting the motel gets raided and they end up talking Evan into letting them work as maids in exchange for a place to stay. While they work they come across a disgusting room that was used by Katie but Evan doesn’t care because unlike them she actually pays,

Scene 2: Katie Morgan and T Stone

T Stone plays her newest John and after a quick conversation they jump right into it with some foreplay and kissing. Katie then provides some more good times with an energetic blowjob and handjob before straddling him in cowgirl. Katie dispenses quite of dirty talk tthroughout the this position and preceding tongue lashing before continuing in doggie. A little more oral fro Katie and then into reverse cowgirl which then leads to missionary and his eventually pop on her face. Katie of course brings her A game but T Stone seemed to need a lot of encouragement throughout and it made for kind of a sloppy scene in combination with some awkward movements between positions.

Scene 3: Ember Stone, Pamela Morrison and Evan Stone

After some adventures at the motel we catch up with Evan as we find him in bed with Ember and Pamela. After he leaves, they start to play with each other as they start with some kissing and foreplay. Things pick up soon after as Pamela starts licking Ember and before we know they are back to kissing some more and then it is Ember’s turn to do some licking as well when they go into a 69 and then the scene suddenly ends. We then go back to the goings on in the motel involving Katie getting all dressed up in different outfits for a client. Evan then comes back to his room to find Ember and Pamela making love. He pulls out his junk and Pamela starts to suck it off while Ember continues eating her. He then slides it into Ember for a little bit while they stay in 69 before he lies back so they can suck him off together. Pamela then goes for a ride in reverse cowgirl Ember then tries to climb on for cowgirl but it doesn’t work so they switch to doggie instead while she licks Pamela more. Missionary for Ember and spoons for Pamela finish things up before they share his load as he pops on their faces. It was kind of weird how they split this scene up but it was kind of realistic in a way so I applaud the attempt. I thought the failed cowgirl attempt was interesting too and surprised they kept that in in all honesty.

Scene 4: Anna Morna and Mark Zane

Later that night Evan is woken up by a phone call from Anna who got arrested for streaking. He agrees to bail her but in the mean time she is bored and decides to give the guard, Mark Zane, a BJ while she waits. Things don’t stop there though as she hops up on his desk for some missionary fun. Next she is taken from behind in doggie before getting on top of him in reverse cowgirl. This doesn’t last too long though as he soon pulls out in order to spray her face.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I had never heard of True Love Films before when I came across this movie but I figured I’d give it a chance because of Jim Powers involvement. This is certainly not what you would call a high production value movie but it isn’t bad either. The overall story is pretty weak but that isn’t really a concern for most porn consumers. While the female performers are good here, the male talent is somewhat lacking, except for Evan Stone, and that is probably because of lack of experience or other difficulties because other than Evan I have never seen any of these guys before. So as I said this isn’t a great movie but it is serviceable and I give it a 3.25 our of 5.