Ice can cause quite the sensation when used during masturbation and that is the objective with Posh Silicone Ice Massager Wave. The toy itself is hollow and comes with an insertable mini-bullet. For the full effect you fill the toy with water and place it in the freezer for about an hour. You then let it sit out for a few minutes to let it thaw slightly so that it doesn’t inadvertently freeze on you while using it. Trust me, it hurts. I don’t know what the batteries are called but the bullet requires three of “watch batteries.” Luckily it comes with six of these batteries.


Seven separate modes of operation, flexible body, water-proof, batteries included, can be used without ice


While you can use it without ice it doesn’t feel the same, you have to prepare to use it because you can just leave the toy in the freezer, mini-bullet can be difficult to remove once inserted


The reason you want this toy is because you can fill it with water and freeze it to give you a bit of a jolt when using it. The one big drawback though, and I mentioned it above, is that you can’t just fill the toy with water and put it in the freezer and just pull it out when you are ready to play. It does work pretty well without the ice though so if you have an itch, it can still be used. My favorite use though has to be in the shower. The ice on the clit mixed with the warm water feels amazing. Unfortunately it can’t be used that way for very long for obvious reasons. Overall this is a fun toy and it is one that you can probably get a lot of use out of it. I give this a 4 out of 5.