Review of Perspective

    We are all the heroes of our own story. In the newest outing from Adult Time and Bree Mills we meet married couple Daniel (Seth Gamble) and Jennifer (Angela White). Everything seems great on the service but underneath the surface there is deception, violence, lies and fear. Things may not be as they seem though, it is all a matter of Perspective.

    Scene 1: Angela White and Seth Gamble

    We open with a stressed-out Seth finishing a call with a client. He is then joined by Angela who is going out for coffee with a male friend (Codey Steele). He heads to the kitchen after she leaves and begins pacing and texting her repeatedly. She finally comes home after 10 hours and Seth grills her about what she was doing. She acts calm and accuses him of being jealous and walks away. It’s the next day and they head out on a day trip. Angela teases him in the car and we shift to a hotel room where Angela immediately pushes him on a bed, and they start to make out. It doesn’t take long before Seth slides in between her legs and starts to eat her out as she strokes his hair. She gets into it and after he is finished, she climbs on top of him in cowgirl. Plenty of eye contact and kissing while she rides him before she hops up and licks her juices off his shaft. She deepthroats him as well and before you know it, they go into missionary, again with plenty of eye contact and kissing. Eventually Seth pulls out and sprays his load onto her chest and belly. I love eye contact during sex. It is so intimate and erotic, so I loved seeing that here, after all, they are a married couple.

    Scene 2: Angela White and Codey Steele

    While she is cleaning herself up, he looks over and sees she has new texts. He opens her phone and scrolls through. They are unsettling to say the least as we flashback to her hooking up with Codey. She finishes up with her shower and asks him if everything is OK and he says yes but things are clearly not. The ride back home Seth is quiet as Angela talks about their honeymoon in Italy. We then go back and forth between Angela talking and Seth thinking about all the times she hooked up with Codey until we settle on one where she is in a purple bra and panty set and sucking him off. He then ravishes her on top of the kitchen counter, eating her out while Angela occasionally looking at the camera as if teasing Seth in his own vision. They then go to the bedroom with Codey pumping quickly into Angela while on top, her knees up by her ears. Codey then eats her out some more before switching to doggie where Angela again looks directly into the camera, the look of pure lust covering her face. The scene finishes with a popshot in her face before we switch back to Angela in the car and her saying that she loves Seth. As you can tell, this scene is a complete 180 compared to the first scene. It’s animalistic and raw, as you would expect from a lust-based relationship.

    Scene 3: Alina Lopez, Angela White and Seth Gamble

    We next catchup with Seth as he reads messages that are being sent to Angela from strangers or people she has hooked up with. We see him struggling with what is happening as his mind continues to spiral down the rabbit hole. Eventually he ends up at a bar where he gets hit on by this girl name Nicole (Alina Lopez). She starts hitting on him and chatting him up. She invites him to her place and he eagerly says yes. Once by her door he grabs her, and they start to kiss before they head inside where the kissing continues as Seth becomes a bit aggressive. Alina wastes no time and starts excitedly working him inside her mouth. They both get undressed more and by this point he starts to imagine Angela is the one sucking him off as she goads him. They then move to the bed where Alina straddles him and rides him in cowgirl, with him occasionally thinking about Angela. At one point he starts choking her a bit before rolling her over into doggie. From there they go into missionary where Seth continues coking her a bit, but things Angela pops up, pointing out that he’s getting soft, like always. Seth pulls out not long after this and drops his load on Alina’s belly, after which he has another vision of Angela, which then leads to him slapping Alina. Psychological issues are obviously coming to the surface here and Seth does an amazing job showing that when Angela is “intruding” in the scene. Alina does a great job as well playing victim of his break at the end of the scene.

    Scene 4: Angela White, Abigail Mac, Gianna Dior, Whitney Wright, Isiah Maxwell and Michael Vegas

    As you can imagine, Alina is shocked and furious at what happened and while Seth apologizes, she, rightfully, kicks him out. Seth starts driving back home but has a nervous breakdown and vomits on the side of the road. He eventually makes it back home and the next day he is still out of it as he finds out, from her phone, that Angela has another “date” that night. He shows up at the address he found on her phone. The bodyguard (Derrick Pierce) questions him at the door but lets him in and what he sees is a swinger party. He makes his way toward a backroom and through the slightly open door he sees Angela in the middle of a group of people. Plenty of action here as you’d expect with so many bodies in one place. I don’t want to really break down anymore, but I will say that I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t a DP here at all, even with one of the other women using a strap on. The scene finishes with both guys cumming on Angela’s breasts as the others lick it off her. After everything is over though Seth attacks Michael outside, trying to find out what is happening. I am not typically a fan of orgy scenes when it comes to reviewing simply because there is too much to keep track of and while that is the case here, they do seem to concentrate most of the action on Angela.

    Scene 5: Angela White and Abigail Mac

    Sometime later we are back with Seth as we see him as he is looking at buying guns off some guy in a parking lot. Seth buys a pistol and goes to confront Codey. He waits inside the living room until they both come out and ends up shooting towards the pair. We then see Angela back at home. She looks nervous and about to leave but when she opens the door Codey is standing there because they had an appointment to check out their solar panels. We then see Angela going to meet Michael, but she seems really frightened. Michael appears to be a therapist of some sort. It appears everything we have seen up to this point is from Seth’s perspective and now we are seeing Angela’s side of things as Seth is revealed to be abusive. So, she and Michael talk about the plan to get Angela out of this relationship. You hear her cellphone ding multiple times throughout this scene and later when she is seen crying in her car. We then see everything she was going through from the opening scenes, including her just laying there while Seth fucks her in the hotel and her crying, all balled up, in the shower afterward. After some more terrifying moments between Seth and Angela she calls her friend Lena (Abigail Mac), who is also part of her plan to leave, and has her come over. They talk as Abigail tries to get through to her that she needs to hold it together for a couple more days or to leave with her right now. Emotions run high and they start to kiss. The profess they love either other as they continue to kiss and play softly. What we see next is what I can only describe as real, sensual love making. The connection that Angela and Abigail have here is palpable and there is nothing “porny” about the sex that is shown. We don’t see her leave but after they are done Angela is in bed alone when Seth returns, and it is revealed that he is covered in blood.

    Scene 6: Angela White and Seth Gamble

    It is the next morning and the shirt incident occurs, but this time Seth is shown to be explosively angry about to the point that he looks like he is going to beat her. She discovers his bloody shirt when she goes to grab a new one for him. He apologizes to her, saying she deserves better as they start to kiss. We then see her bent over as he sticks it in in doggie. Half crying and half moaning as they go at it before switching to missionary. They go back to doggie to finish up before he pushes her to the ground to jerk him off until he cums in her mouth. Nothing sexy or sensual here really but still provocative. Not sure how else to really describe this.

    What happens next is a too interesting to spoil so I won’t. The psychological aspect will make your heart race. It’s bone chilling to be honest.

    Final Thoughts and Rating:

    Last week I reviewed another Bree Mills film called Teenage Lesbian and as much as that movie blew away most porn movies made nowadays, Perspective goes that much further and then some. The switch between Seth and Angela’s point of view storytelling wise is a bit jarring when it happens but when it does happen you know something serious is about to happen. Bree does a spectacular job of showing the realities of abusive relationships. The fact that Seth sees Angela as the bad guy in the situation, that she is egging him on and throwing his inadequacies in his face seems to be quite common in these kinds of relationships. Angela and Seth do an incredible job as well playing their parts, especially since they are basically playing two parts a piece in the same movie. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, but you need to see this movie if only to see what adult films can be like if people are willing to put in the time. I will be shocked if this doesn’t take a ton of trophies come awards time and I wish I could give it a higher rating because it deserves but I give Perspective a 5 out of 5. Also, just like with Teenage Lesbian, there is an unrated feature cut of this movie that cuts out the hardcore sex.

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