If you were a rock n’ roll drummer and were approached to come up with some toys to release as part of your own collection, what would you come up with? Vibrators shaped like drum sticks of course and that is exactly what Phil Varone has done with his Sex Stix.

Just like drum sticks, when you buy this pack you get not one, but two vibrators. Each stick is about 6 inches long with a high gloss finish and one of them with a printed signature from Phil. The vibrators also run on two AAA batteries a piece. The twist caps are also used to control the multi-speed vibrations.

As far as functionality goes I must say I was a bit disappointed. The smooth finish and vibration settings make for a fun time and the fact that there are two means that you can use both at the same time on yourself or you and your partner can each have one. The one gripe I do have though, and it is kind of major, is that the vibration control, which is the same knob you turn to put the batteries in, is sketchy. When it works you get a pretty strong vibration but I was having issues with it and it got frustrating.


You get two which means double your pleasure or more pleasure to go around. They are relatively small so they are easy to conceal and carry anywhere. The vibration strength is good as well and the sleek look makes for an overall fun experience.


As I mentioned above, the multi-speed vibration control is sketchy.


The first night my partner and I used these, we decided to each have one as we masturbated side by side. It didn’t take very long though to start using the two vibrators together, as they were intended, as a way to DP ourselves and I must say they work very well in that regard. I would be giving this a higher score if it were not for the vibration controls, but the good thing is that they will always work as just regular dildos. Anyway, other than the vibration issue, these Sex Stix are pretty well made and I would say they are worth the cost, under $30, and give them a score of 3.75 out of 5.